How To Get Strong+Fit: A Scientific Approach pt 1

By Dr. Gary Young

In the Lifestyle FitnessProgram I gave you different diet suggestions and ideas.  I am going to share another one with you because there are so many different metabolisms, there are so many different conditions that we struggle with, and I feel that I am probably one of the greatest candidates that exists because of my own condition and what I have been through that has made burning fat almost virtually impossible.

Personal Scenario
       I will tell you a simple scenario: I dropped 23-24 pounds during my competition last fall and I was really charged.  I was excited.  I was feeling good!  I replaced it with 17 pounds of lean muscle mass. 
       After my injury I had to stop working out based on the doctor’s advice (which was wise).  I agreed, but in changing that I didn’t deviate from my diet and I didn’t stop everything completely.  Instead of working out on the recumbent bike four hours a week, I went to elliptical four hours a week, so I just shifted some of the things I was doing.
       I wasn’t doing the real heavy strength training because I couldn’t put pressure on my back, so I did light rubber bands, but I kept physically engaged.

Depressing Weight Gain
        I took off for Japan and China for 2½ weeks and I gained 21 pounds back.  I still did my exercises as much  as I could in my room–my push ups, my little leg lifts, walking backwards down the hall.  When I was in Japan I had access to the gym in the hotel and so I would go down and get on the treadmill and fast walk.   I tried to maintain and keep up with some form of fitness program. I didn’t alter my diet that much, but I gained back 21 pounds while I was gone during that period!  That is not really motivating; it gets kind of depressing!.       I got home and told Mary, “I am going back to working out.  I cannot stand this excess weight.”  She said, “ doesn’t look like you have gained any excess weight to me.”  I said, “Honey–look below my chin!”  She is so precious; I swear I could be 300 pounds and she would still say, “You look wonderful.”  What a great companion!

A Strenuous Schedule
       But I was the one who had to be satisfied, so I went back to working out, and this is what I was doing:  I did one solid hour of strength training six days a week.  I did 1½ hours of aerobics six days a week, and sometimes I did my aerobics at 1:00 a.m to get it in.  I would do my strength training for a solid hour in the morning and as I finished it I would get on the elliptical or the stair climber and I would go for a solid half hour and I would burn 380 calories on the stair climber.  Then when I would get home at night from the office or farm or wherever I had been I would get back on the stair climber or the elliptical and I would go full-tilt for 50 minutes and burn another 380-400 calories. 

What was Missing?
       I was burning up 700-800 calories a day.  I was only consuming about  2000 calories total–and I did that for two weeks–chugging an average of a gallon of water  daily, maintaining my 40-30-30, 50-30-20 average in there–and I only lost four pounds.  I burned off four pounds!
       At this point it is very easy for someone to say..”P-f-f-f!–and that wasn’t considering the calories I was burning during the day, and this was considering that when you work strength training for one solid hour on a regular routine you will burn an average of 250 calories in an hour of strength training
       So I was burning an average of 1000 calories a day–and I burned off four pounds!  I could have taken a diuretic and gotten rid of four pounds, or six ComforTone–and probably shed four pounds!  That really wasn’t motivating to me after two weeks of jamming.

Many with Similar Problems
       I told Mary, “I know there are many people who have the same problem that I do because seven years of heavy medication messed my body up big-time.  It destroyed my thyroid function, destroyed my digestive system, destroyed my hormonal balance.  If anyone says, ‘I am struggling getting my health back..’ believe me, I know what they are talking about!  That is why I keep working at it.  If I can find the thing that works for me, maybe it will help those who have gone to the same place I have and are saying, ‘Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow the fat’s going to eat me..’ and they just give up.”
       Coming back from the office I said, “Honey, I am going to try something totally different.”  She said, “What are you going to do?”  I said, “I have been a vegetarian for 25 years.  I was a strict vegetarian for 12 years.  I felt really good as a vegetarian.  When I was in my clinic I ate the best I have ever eaten in my life because I had cooks that I trained who took care of me and fed me my three squares a day and my herbal tea and my juices in between, and I felt fantastic.  But with the lifestyle I have now it doesn’t work–it is not too often a cook can even find me, so it is difficult to maintain that.”  I said, “I do know that because of it I have become a carbohydrate addict. I am addicted to carbohydrates–and especially bread!”

Carbohydrates can be Addictive
       I grew up on bread and milk–it was homemade bread.  I can eat a slice of bread and by the time it disappears in my mouth it materializes on my waist! I didn’t realize the gift I had as a magician–the magic I could work in my own body making things materialize! I knew I had to get away from it, so this is what I did and it has been really interesting.  This may help  some of you.
       I chose to change my diet.  I am taking 180 to 200 grams of protein a day and I do it mostly with  and the best vegetarian Protein powder on the Planet PowerMeal.  I push it really hard by using egg whites, called Eggology, and we carry that at the Fitness Center.   I pour in one cup of egg white in my blender in the morning; I put in two scoops of Power Meal and that gives me a total of 60 grams of protein. 

Unique Protein Program
       Then I will throw in a scoop of PowerMeal so that I have a little carbohydrate in there–because with WheyFit and egg white you have almost zero carbohydrates.  I will get 68 grams of protein just in one drink. I do that drink right after my workout.
       My breakfast consists of another four egg whites 1½ hours later and a ground organic chicken liver patty which gives me 20-30 grams of protein, so by the time I finish my drink after my workout and my breakfast I have consumed pretty close to 80 grams of protein.  I average about 20-60 grams of carbohydrates and about 20 grams of fat throughout the day. 
       I am consuming a total of 1500 calories and I have stopped my rigid cardiovascular exercises except for 1½ hours a week, 30 minutes every other day.  I went from nine hours of cardiovascular I was doing a week before. I cut my carbohydrates down to under 100 grams a day; I cut my fats down to under 30 grams a day and when I mix my PowerMeal and my WheyFit drink I put in a tablespoon of Omega 6 and 9 and blend it all together. 
Weight Loss in Seven Days!
       I went on with my strength training as I had been doing before.  In seven days I dropped eleven pounds!  Now here is the thing that is really important.  This is not a diet you want to live on.  This is a diet to break the carbohydrate barrier–and that is what I have discovered for myself.  I was addicted to carbohydrates; I had created an imbalance in my body such that I had to go to the extreme the other way in order to break that barrier and then start bringing the balance back, and it is so wonderful!
       I do Thyromin  by taking four  in the morning when I drink my Power Meal protein drink, then I take four more just before I have my lunch-time meal.  I maintain an average of  about five times a day of food intake, but it is moderate intake.  I am not eating five big meals.  I have breakfast, then  midday where  I’ll have another   PowerMeal drink or a Power Bar.  I have a little chicken. In fact, at lunch-time I’ll have six to eight ounces of chicken and I’ll eat maybe an ounce of green salad and that’s it, or the next day I’ll have six to ten ounces of chicken and I’ll eat an ounce to two ounces of fruit, like cantaloupe or watermelon.  I keep it very minimal.  Then I will have the  PowerMeal in the afternoon and I’ll have a little chicken and a little bit more salad or a raw vegetable in the evening.

Calculating the Totals
       I go through and calculate my carbohydrates and my protein and my fats, and I total it up to see where I  am coming in on the range.  I look at the calories I am taking in and I have not yet exceeded 1200 calories a day and I am burning an average of 300 to 350 calories a day, so that’s putting me under 1000 calories for my  intake that day–and I am building muscle on that.
       The average person will say..”No, that’s not possible.  The body building world, the fitness world will tell you that you have to take in 3000 to 4000 calories a day in order to build muscle.  That is true if you are taking steroids and are trying to lift 500 pounds of weight, but  that’s not what I am doing.

Breaking the Carbohydrate Barrier
       When you have arrived at that plateau where nothing is working, then this is an indication that you have reached that barrier in your life and your have to go extremes to break the barrier.  I do that.  I stay on that diet for 5-6 days and then I do carbohydrates because you need the carbohydrates to bring the glucose up from the blood, and if you don’t you are going to feel your energy waning and dropping off and you are going to feel fatigued and tired.  When you do that you know  you are dropping on your carbs and your glucose levels are dropping, so take one day to load the body back up with carbohydrates. 
       Go to your vegetables.  Stay away from pasta and stay away from bread.  It is a deadly poison in your body and I don’t care if it is Ezekiel Bread.  If you have the condition  I have, Ezekiel Bread will stick right here in your middle just as quickly as Wonder Bread will!  It is part of that carbohydrate addiction in your body, so stick with your green vegetables and your fruits because they help with the cleansing as well, and that is really important.

Add a Little  ICP
       Another thing I do every single day–and I do it at night–is take two heaping tablespoons of ICP in water. Periodically I will put an ounce of apple juice in there just to give it a little more flavor to gag it down. This has been exceptionally beneficial because the ICP helps pull the waste through and helps in absorbing toxins from my body. 
       Then I started doing the Ledum–20 drops in a capsule–at night.  It is interesting because you wake up and you can taste Ledum and it has a very interesting taste–you’ll really enjoy it! 

Ledum and Poisons Release
       The function it is creating in my body (moving the fluids and poisons out through the kidneys and the colon) have been really most interesting.  It will get you up two or three times during the night for the first few weeks when it starts more poisons from your body. It has been very rewarding. 
       Just pay attention to your energy levels; that is your best barometer. You might go three days and have to put in a 1000 calories of carbohydrates and then go another three days on high protein and then put in another 1000 to 1500 calories of carbohydrates.  Then see if you can go four days on the high protein and then a day of carbs and high protein and a day of carbs. Once you get your weight burned off and you get back into balance, then you can come back to a 50–30-20 or 40–30-30 program and you will be able to maintain it quite adequately.          This is not the type of diet you are going to want to live on the rest of your life.  One of the things that is very important to remember (and this is why you have got to load the carbs in there every third day or every fifth day) is if you stay heavy with protein then you are going to create ketosis in the body and you are going to have some problems.

Avoid Ketosis
       I also do 18 Essentialzymes a day–six three times a day–so I can facilitate digesting that protein so I don’t create ketosis and facilitate moving it through the body.  When you are out of balance, and you get as far out of balance as I have been, it may take (as I have found for myself), drastic measures to bring it back into balance.  The more mature I become the more I realize that I have got to make a stronger commitment to achieve the goals I want for myself because I love life and I don’t want to have my life compromised by having even one hour of dysfunction because of being sick or having headaches or other things people out there talk about that none of us know of or experience.  The more healthy we can be, the more productive we can be.  That is extremely important.

Benefits of Strength Training
       Let’s go into strength training and some of the benefits of  lifting weights.  How many of you absolutely detest lifting weights?  I used to think that lifting dumb-bells was for dumbbells and (as I shared with you last year) I had never lifted weights in my life to speak of other than when I was in high school, and I just did it to show off.  I didn’t do it because I really wanted to or had a purpose–it was just to show off. 
       I was blessed with tremendous strength as a youngster, and I think a lot of that had to do with the way I was raised.  The genetics naturally have something to do with it and also the way we ate and the way we worked.  What is the point of picking up the 45# barbell when you are stacking hay by hand all day long? 
       When I was 14 my buddy and I contracted to bring hay from the field and put it in a stack in the barnyard for the winter.  Between the two of us we would stack 1000 bales a day–that was loading it on the slip, taking it to the barn and putting it in the barn, and sometimes the distance from the fields to the barn was 1½ miles.  The bales were 80 to 100# each and we would stack 1000 bales a day.  That was good money.  We contracted at 10¢ a bale in those days.  My buddies were working for 50¢ an hour and I was earning $50 to $60 a day!  After that you don’t really feel like going home and lifting weights!  I would say that if you were all doing that, you wouldn’t have to lift weights either, but since that doesn’t happen too often these days, lifting weight is really important.

Makes a New Person of You!
       I can share with you from my own experience that since I have started doing it and made the switch in my brain, I feel like I’m deficient if I don’t do my weight training every day.  It has become almost an addiction because you feel so good after you do it.  For a man, that serves his ego a little bit.  When you go down and work out you get that blood going in those muscles and come up and show them off, and you get that little bulge right there, and your sweetheart grabs you and says, “Oh honey, that’s neat!”  Yes, it really does a man good.
       Some of the interesting things with strength training are such as: A study published in the American Medical  Association said that women who do strength training wound up smaller, not larger.  Some of them drastically slenderized their bodies without losing a pound because they burned off the fat and replaced it with lean muscle mass.  In fact, fat takes up five times more space than muscle. Resistance training generates one of the largest rises in growth hormone of any exercise.

Change of Mind Set
       You folks may have to do what I had to do because I really thought that lifting weights was so retarded.  I would go to the gym, walk in and look around and think, “Oh my, this is disgusting!” and I generally would walk back out.  I thought, “This is not for me.” so I got my own stuff and did my own thing at home. 
Working Out at Home      
       Part of the reason for that is because when I started lifting weights the maximum I was able to do was 35# on a bench press.  That is really embarrassing when you go to a gym and you see a guy over on the bench and he is doing a  one-arm kickback with 45# and you go over and pick up 45# and you can’t lift it, and you finally manage to get 5# and you walk over to your bench and look around to see who’s watching you..and you know they are thinking, “What a wuss–he’s only lifting 5#!”  You put it down and when everybody is looking you go over to the 45# and act like you are setting it down!
       I felt humiliated to go into a gym when I couldn’t lift weights, so I did it at home and I got started.  I don’t have a problem going into a gym now and competing with anybody.  It feels wonderful!
       As I started doing it and began to see the physical changes in my body I got more and more excited, but that first six weeks I would get up in the morning and put on my workout clothes and I would look back at my bed and I would say. “You are absolutely stupid!”  I would talk to myself and finally go down to my workout room and start through my routine. 

Companionship is Great!
       It is really helpful when you have someone to do it with because it kind of motivates you when your motivation drops off.  After the first couple of weeks Mary started coming down and working out with me and that just changed the whole world for me because I had my companion with me and we were doing something together where she was supporting me in the competition that I entered.
       As I started seeing and feeling the differences and  started feeling my energy coming up when I started going from 5# to 10# I thought, “Wow, something is really happening here..”  that is really motivating

Study the Benefits
       Here is what I had to do..I had to start focusing on the absolute benefits of what strength training was going to do for me and forget about everything else.  I had to just look at the benefits and I had to find one that really drove me because if you don’t, you let every little thing that comes a long stop you from doing it.  So I started reading and studying.  I subscribed to Muscle Fitness and Muscle Media and Flex and surrounded myself with ppl who had been there and done that.

Strength Training + Muscle Building 28 day Program
My Success Story.
Pdf ebook download,
Complete Video Demonstrations
Exercise Guide
Meal plans
Full Body Workout Instructions

Great Motivators
       The reason I did it (particularly with Muscle Fitness) was they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on research and it was very exciting, so I started reading some of this research.  Some of the things I read were: A study conducted at the University of Florida by Steven Borst compared the ability of various forms of exercise to increased growth levels. “Moderate weight training produced dramatic increase in growth hormone levels.  How different exercises affected growth hormones: Stationery bike at moderate speed–145%, high speed–16%; moderate running for men at moderate speed–none to moderate; running for women at high speed–266% increase; weight training at 85% capacity resulted in 400% increase in growth hormone!  Does that motivate anybody? I don’t know about you, but I like being young–and it kind of fits with me!
       So this was the part that motivated me to do strength training and stick with it and keep pushing. I thought, “If it increases growth hormone by 400% (just lifting at 85% of maximum capacity), what is going to happen when I hit 100% of maximum capacity!”  Even at 70% it is still a 300% increase in growth hormone.  That is the hormone that starts changing the body back to balance and making everything else work, so that was really exciting!

                       KEY WORDS AND PHRASES USED 
                       INCLUDING REFERRAL PAGES

Word or Phrase                                           Page Number

Alpha Lipoic Acid                                      7
      Oil and water soluble                          7
American Medical Association study    5
Amino acids                                                7
      Arginine                                 7
      Benefits of                                            7
      L-glutamine                                          7
Antidepressants                                          2,11
      Dr. Young’s experience with              2
Attitude                                                        1,10
Balance                                                       5,11
      Come back to balance                       5
Blueberries in WheyFit                              8
      Contains anthrocyanins                     8
      High in antimutagenic activities       8
      Strong antioxidant                              8
Body dysfunctions                                    2
      Associated with excess fat 2
Borst, Steven (fitness researcher)            6
Bread, not good for body                         4
      Ezekiel bread                                        4
Caloric intake                                             4
Carbohydrates                                           3-5
      Addiction to                                          3
                                                                      Carb barrier                                    4             
Cates, Dr. Rex (BYU)                                1
      Research with Melissa                        1
Cholesterol                                                  12
Commitment                                              2,5
Depression                                                   6,11
      Treated with ProMist                          11
Dietary changes                                         1,3
      Choosing to make changes               3,4
      Eating the wrong foods                      2
E. coli bacteria                                            8
Eggology                                                      3
Ellagic acid                                  8
      Found in strawberries                          8
                                             Reduced risk of cellular mutation                                                                                      8             
Energy level                                                5
      Best barometer                                    5
Essential fatty acids                                  12
      Available in essential oils                   12
Essential oils                                               1,8-12
      Experiments with workouts               9
      How they benefit weight training     9
      Increase blood flow to tissues           9
      Prevent lactic acid buildup                9
      Use before exercising                          9
      Why use in weight training?               9

Word or Phrase                                           Page Number

Fitness Center                                             3,7
Fitness Magazines                                     10
      Flax, Muscle Media                            6,10
      Longevity Magazine                           10
      Muscle Fitness, Muscle Flex             10
Fitness products on market                      10
      Better off to eat cotton and bottle   10
      Cost of ingredients & price                10
      Unreliable, zero results                        10
Fitness program                                          1,3
      Contestant winners                             1
                                                             8000 pounds of fat shed                                                                                                       2             
Gas chromatography                                10
      All YL products evaluated                 10
Glucose                                                        4,7
      Need carbs to bring up glucose         4
Growth hormone                                        6,12
      New England Journal of Medicine   6
      Research on                                          6
Heart disease                                              1
Hormonal disturbances                            1,12

Hulm, Dave (fitness manager)                9
      Had injuries and surgeries  9
      Professional body builder                  9
Immune system                                         2
      Compromise of                                    2
Ion exchange whey process                     7,8
      Cheap process                                      8
      Deficient in antimicrobial proteins   8
      Strips out calcium/magnesium         8
Iowa State University                               8
      Studies on strawberries                       8
Japan and China                                       3
      Dr. Young’s visits there                       3
Ketosis                                                         5
      Created from excess protein             5
Lactoferrin                                                  8
      Inhibits development of E. coli         8
      Properties against viruses                   8
Lean muscle mass                                     2,5,12
Lifestyle Transformation Program         2,7
Liposuction                                                                                                           1             
Magic bullet                                                2
      Not one for weight loss                       2
Magnesium, found in whey protein       8
Medications, side-effects of                    3
Mind set (can be changed)                       5
Motivation                                                  1

Word or Phrase                                           Page Number

Nutriceutical sprays                                   10-11
      Development of                                   10-11
      Evaluated by gas chromatography 10-11
      Mix oil and water together 11
      Natural delivery system                     12
      Requirements for                 10-11
Omega 6 and 9                                           4
Oregon State University                            8
                                                                      Studies on ellagic acid                  8             
Petrochemicals                                           2
      Fat equals petrochemicals                 2
Potassium, found in whey protein          8
PMS                                                              12
      Men have it also                                  12
Progestin, synthetic hormone                  12
Pregnenolone                                              10-12
      Affects cholesterol                              12
      Age-related hormone                          12
      Establishes balance to hormones     12
      Has antidepressant qualities             11
      Lectured on by Dr. Robert Woods   10-11
      Magnifies memory factors                12
      Nutrient hormone                                11
      Peaks between ages 47 & 48             12
      Precursor to DHEA                              11
      Precursor to GABA                              12
      Produced in sex glands                       12
      Stimulates reduction of neurotran.  11
      Works with growth hormone             12
Protein                                                          3-5,8
      Dr. Young’s protein program             4
      High protein diet                                  4
      Dr. Young’s search for                        8
Psytochrome P-450                                   12
Research on strength training/fitness     6,7
      Harvard Medical School                    6
      Tuft’s University                                  7
                                                                    University of Florida                                                                                                       6             
Slide presentation                                      1-10
Steroids, used in body building                9
Strawberry, in WheyFit                             8
      Compounds are beneficial                8
      Contains ellagic acid                           8
      Mark’s idea                                          8
      Potent antioxidant                              8
Strength/weight training                            1,3-6
                                                                                     Benefits of                                                                                                                       6             
      The “pump”                                         9
      With stationery bike, running            6
      With weight training                            6
Team for production research 10
      Composed of biochemists, etc.         11
      Headed by Dr. Robert Woods           11
Word or Phrase                                           Page Number

The Route to Robust Health (booklet)             1
Topical  headings                                                1-12
                About Blueberries                                8
                About Dr. Robert Woods                   10
                About Pregnenolone                           11
                About Strawberries                              8
                A Strenuous Schedule                         3
                Add a Little ICP                                   4
                Age-related Hormone                         12
                Alpha Lipioc Acid Mimics Insulin    7
                Amino Acid Benefits                          7
                Avoid Ketosis                                       5
                Benefits of Growth Hormone           6
                Benefits of Strength Training            5
                Breaking the Carbohydrate Barrier 4
                Calculating the Totals                        4
                Carbohydrates can be Addictive      3
                Change of Mind Set                            5
                Commitment- a BIG Word               2
                Companionship is Great!                   6
                Depressing Weight Gain                     3
                Difficult Challenges                            11
                Doing the Impossible                          11
      Don’t fall for Liposuction                  1
      Effects of Strength Training              6
      Experimenting with Oils & WO         9
      False Claims on Market Today        10
      Great Motivators                                 6
      Increased Self Esteem has Effects   7
      Introducing Dr. Robert Woods          10
      Invest in Lifeline Gym Cables          7
      Is it Your Lot in Life?                         1
      Ledum and Poisons Release              5
      Losing and Gaining Roller Coaster 2
      Makes a New Person of You!           5
      Many with Similar Problems             3
      Melissa, a Projected Study                1
      Microfiltrated Ultrafiltered Whey     8
      Performs Many Functions
      Personal Scenario                                2
      Pound of Fat = # of Petrochemicals 2
      Pregnenolone & Memory Factors    12
      Pregnenolone and Sex Drive             12
      ProMist for Severe Depression         11
      Rebuilding his Body Naturally          9
      Research on Strength Training          7
      Results with AminoTec                       9
      Study the Benefits                               6
      The “Look” of Fat                              1
      Try Using White Fir before WO        8
      Unique Protein Program                     4
      We Create the Attitude                       10

Word or Phrase                                           Page Number

Topical  headings (continued)
      WheyFit in Strawberry, Blueberry    8
      Why do we Want Sprays?                 12
      Why Use Oils in Weight Training      9
      Why Whey Protein?                            7
Tuft’s University studies on fitness        7
      Arthritic patients                  7
      Cardiac out-patients                           7
      Hypertensive men                               7
      Lean muscle tissue                              7
      Osteoarthritis in knee                          7
Weight Loss in Seven Days!                    4
      What about Muscle-Skeletal?           1
      What was Missing?                             3
      Working Out at Home                        6
      8000# of Fat Changed in...                1
Toxins/Poisons                                           4,5
      Pull out with ICP                  4
Vegetarian lifestyle                                    3
Weight control                                            1,2,5
      Challenges with body dysfunction   2
      Diseases associated with fat              1
      Dr. Young’s experiences                     2-5
                                                                      Fat causes hormonal disturbances            1             
      Get an image of excess fat                1
      Weight gain                                           3
      Your lot in life?                                    1
Whey Protein                                              7
      Easily digested                                     7             
      Ion exchange process not good        7,8
                                                Microfiltered ultrafiltered is best                                                                                      8             
Woods, Dr. Robert (background)            10,11
      Committed to quality & purity         10
      Developed nutriceutical sprays         10
      Lectured on Pregnenolone 10-11
      Worked with Dr. Young                      10
Workout                                                      4-6
Young, Dr. D. Gary                                    1-10,12
      Experiences as youth                          5
      Fifteen years ahead of time              10
      Lost weight on high protein               4
      Personal account of weight struggle2-4
      Requests for spray formulations      10-11
      Temporary high protein diet              4
      Training is now an addiction             5
Young, Mary                                              6
Young Living Essential Oils                     10,11
      Committed to quality products        10
      Products backed with research         10
      Use highest quality ingredients          10

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