Extreme Testosterone

How To Stimulate Testosterone For Massive Muscle and Strength.
Hey there my fitness friends, Maximus here. These are my before and after pix that I took for a 12 week transformation program. I have made some significant gains by stimulating natural Testosterone. I would like to give you my secrets in a Free detailed report on how to get your body to produce more testosterone naturally. I recently (Nov-10-2016) set a new personal strength record of 650lb deadlift using these tactics! 
  1. What are the best Techniques to build muscle and Increase Strength, Energy and Endurance?
  2. How do I get Motivation?
  3. What are Test Boosting Tonics ? Chinese Herbal Formulas.
  4. Find out all of this and more get 7 weird tricks to increase your Testosterone, Free report
Before                                            After

 12 weeks of  
High Intensity weight training naturally stimulates Testosterone and Growth Hormone production. Making sure that your body has all the right raw materials for this to occur more efficiently requires proper nutrition vitamins, minerals, amino acids, plant sterols, electrolytes. Athletes need higher amounts of these vital nutrients to maintain life plus add new muscle tissue for strength and endurance. 
These nutrients cannot be obtained through regular eating of a balanced meal. Although a high protein diet ,  farm fresh produce, and free range farm eggs will get you close.
    Testosterone and its functions are 

  1. Increase Muscle Mass, 
  2. Increase Strength
  3. Increase Endurance
  4. Increase Recovery from intense weight training.
  5. Increase Sex Drive in men and women.
  6. Elevate mood.
  7. Elevated Energy.
  8. Decrease Body fat.
  9. Decrease Muscle soreness.
  10. Increase Mental Concentration, Focus.
There are several androgens known to increase the male hormones and achieve all of the above.
  • Testosterone
  • DHEA (The mother of all hormones)
  • Androstendione 
  • Androstediol
But where can you get these substances that occur naturally!?!?
Enter Chinese Tonic Herbalism. For over 5000 years they have been collecting information on 1000's of plants and natural substances on how they affect the human body and mind. Today modern science has evaluated and lab tested many of these tonic herbs. Guess what there is a plant that contains actual Testosterone, DHEA, Androstendione, and Androsendiol along with 20 Amino Acids, a host of powerhouse vitamins and minerals, a virtual superfood Find out what it is and how to get it HERE.
So intense weight training increases Testosterone production in men and women. It is a stimulus response reaction. The greater the intensity (heavy weights, high volume) the greater the production of testosterone

   What happens when theres too much testosterone made?
You will get whats called a spike in blood levels of test. The body's own "balance" switch goes on and the Extra Testosterone gets converted to "Estrogen" this is called aromatization . Some side effects of this can be Gynocomastia which is when males start to develop female breasts. This can in rare occasions happen naturally however it is most prevalent in those who abuse steroids. So how do we prevent Aromatization? Easy just get an Aromatase Inhibitor or "Estrogen Blocker" . 

   Vital to your muscle building efforts should include always include an Estrogen Blocker of some type. Here is how they work. First the body detects too much Testosterone in the blood and begins immediately converting it to Estrogen , unless there is an Estrogen Blocker present in which case the Testosterone keeps on building and rising, because the estro inhibitor prevents the build up of estrogen, and allows the body to produce more testosterone

      The secret substance to prevent Aromatization                 of Testosterone is a comprehensive Mens Hormone Package which increase's all the male hormomes and multiply's them by preventing aromatization at the same time.

These formulas are of the highest quality I use them myself. I would never recommend anything on this site if wasnt tested, high quality and high purity levels.