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So your thinking about starting a fitness program to gain some muscle or shed body fat? It is not easy I will tell you that right now , unless you are completely committed to starting and finishing a professional program. The minimum amount of time should be a 12 week program. 3 Months. in order for you to see some dramatic results, this time frame is just about right. 
Here are some things that I did that helped me to get you through the entire process easily. 
The first and most important thing you can do to experience success is never give up. Taking on a challenge of this nature requires tenacity and a determination to succeed.
maintaining motivation is key . Here is what you need to be aware of to keep it high. 
The Best Weight Lifting Exercises are
Compound Movements, which are movements that involve more than 1 muscle group. For example the Deadlift incorporates the use of the legs, glutes, back, traps (upper back) , biceps, and shoulders.
Head to toe muscle groups, the deadlift stimulates more natural growth hormone, and sends the growth signal from the Central Nervous System throughout the entire body. 
Squats are the next best compound movement for stimulating overall muscle growth. If you cant do squats due to back pain try the leg press it will still involve the legs to a great degree. 
Another alternative to squats and deadlifts are partial reps of these movements in a rack or cage. simply perform the movement at the top 6 inches of the movement by placing the side bars in the rack higher up so the bar is somewhere around knee level depending on your height. Again use the top 6 " of the deadlift . The partial rep will allow you to use significantly more weight, plus the shortened range is extremely safe for your spine. On partial squats use the upper portion of the movement, only going down about a quarter of the way down. You can adjust the rack bars on the side for these movements. Yes I can hear all of you experienced weight lifters who are saying "Full range of Motion" or "ass to the grass" for squats ... however if you have lower back pain or are over 40 the partial rep can and will stimulate muscle growth and strength due to the increased weight. On a partial rep you will use 25% - 50% more weight on the lift.
The next big Compound movement is the bench press. Utilizing the chest, triceps , and shoulders. 3 muscle groups working together can stimulate more muscle growth than any isolation exercise such as bicep curls, tricep extensions, etc.
Lastly the Row. Seated rows are not as good as the deadlift but can still give a great resistance if enough weight is used. 1 arm dumb bell rows are excellent as well, stimulating the lats, biceps, and shoulders.
Next are military press for shoulders . This is an excellent movement that will hit all 3 heads of the shoulders. Make sure to use caution and lighter weights to get good form coming down to the front of the body instead of behind the neck. The shoulders have delicate muscles inside called the rotator cuff that be damaged due to poor form or behind the neck presses.
Stick to the above mentioned 5 Compound exercises Deadlifts, Squats, Bench Presses, Rows, Military Press for your bread and butter movements and you will see maximum gains!!

  • Stay off the scale: constantly weighing yourself morning noon and night can be discouraging , even if you are trying to gain or lose. Here is the main detraction. Lets say your goal is to gain weight. You are eating plenty of calories , getting in the workouts, for the first few days of your program, then stepping on the scale and expecting to see some gains. Not gonna happen. Quality muscle takes work+food+rest or in others words Train+Eat+Sleep+Grow+Repeat. Depending on your age, stress level, quality of health, food intake, recovery ability, metabolism, level of activity, hormone levels, environment etc. will determine how fast you will add muscle. If your goal is to lose weight same things apply , if you are always on that scale looking for the number to change you will be discouraged...
  • How to Measure Success: instead of using the scale to measure your success, short term keep track of your workouts in a convenient notebook, training journal, or other method. Write down every workout. The most measurable item in your fitness quest that increases the fastest is your strength! As you keep track of how many sets you did, how much weight, etc. you will notice that each time you workout you will be able to do a little more + a little more, as you push yourself to get that extra rep or that extra 5 or 10 lbs more than you did last week you will soon see how much stronger you are getting. You can see strength gains the first week of training. Simply performing a workout starts the brain programming your muscle memory, like a thin thread of nerve impulses from the brain to the muscle repeated will increase that nerve impulse to more easily complete the process the next time. The brain simply says ok you are going to repeat this weight lifting activity so I will give you more nerve force to accomplish this . Also known as the human body's adaptive ability . The same principle applies to which is your dominate hand, right or left? Notice how if you are right handed and you try to do something left handed its a lot harder because the nerves are not conditioned from repetition to perform a given task from your weak hand...simple repetitions will increase the nerve strength hence the muscle strength will increase before there is any actual increase in the muscle tissue
  • Next thing to measure is how your clothes fit. Try on some clothes that you have that fit tight. as you keep the same set of clothes to try on once a month you notice that they begin to fit differently. For example if your goal is to lose body fat and you are lifting weights you will start to grow some muscle (good) the muscle will initially grow faster than the body fat decreases. So your clothes may at first get tighter and you may actually gain some overall weight but we are not measuring our progress on the scale remember? This is a very good sign. (tighter clothes) because it is showing that you are actually growing muscle. As long as you have been faithfully lifting and eating clean and getting enough sleep etc. The biggest calorie burning tissue in your body is muscle tissue , the more muscle you have the more fat it consumes. Eventually your muscle tissue will start to consume your body fat and your clothes will start to fit looser. In the case that your goal is to increase overall body weight your clothes may get looser as you at first because your body fat is decreasing , you may actually lose weight at first but as you continue to lift faithfully eat clean, and get plenty of rest your muscles will increase in size thus your clothes will fit tighter. 
  • The Endurance Factor. As you progress in your fitness journey you will notice your endurance increases almost on a daily basis. At first you may only be able to workout 15 minutes per workout , gradually increase the duration and intensity of each workout, soon you will notice that your workouts are up to 30-45 minutes. Depending on your life stress's , recovery ability , eating habits etc. You will be able to see almost immediate increase's in endurance. Tip: ideal workout time is about 45 minutes. When you go over an hour your body starts to produce Cortisol which is a stress hormone, and starts tearing down hard earned muscle tissue to get amino acids and use them for other metabolic process's that will preserve your life. Its called the fight or flight response. So too long of workouts are counter productive. 
  • Discouragement can come in many forms . Self Depreciation is most common. Learn to develop a positive feedback system. Reward yourself with statements that reflect your effort. Got an "A" for effort??
  • Create a vision board: This is one of my favorite motivators! Take a few fitness magazines and cut out exactly who you would love to look like.  Paste them on a large piece of poster board where you can hang in a prominent place i.e your bedroom where you can see it everyday. Along with the pictures also create some positive phrases out of the letters from the magazine. Like "Lean Body, Elegant Muscle, Fit Mom, Fit Dad, etc... find some phrases that mean the most to you. Everyday you see this poster will serve to program your brain to achieve your goals. Visualize, Actualize... here is one of my vision boards. I also have several including some smaller versions made onto 3 x 5 cards that I have strategically placed throughout my house to remind me of my fitness goals and keep me motivated.
This motivation strategy  works best for me, however there are many different strategies. For example these "Still photos" used carry with them a certain degree of intensity. Watching a video of someone lifting weights with a hard rock soundtrack packs a huge punch of even more intensity. My favorite motivating movie is "Pumping Iron" with Arnold Schwarzenegger , the sound of the weights clanking in the gym, the looks of pure determination on his face during a heavy set is just pure energy! 
This entire website was first designed with keeping myself motivated by collecting the pics and videos of all my muscle heroes .
Let me know what kind of Vision Boards you can come up with and when I get enough of you I will put them up here on the site with a post dedicated to Goal Setting!

Below are some of my before and after photos using specific weight lifting exercises for maximum growth and strength .

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Biceps, Back and Shoulders Workout routine

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  • Before 130 lbs

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I am the blog author and these are my personal photos of my Quest for fitness. I started this blog because I am passionate about health and fitness, I live and breathe it everyday. There is much more to the success of any Fitness program than the instructions and video demonstrations and that is Motivation.

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