Natural Stacks Dopamine, Serotonin, Choline Brain Food Box Review

2nd Cancer Surgery 6-27-23
Earlier this summer I had a Cancerous tumor removed from my lower large intestine. I spent 5 days in the hospital, it was miserable, the pain was intense, I had so much fatigue, weakness, zero focus or concentration, needless to say I was very discouraged. 

           Once I went home the time to rest, recover and rejuvenate had begun.
As a lifelong Athlete/Martial Artist turned Fitness Trainer and Life Coach I thought it would be a quick recovery and I could get back to doing the things that I love ie teaching my Kickboxing/Fitness classes, working out and doing Gracie Jiu Jitsu 3 times per week.
          Not so fast says my 55 year old body! 4 months down the road to normalness I was still extremely fatigued, exhausted, worn out, no motivation or focus, discouraged, frustrated to name a few. 

I keep a daily journal and record everything I eat, my energy level, ability to do things and how I feel , my workouts, supplements etc. My oldest one started back in 95 for a 10 week program. So I am very in tune with my body and mind. 
My Training Journal collection 1995-2023
I had 1 workout in July, Aug and Sept. All light duty low intensive. I went back to Jiu Jitsu class 1 time as well. But after each workout I was completely and utterly exhausted, physically and mentally! Plus the recovery time was taking 10 to 14 days just to get back enough strength to do normal household activities. I spent most of my time in bed resting, reading, sipping on bone broth and herbal teas eating very little. I had no appetite, no desire to eat and when I was hungry I was craving carbs and sugar like crazy. The only Protein I was getting were a few eggs here and there. I was actually very apprehensive to eat anything other than Fruits and Veggies because of the type of surgery I had, I mean they took out 18 centimeters of my large intestine! I had internal and external sutures as you can see in the pix. I was afraid of busting something open inside.
I knew my liver had taken a beating from all the anesthesia and pain killing opiates that I was on. My main focus was to cleanse the Liver and detox . I thought Intermittent Fasting was the way to go! I had used I.F for years and thats the way I ate. 1 meal a day for the most part. However I am also Hypoglycemic ( Low blood sugar) and I.F is extremely difficult to do with this condition. But hey I'm a Martial Artist, I'm a TOUGH GUY I can do it!

I couldnt have been more wrong about eating a 95% Vegetarian Diet!
Finally on Oct-24-23 I was so crushed, discouraged, disappointed, angry at myself, felt worthless, pointless, depressed, exhausted, after hitting dead end after dead end after dead end, trying so many different things to "fix" myself. I went to bed that night with extreme right leg ache as I would frequently get. A spot on the upper outer thigh that hurt the most, I knew it was an Acupuncture point for the Liver. Using Bio-Kinesiology aka Muscle Testing , I self tested my Liver to find out how it was doing, turns out it was only functioning at 12% . After a 24 fast, some meditation and prayer time I asked my God "How in the world did I get Cancer again after being so Health Conscious by eating super clean, working out taking my Herbs and supplements" ? I suddenly was overcome with immense Peace, Tranquility and intense Love and I heard a distinct voice that said 
" You aren't Meditating enough" !
So I started  immediately with a relaxing Brainwave track for relaxation. I then asked during a meditation, out on my back deck in the sunshine, I pondered and wondered is there anything else?
Feeling that incredible Peace and Serenity again I heard the 2nd gentle voice Phrase...
"You are NOT Grounded" ! 
Aha ! Grounding was something I was familiar with. I knew how to get grounded, just take off your shoes and socks then go walking around in the grass! 
I also went in the back yard and laid down on the cement next to the pool and felt an overwhelming rush of Earths electric energy flowing through my body, taking my mind into the deepest relaxation ever for a about 20 minutes. I got up feeling so refreshed and energized. And then it hit me like a ton of bricks, an intense sensation engulfed my soul , one of complete knowing, an inner yearning for Beef Protein!
DUH! How could I have been so stupid!! This is the 2nd time I have had Cancer, the 1st time was way back in 2002 almost the same place , in fact you can see the 1st scar just above the staples of the 2nd operation, suddenly I remembered that as part of my recovery from that 1st surgery and Chemo I was on a High Protein/Amino Acid diet!!! I finally decided it was time to start eating Beef Protein Powder!! I had a jug already so made a shake and BAM ! I was feeling fantastic! 
 I knew I had to feed my body and brain all day and realized there was still something missing in between the Protein shakes and Ribeye Steaks, every 4 hours...
I went through my old journals and read how I had used several different Amino Acids over the years and how amazing I had felt after adding them into my regimen.  The Aminos are precursors to the Brains Fuel and communication system called Neurotransmitters, my surgery and the stress it brought had depleted my brains reserve of these miracle nutrients. I started reading up on Amino Acid Therapy books and discovered that I needed Endorphins, Dopamine and Serotonin so I went to the local health foods store and saw this: DOPAMINE BRAIN FOOD, SEROTONIN BRAIN FOOD and CHOLINE BRAIN FOOD I got all 3 by a company called Natural Stacks. I always use Muscle Testing to test a supplements effectiveness for my body and got a 10/10 and 100% go for this brand! I took only 1 pill of the Dopamine and 1 pill of the Choline right there in the parking lot. It started to affect me within 15 minutes, I had some other errands to run and could feel an inner power like never before, a growing laser like focus with an intense Mental Drive to Take Care of Business and get stuff done. It was about 3 o'clock in the afternoon , this Extreme Energy permeated through my evening and night. Uh-oh now I can't get to sleep! so I popped a Serotonin Brain Food and slowly started to come down off my Brain Buzz into a very calm and serene peaceful relaxation that turned into sleep within an hour. 
Ok Now were talking! I got up early the next day and took the same 1 pill dose of Dopamine and Choline first thing in the morning. BAM! This is so intense , even more energizing than any Pre-workout that I have ever had! I felt like I had been a Walking Dead Zombie, transformed into a Rick Grimes !
I have been testing/using supplements for well over 40 years, Acupuncture, Acu-Tapping, NLP, Chinese Herbs, Essential Oils, etc to enhance my Martial Arts, Mountain Biking and weight lifting activities, 
Ive used Pre-workouts for at least 20 years and Ive NEVER had anything that even comes close to these Brain Food products!
Ive been on them for about 10 days now and dont even have the slightest craving for Caffeine, Pre-workout drinks, Carbs, Sweets, or Sugar!!
My mood has improved dramatically, 
Extreme Mental Energy and Drive
Massive Motivation
Feels like I have a Jett-Pack on my back and Lightning in my Brain
Zero Procrastination
Had 5 workouts in 10 days including Mountain Bike Ride 14 miles 
Zero Soreness
Recovered within 24 hours
Sleeping like a baby!
                                                      The Hell Hole Mountain Bike Trail, 
                    uphill for 1.25 miles through the
 beautiful Southern Utah scenery
                                                    Trail ride was 14 miles in 1 hr :45 mins

I would like to personally thank Roy Krebs founder of Natural Stacks for creating these Life Altering supplements you have changed my life!!!
Highly recommended. Get your Brain Food Stack Now click my 15 % off discount Code


This is for the Brain Food Box covering all 4 of the Major Neurotransmitters: Dopamine, Choline, Serotonin and Gaba.
I take the Dopamine and Choline Stack ( 1 each ) in the morning to Power up and Energize on and empty stomach, then  Serotonin, Gaba Stack ( 1 each ) to calm down for the evening on an empty stomach. You cant take these with a Protein meal because the Amino Acids compete for absorption in the brain.  
Maintaining a High Protein (Beef) diet, called The Lion Diet which is simply Beef, Salt, Water and thats it.
I started out slow with 1 capsule and thats all I needed , you may need a different dose, some digestive support for better absorption, Carnivore diet, Exercise or Motivational Program in combination with these Brain Food Nutrients for Maximum Results. 
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