How to do a Liver Cleanse

How to Do a LIVER Cleanse 
To get more Growth Hormone production, more energy and better sleep. If you have ever taken prescription drugs for more than 1 month, use: artificial sweeteners, commercial shampoos, deodorants, anti-antiperspirant, body creams, skin care products and the like,    recently had surgery, felling sluggish, tired all the time, no energy or starting a full on exercise program, it may be time to Do A Liver Cleanse!
    As the pituitary gland in the brain produces Growth Hormone it then travels to the liver to be converted into IGF-1 which stands for Insulin Like Growth Factor. This conversion process is only as good as your liver is clean. After a Liver Cleanse your body's own hormone factory can more effectively do its job. We only have 1 liver and it has a huge responsibility.

    The older we get the more toxins accumulate in the liver and the less effective it is, the more we need a Liver Cleanse.
One of the worst toxins we have is from the pain reliever TYLENOL. Since it is metabolized in the liver there are leftover chemical deposits that the liver can not do anything with so its stays there and can build up over the years and cause liver damage.
    Other contaminates are steroid use, illegal drug use, petro-chemicals from commercial cleaners.
    Alcohol, tobacco, also put tremendous stress on the liver.
    Even simply eating food requires the liver in the digestion process. A poor diet of fast foods, soda, high sugar intake, fatty greasy foods, can tax the liver even further. Add all of these together and the consider the amount of work the liver has to do just to keep us functioning on a daily basis.

    Its no wonder most Americans suffer from low Growth Hormone symptoms ie insomnia, depression, anxiety, fatigue, hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain etc. 
   On the emotional side of things the liver is in charge of maintaining our anger. If we find ourselves slipping into anger mode quite easily and often then we could have a compromised liver function, in need of a serious Liver Cleanse and detox.

Here are a few foods/spices that you can easily acquire at the grocery store
  for a juicing drink to help cleanse and detox the liver.
1-Fresh Garlic, I use 2 or 3 pieces from a full clove.
2-Tumeric add a 1/4 teaspoon to your smoothie or vitamix drinks
3-2 Fresh Beets (in a juicer)
4-One half of a lemon, squeeze the juice into the mix, dont juice the rind.
5-Green leafy ( bitters) vegetables, a large bag of Spinach,  1/2 of a bunch of Cilantro
6-Olive Oil add 1 or 2 tablespoons )
7- 3 or 4 peeled Carrots
8- 7 or 8 stalks of celery
9-Avoid Tylenol as it can be toxic to the liver over time.
Wash all the veggies.
Get a powerful juicer. I use the Oster 5 speed 1000 watt, large mouth juicer. I got this from Walmart for around $120.00
The cheaper juicers just arent worth it, the motors are too weak and cant even handle a whole apple at once like this 1000 watter.
    With this amount of veggies you will have a large container full of juice. Enough to start for your 1st day of cleansing. I usually add some pink Himalayan or Redmond Real Salt and a few turns of freshly ground pepper for flavor. Put the extra juice in the fridge for later.
    If this is your very 1st time you will want to start slow. Take about 8 oz of the juice mix, in place of 1 meal, like breakfast, then at lunch time take another 8 oz glass full of juice. If at anytime you feel nauseous or get a headache drink some purified water to dilute the juice in your stomach.
   If you feel hungry eat some almonds, pistachios, peanuts or any kind of mixed nuts. You can also eat chips and salsa if you must. This is a good way to satisfy some hunger pangs and still get more veggies. Have a regular meal for dinner (Stay close to a toilet because you may be visiting it often) . Then in 3 or 4 more days repeat the above juice cycle only this time go a little further, have a glass of juice for bfast, lunch and dinner. eating the nuts in between when hungry. Making sure to have plenty of purified water along the way.  If you are tolerating the side effects well then keep going into the 2nd day, repeat with 1 glass of juice in place of the 3 meals. By this time you should start noticing that you really dont crave that much and your hunger is satisfied. 
     Proceed another 3 or 4 days of regular eating then repeat another 2 day cycle of juicing. 
Depending on your age, body weight, level of toxicity  you may need to repeat this process over a months time. 
    When you are involved in an exercise program and eating Keto, Paleo or other Carnivore type diets, you will need to cleanse the liver at least 2 times per month. When you do you will notice way more energy and better digestion, quicker recovery from workouts and less muscle soreness and better sleep as your Liver will be better at processing your growth hormone into IGF-1 and turning that protein into muscle.
    Side effects of cleansing are often called "A healing Crisis" this occurs when toxins from the Liver are kicked out into the blood stream, you may experience light headedness, headaches, weakness, fatigue, gastro-intestinal upsets, nausea etc. If so just drink more purified water to dilute it and flush it out of your system a little faster.
    A great way to keep the liver clean after cleansing is add more green veggies to your diet, like Spinach, Cilantro , Green Beans,  Cucumber, Broccoli, Tomatillos, Green peppers etc.
   If you dont have a juicer you can use a blender, food processor by adding all the veggies to the blender with some purified water, blend it all up then strain it into another container using a cheese cloth, you will have to squeeze as much juice through the cheese cloth as possible but it still works.
    Veggie juicing is really the best and most cost effective way to cleanse the Liver. The juice is highly concentrated vitamins and minerals in a very absorb-able form which will digest very easy.
     If you dont like veggie juice taste no matter how much salt, pepper or other spices you add to it there is another option. This is to get the juices already made and dehydrated into a capsule form. A great company right here in St George Utah is called
   Get the veggie caps not the fruit ones. You will have to take at least 6-10 capsules a day for bfast , skip lunch, have 1 meal a day at dinner for approx 5 -7 days.

To enhance your cleanse you can also get Liver Tablets and take 8-10 of these daily with meals at least 2 x per day.
I use the brand "Universal Liver tabs" 

Another great way to detox and Cleanse the Liver is by fasting.
Simply abstain from food for 24 hours once a week or every other week. Drink plenty of water with lemon juice.
This will give the Liver a much needed rest so it can regenerate and cleanse itself.
Intermittent Fasting works wonders for the Liver.
This means abstaining from solid foods for a certain hours of the day for example when you have dinner in the evening, go to sleep, wake up and dont eat anything until around 2pm.
Then eat solid foods only from 2pm till 8pm, vegetable juices and herb teas (ie yerba mate and Brigham Tea) are good to consume in the morning when you arent eating. Resume the schedule the following day abstaining from food after 8pm until 2pm the next day. You can make adjustments to these times as you may not be able to go that long without eating.
  Start slow with 1 or 2 days a week on the intermittent fasting and have a 24 hr fast every other week or at least once a month, slowly add in an extra day of intermittent fasting during the week. If you are using the Intermittent Fasting more than 4 days a week you may need to load up on calories at the end of the week for example on Sat and Sun add in some more carbs and have 4 smaller meals a day plus a small snack or 2. 
  Following this regimen puts the body into a state of Ketosis which you may have heard about the Keto, Paleo or Carnivore craze. Simply meaning the body is using stored fats for energy instead of carbs (glycogen). Which is a somewhat difficult state to get into. It takes a lot of self discipline and overcoming the cleansing side effects such as fatigue, nausea, light headedness, irritableness .These can be managed by drinking certain types of herb tea. These do not contain any calories and can be consumed during your fast, you could add some organic stevia for sweetness.
      Pick up our Free ebook on Intermittent fasting here.

Your liver will thank you!
By Chad Hilliard
Certified Fitness Trainer
MMA Strength Coach
Muay Thai Fitness Instructor
US Army Veteran
Maximus MMA Fitness Training Center
St George, Ut 707-238-8388