Muscle Building, Fat Melting Growth Hormones Part 5

When we were in the mountains packing this
summer we took our water bottle. We dipped the
water our of the lake and filtered the water we drank
and brushed our teeth with it. Water is contaminated
world- wide today. You have to filter your water,
and if you can get a distiller, that is even better, but
start with filtration.
You must give the body water, and please
remember this: You need to irrigate your body. You
are 97% water when you are born and the average
human when they die is only 16% water! Aging is
dehydration. Have you ever lived in a prune! So
hydrate your body with water. Get the chemicals out
of your body.
Watch out for Sodium Lauryl Sulfate!
Do not brush your teeth with whatever. Today
toothpastes are loaded with sodium lauryl sulfate, anti-antiperspirants are loaded with aluminum 
chemicals that are so deadly to your body that they
even put on the back of the label..”Keep out of reach
of children, harmful if swallowed, call poison control!” That should be your first clue.
Look at your children’s shampoo, your
children’s bath soap. They say,”Keep out of reach of
children”..but it’s for your kids! Get those chemicals
out of your home because they cause allergies.
The number one cause of degeneration of
eyesight in children is sodium lauryl sulfate. It’s in
your toothpaste, it’s in your shampoo, it’s in your
soap, it’s in your perfume, and cologne it’s in your underarm
deodorant. It’s in practically everything! Go home
and look at the labels.
 This is important because these petro-chemicals plug up the receptor sites of the cells, and the very pituitary gland itself. Just like a golf ball with all the dimples on the outside, imagine if they were all clogged and the golf ball would then be smooth like a ping pong ball, if this were your pituitary gland it would not be able to function anywhere near its full potential. You would be showing all sorts of degenerative signs of aging, muscle wasting, fat deposits, low energy, cant sleep well, poor concentration, sound familiar?  These are all signs of Growth Hormone Deficiency. 
  Well guess what , the oils are inhaled through the nasal cavity and connect directly to the brain, and go right through to the pituitary, thalamus, hypo thalamus, and pineal glands melt away those petro-chemicals and Free's them up so they can do their jobs! So go snort some Frankincense will do you some good!

Human Growth Hormone, Longevity, Foods for Fitness
Importance of pH of the Soil
If you look on the map and you follow the
longitude line around, our farm in Utah and where our
families are growing the Wolfberry in Inner Mongolia
are on the exact same line.
The pH of the soil in Inner Mongolia is 8; the pH
in the soil in our farm out in Utah is 8. The mineral
composition of the soil in Utah and the composition
of the soil in Inner Mongolia, you can’t tell the
difference between the two. The climates are
absolutely identical with identical temperatures.
So when I sent Sue to China last March when I
was in Turkey, I said, “Sue, see if you can get some
Wolf-berry starts and overnight them to me. If you
can’t, see if you can bring some seed back.”
First Wolfberry in Utah
She did both! She got 100 little cuttings. She
wrapped them in paper towel and soaked them, put
them in a bag in an envelope and overnighted them to
us. We have 70 out of the 100 that survived..and
there are our first two Wolfberries in Utah. The
Wolfberry tree, at full growth, only reaches about 6'
high, and our Wolfberry trees are already at 5' and 6'
height since March. It normally takes three years for
them to reach full height. She brought the seeds
back and as of two months ago, we seeded and have
growing today 45,000 little Wolfberry trees! This
week they are seeding another 100,000, which will
give us a total acreage coverage of 150 acres of
Wolfberry trees. Then in two years when the Y2K
comes along–it won’t–because we will have our own
Wolfberries! Isn’t that exciting!

         YOUNG  LIVING  Essential Oil Scientific Research of   “Muscle Building, Skeletal         Health, Oral Sprays”
    Dr. Gary Young and Dr. Robert Woods

               Dr.  Don  Gary  Young
 Melissa essential oil, a Projected Study
       One of the oils that I am really anxious to start studying  after we do our distillation at the farm (and that may be happening this year) is Melissa.  Melissa is the highest of all the oils in sesquiterpene activity. (found in Multigreens)  Just the little bit of research that Professor Cates did at BYU was pretty fascinating, and we look forward to seeing a lot more evolve from that.

What about Muscle-Skeletal?
       We are going to cover a couple of areas this afternoon.  We are going to ago into building muscle-skeletal, and the booklet that was made available yesterday through ESP, The Route to Robust Health, helps with that.  I have something else here that most of you probably haven’t thought about and the question is, “Gary, why are we talking about building muscle-skeletal?  What does that have to do with essential oils?”  If you are deteriorating, it has a lot to do with it; if you are looking at  body building, it has a lot to do with it as well.
       In this box I have something that most of you are not really giving a lot of conscious thought about and why it is so important and why I am pushing–and you are going to hear it more and more everyday–about getting healthy and about strength training and exercise and aerobics and diet change.

The “Look” of Fat..
       Do you see that (on slide)–do you know what that is?  It is one pound of fat. That is how it works, too.  It just hangs on and won’t let go–that’s one pound!  Now we see five pounds–five pounds of fat. What do you think your body looks like if you are fifteen pounds overweight?  That is three times this factor.  If you are 25 pounds overweight, that is five times that–five here, five here, five here, five here, and five here!  How does that look?  If you are 30 pounds overweight, you have five more over here in your heart and your lungs and wrapped around your pancreas and your liver and your spleen and co-mingled in the digestive colon and small intestines all wrapped around it! 

Don’t Fall for Liposuction!
       Anybody getting motivated?      Do you know how much energy it takes to maintain just five pounds of fat?  Do you know how many people go to doctors for liposuction–and the most they can pull off in one session is one pound–and as a result of going beyond one pound of fat, it creates a hormonal disturbance in that body that may take five years to repair, if ever!  How many of you want to coddle it? “Oh, I love you so much–I am just going to keep you around. You make me so warm!”
       Folks, I really want you to get an image of this. I want you to lock this visually into your mind because we go through life and we don’t think about what this looks like under our skin, so we don’t make commitments to do something about it.  We say, “It’s my lot in life to be a little over-healthy.  It’s my lot in life to carry a little extra.”

Is it Your Lot in Life? 
       How many of you have struggled at getting rid of it? fought with it, dieted? fasted? cursed it?  And finally after 25 years say, “Nothing works..I guess I am going to keep it.”  That is a lot of the attitude that evolves as a result of trial and error and failure.  Every time we make an effort at it and it doesn’t happen, then we decide we just have to accept our lot in life and we are going to be fat until we die, and that is all there is to it.
       I don’t need to take time to go into statistics of what it does and how it contributes to heart disease and all other functions of the body.  The more overweight we are, the less flexibility we have, the less we are going to exercise, the less we are going to move, the less creative we are.  Our responses are slower and our whole being just takes on a different countenance.

8000# of Fat Changed in Fitness Competition!
       It has been so fascinating.  Let’s look at this slide that shows how much fat was burned off from the fittest competition participants in twelve weeks.  These were our contestant winners and runners-up. 

       Eight thousand pounds of fat were changed to 2500 pounds of lean muscle mass in twelve weeks!  Every single person can do it.  I say that with absolute conviction.  Since 1975, two years after my accident when I started really challenging and dealing it because of ballooning over 215 pounds while laying in the hospital and then trying to commit suicide and fasting 256 days and going from  217 to 136, was pretty amazing. However, within four months of stopping the starvation fast, it was back.  I would dare say that if I was serious about it–adding and subtracting and calculating–I have probably shed and gained and shed and gained over one ton of fat in that period of time. I fought it and fought it and fought it.

Losing and Gaining–A Roller Coaster
       How many others have been through that?  It is devastating emotionally and physically (and I don’t know about anyone else), but for me it was spiritually as well.  When your focus is in trying to get your health back, then it takes that away from doing other things that are more positive and progressive. 
       It has been a battle because all of my life as I have been in the health field has been in fighting to be an example of that which I teach and claim to be of value, so I was always looking for ways to help others as I help myself.  This was because of seeing the challenges that come with thyroid dysfunction, pancreatic dysfunction, liver dysfunction, colon dysfunction–and the biggest part of all of it (and I have to say this in all honesty) for myself my biggest dysfunction was my brain. I was depressed.  I was on antidepressants for seven years and could not figure out why I just couldn’t get the fat off.

Commitment–a BIG Word
       When you go over the 50 mark and you start trying to carve it off, it is a little bit more difficult and it takes a little bit more energy and a little bit more commitment.  If you are an A blood type and you are hypo-thyroid, and you are over 50–it’s not going to be a “walk in the park.” If you are a B blood type and are hypo-thyroid and hypo-pancreatic, it’s not going to be a walk in the park.  If you are a O blood type and are hypo-thyroid and hypo-pancreatic and hypo-pituitary, it’s not going to be a walk in the park.  It’s going to be a matter of making a very strict choice and a very committed choice and sticking to it.  That is what it takes.
       My real burning desire deep inside is to instill in you the burning desire and motivation to acquire the health that you desire to have. 

       It is very easy to eat that white bread; it is very easy to eat that serving of French fries.  It is very easy to eat that piece of chocolate cake; it’s very easy to drink that Pepsi or that coffee (with two or three tablespoons of sugar in it, or however it is doctored).  It is very easy to say, “Okay..sure.  I’ll have a piece.”  It’s very easy to have bread when you are addicted to it. 
       It takes commitment and discipline to say  “No, that’s not for me.”  It takes commitment and discipline to push yourself away from those things that are contributing to those conditions.      There will never be a magic bullet for shedding pounds that will not destroy your body–that’s very simple.  The magic lies in your commitment and your discipline to your commitment of how much you are willing to contribute to your overall well being.

Pound of Fat = Pound of Petrochemicals

       Another thing I want to emphasis is that for every pound of fat you have in your body, you have just acquired a host (or a pound) of petrochemicals.  The more fat you have in your body, the more petrochemicals you will hold in your body.  When it is in the fat the only way you can get it out  is by digesting the fat and releasing those petrochemicals to be taken out through the colon and the liver. When we have that, we maintain a very strong position for immune compromise.  No, it doesn’t fall off that easy!
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