How To Get Strong + Fit: A Scientific Approach pt 2

Benefits of Growth Hormone
       What are the benefits of growth hormone?  A New England Journal of Medicine study showed that growth hormone increases lean body mass by 8.8% while reducing fat deposits by 14.4%.  (This happens to be for the average person who hasn’t been through a conditioning response from heavy medication, injury, whatever.)  For the average person you’ll have a 14.4% reduction in body fat from strength training by boosting the human growth hormone.
 Some of the other things: Weight training reduces depression–just try lifting weights when you are depressed.  You can’t even pick them up!  It changes your focus and when you start lifting and you start breathing, all of a sudden your mind goes off from the things you are depressed about and you start thinking
about other things that are more exciting.

Effects of Strength Training
       Harvard Medical School tested the effect of moderate  strength training on 32 older people ages 60 to 84.  They found that light strength training three times a week markedly reduced mental depression and vastly improved sleep quality, 1997. 
Research on Strength Training
       A Tuft’s University study found that cardiac out- patients who participated in a 12-week high intensity strength training program lost more body fat and gained more lean muscle Mass than  those participating in a flexibility program for the same length of time.  Another study found that in mildly hypertensive men blood pressure was reduced for at least an hour following exercise.  Researchers have debunked the myth that exercise exacerbates osteoarthritis.  Weight training decreases joint pain and increases mobility.
       After observing the effects of strength training on 39 arthritic patients they concluded that dynamic strength training in early arthritis increases the neuro muscular performance without detrimental effects on the disease activity or joint damage.
       A study of arthritic adults age 60 years or older found that strength training combined with aerobic exercise and health education resulted in improvements in physical performance and pain.  A similar study like-wise found that strength training significantly decreased pain and stiffness of osteoarthritis in the knee.

Amino Acid Benefits
       Then you go into the different supplements that contain high amounts of L-glutamine and arginine i.e Ningxia Red Wolfberry Juice ,which promote the increase of the body’s production of growth hormone as well. 
This is very important–another reason for Ningxia Red.  L-glutamine increases oxygen flow in the body and protects the muscle tissue from wasting and deterioration.  If L-glutamine isn’t present in high enough quantities the body starts to break down muscle tissue.  L-Taurine is the most common amino acid in the muscle  cells and enhances the glucose intake into the cell metabolism.

Alpha Lipoic Minics Effects of Insulin
       Those are some of the special effects.  Another important part of it is (as I mentioned yesterday) the Alpha Lipoic Acid. All of this is in your book.  If you haven’t had a change to read it yet, it’s there.  Alpha Lipoic Acid is a very interesting compound.  It is the only antioxidant that is both oil and water soluble that can act anywhere in the body. This means that Alpha Lipoic Acid can help protect red cells against oxygen damage during exercise. It also mimics the effects of insulin.  It mimics insulin so closely in fact that it has been used for years in Germany as a treatment for diabetes.

       Hans Tritcher reported in a conference on diabetes that Alpha Lipoic Acid may both increase glucose uptake by the muscle cells and decrease glucose uptake in fat cells. 

Invest in a Home Gym.
       Let me share this..a  lot  of you say, “I don’t want to go to a gym”..and I totally relate. If you don’t want to go to the fitness center, don’t want to go to the gym, don’t want to work out in front of people, then just get a set of these dumbells a bench and go to work at home.  This is where I started.  I am just trying to provide for you some of the tools that will help you if you feel the way I felt–embarrassed.   That will change also.

About Blueberries..
       Among antioxidant foods blueberries have been documented to be the most powerful and contain strong antioxidant compounds known as anthrocyanins.  Blueberries have one of the highest oxygen radical absorbent capacities of any natural product tested.  It has been found that blueberries have one of the highest antimutagenic activities, proving to be extremely effective in protecting cellular DNA from damage.

About Strawberries..
       Strawberries are a potent antioxidant.  Ellagic acid has been shown to provide protection against cancer-causing effects of radiation and aflatoxin B-1, the most powerful cancer-causing substance known.  Another study at Oregon State University showed that the ellagic acid reduced the risk of cellular mutation that can lead to birth defects in rat embryos.  Other studies have also confirmed the  powerful antioxidant and antimutigenic effects and the liver-protecting properties.  Research as Iowa State University has also identified other antimutagenic compounds in strawberries.  These compounds were found to protect laboratory animals against esophageal cancer.

Try Using Idaho Balsam Fir before Workout
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       As you are out there working out, there are a few other things you can do.  This has been really fun and I have been playing with this–Idaho-Balsm Fir–massaging it into the muscles before you work out. 
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       You can do   PanAway if you like.  I have been playing with several different oils to see which ones seem to have the greatest effect.  To give you a little analysis and to share with you why the oils are so specific in weight training, here is what happens: 
Why Use Oils in Weight Training?
C     Because of their structure and the fact that they are protein associated,  when you rub essential oils of PanAway, Idaho Balsam Fir, Peppermint, or Lemongrass, into the tissue that is going to be exercised, it increases the blood flow to the tissue. 
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The more blood you can get into the muscle, the more fat-burning potential you are going to have, the more potential you are going to have at building muscle mass because the blood carries the protein and the nutrients there. So by rubbing the oils on as a Pre-Workout you start your workout it increases the potential of getting more oxygen into that area. Also, the oils massaged on prior to the workout will help prevent a 90% of the lactic acid buildup in the muscle that causes it to ache and ache. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness,  Sore Muscle Relief, Sore Muscle Prevention.

C     The other thing that happens–and those of you who have been working out understand this in body-building language–it is called “the pump.”  When you are lifting, it feels like the muscle is swelling and it gets tight, and that is really a good feeling.  What causes the muscle to swell and feel tight is the blood rushing into that muscle tissue
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The moment you quit lifting, within a few minutes it is gone because the blood has gone back out. Post Workout hemodilating Muscle Soreness eliminators are Marjoram and Lavender which have a more calming and relaxing effect after a high intensity workout.
Results with Endogize
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       This is why I got so fascinated with Endogize. When I started making EndoGize and experimenting with it, I found when I took it and then put the oils on and did my workout that the feeling (that “pump” as it is called) would hold for 20 to 30 minutes.   The longer you can hold that, the more potential you have of building that muscle and creating new muscle fiber (Hyperplasia). 
Contains essential oil blend to maximize absorption
       When we finally got EndoGize where I was really satisfied with it, I would take it and go do my workout and it would hold the “pump” for 1½ to 2 hours.  It was totally different!
       That was one of the things that our fitness manager, Dave Hulm, was so amazed at, because as a professional body builder (as he mentioned) he has been on every product that has ever been invented.   As he was competing and winning in his competitions as a power lifter every supplement company in the world was at his doorstep wanting him to endorse their products. 
       Of course, they just unloaded the trucks at his door and it was all free.  But Dave said, “Gary, none of this stuff worked.  When I went off steroids I quit growing..”  He had built himself years ago on steroids because he didn’t know any different.  It was a big thing–he wanted to be big, he wanted to be strong, he wanted to be a power lifter, and he was.  He won many state, regional, and national competitions as a power lifter. 
       It was really exciting today when he started on EndoGize and found that he could maintain a pump an hour and a half longer than he ever was able to on the other products and steroids that he had used in the past.

Rebuilding his Body Naturally
       After his injuries that resulted in surgery and hooking muscles back onto the bone and repairing ligaments and hips and knees from the joints being deteriorated from the weight he was lifting, he quit the steroids and went away from that many years ago and now has been building his body back naturally. It has been really exciting.  All he uses now is Endogize, PowerMeal  to strengthen the endocrine system and Multi-Greens as a whole foods nutrient dense vitamin mineral complex
       Those are things that are really interesting, and now I have got him hooked on Wolfberry Juice and  he is experimenting with the oils to see which ones hold him the longest.  We are going to research that–who knows what we will have next year!

Experimenting with Oils and Weight Training
       Idaho Balsam Fir, and Lemongrass,  has been 2 of the oils that I find to be very effective applied Pre-Workout.  When I rub it on my Muscle tissues and go do my workout, that oil holds and it pulls the  protein in and dilates those blood vessels and gets more blood flow in there and keeps the flexibility at the same time.
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 PanAway works extremely well because of the hemo-dialating properties of the added clove, wintergreen and peppermint. Its gives your muscles a huge "Pump" that lasts for hours, and the added benefit of blood flow brings all the amino acids, and hormones into the muscle for regeneration, but for some people that is a little hot and it stings a little, but I like that feeling.  I have also used Peppermint with the Idaho Balsam Fir and that has been really good.  I have used Release, I have used  Spruce.   
       I have gone through a lot of the oils to see if any of them seem to have a greater effect than another and now the two that I really like are Idaho Balsam Fir and Tsuga with Peppermint.  I am concluding at this point that for me that seems to be the combination that is really making a difference. Post Workout Marjoram and Lavender are very soothing and dilate the arteries for even more relaxing blood flow to flush out the lactic acid and reduce Muscle Soreness.  It’s nice because while you are sweating, you can still smell good!  It’s great!

Introducing Dr. Robert Woods
       We are ready to shift gears.  We have another great gentleman here with us.  As I have been doing research in the development of products it has been interesting to find people who have the same commitment about quality and purity and effectiveness that we have, and I would probably be very conservative in saying that this is getting really difficult to find today in our world.

False Claims on the Market Today
       The world is inundated with products that make all kinds of great claims. If you are not sure of that statement pick up any Fitness or a health  magazine.  Look at all the commercials in there
such as the Longevity Magazine.  Products are promoted and they have such fantastic stories behind them.  Yet, when I have ordered the products and analyzed them and even used them for myself, there are absolutely zero results because the formulation was either (1) made incorrectly, or (2) it was formulated with dead products, or (3) the product that was supposed to be in there either was in such a minute amount or not even in there at all.  Once you understand the cost of ingredients and you look at the price of the product, it pretty well tells the story right there. 
Therapeutic grade Pure Lavendula officinalis
       A good example is Lavender.  As all of you know, you can go to the health food store and buy a bottle of Lavender  for less, because it is not Lavender, it is Lavendin.  We have this through the world and everyday new products are coming on line at the health food stores and mail-order catalogs and–I could probably say this in all honesty–if you were to take the products out of the bottle and eat the bottle and the cotton, you would get more benefit!  Unfortunately, that is more truth than exaggeration.  These things are what causes the FDA to get all up in arms and come out and do their thing.  Of course, they are afraid they are missing their cut of the action anyway.

We Create the Attitude
       We, the people, have created a lot of the attitude that exists and we are the only ones that can turn it around.  That is why we, in Young Living, have made such a strong commitment to (1) formulate the highest quality products, (2) with the highest quality ingredients that can be found, and (3) back it up with documented research.  So we are not just giving you folklore stories.  It is fact–and Dr. Robert Woods is one of those people who has a commitment for purity, quality and making a product that works.              

       As we were formulating UltraYoung, I don’t know how much time we spent on the phone beating up Ultra-Young and trying to get it into a suspension to where it would deliver and would go in and do the job it needed to do because some of those ingredients were really hard to put together.

About Dr. Woods..
       Dr. Woods is a naturopathic physician; he is Vice President of Research and Development at MJB Global.  He is an author, lecturer, and trainer and has appeared on national television and leader in the nutrition field. He has published over 30 scientific papers.  Dr. Woods’ expertise lies in biochemistry, endocrinology, and immunology–and that is just a beginning for the credentials that he comes to us with and the support he has been to Young Living and the development through the nutraceutical sprays that have been put together through the company he works with, MJB Global.  And now, here is Dr. Robert Woods.

Dr. Robert Woods - Filling a Tall Order!
       Thank you very much.  It is a pleasure to be here.  Dr. Young asked me to talk a little bit about the spray technology and Pregnenolone.  The topic of my talk is “Pregnenolone, Hormone or Vitamin?”  But before we get into Pregnenolone, I thought I would tell you a few stories that came about as we were developing the spray technology products.
       As you are undoubtedly aware, Dr. Young is probably ten or fifteen years ahead of the industry, without question.  In my conversations with Dr. Young, he wanted a product to be evaluated by gas chromato-graphy for purity because gas chromatography measures by a specific analysis the bioavailability of the active ingredient.  He said, “I want you to put together a product that is basically insoluble,  make it soluble, put it in a water solution, make it absorb-able   and put it in a special delivery system with essential oils–which was a tall order!
       First of all, we had to take an insoluble compound and make it soluble, so we developed a team.

Doing the Impossible
       My background is in endocrinology, immunology and biochemistry, but we have about five PhDs running around in the lab who are our chemists, biochemists, and pharmacists–so basically, it was quite an ordeal between Dr. Young and myself.   We had many phone conversations where Dr. Young indicated specifically what he wanted and where I indicated that it was impossible  scientifically.  Dr. Young always said, “Well, do the impossible and do it!” and we did.
       By the way, we had also evaluated this product for about six or eight months with samples and feedback from Dr. Young..”I want it better.  I want it more absorb-able, I want it more soluble, I want it more bio-available, I want to change the oil formulation, and I want it to work better.” So it didn’t come overnight!  We spent about six months and roughly five PhDs working on this project for five months before we even got it to the product where Dr. Young would introduce it to his family members first.

About Pregnenolone..
       Let me tell you a little bit about Pregnenolone.  It is a nutrient hormone.  It is very unique and it has nutrient-like qualities.  Pregnenolone is not a hormone in that it is not a specific hormone put out by an organ, like progesterone, estrogen, testosteronecortical steroids or cortical sterone.  It is a precursor, much like a vitamin.  Pregnenolone  is  very unique in that it can be produced in brain tissue and it’s a neurotransmitter, so it doesn’t work specifically like a hormone where it would perform a specific function. 

Performs Many Functions
       It performs many functions–it can be produced in the ovaries in women and in the gonads in men.   It can be produced in a specific area in the brain called the  hypocampus.  Pregnenolone has antidepressant qualities and stimulates the reduction of monomeanoxidase.  Monomeanoxidase and neuro epinephrine  are both neuro-transmitters
       When the level of  monomeanoxidase gets high, the level of neuro epinephrine becomes low and the pharmacological approach would be to give a drug that would inhibit the production of monomeanoxidase–it’s called a monomeanoxidase inhibitor–to relieve the depression.  However, the depression is never really relieved because we haven’t treated the cause.  That is the imbalance.

       So Pregnenolone is much like a balancing precursor, again, much like a fat soluble vitamin, so it is capable of triggering or being a precursor to lowering or balancing levels of monomeanoxidase and neuro-epinephrine, therefore preventing depression.

Brain-Power is used for Severe Depression

     I work about 12 hours a month at the clinic with three medical doctors, an endocrinologist, a gastro-enterologist, a board-certified internist, a chiropractor, and three naturopaths and a hypnotherapist.  We have a holistic clinic and we treat a lot of patients with very, very severe degenerative diseases.  We have not used an antidepressant in probably about ten years on those patients because most patients who suffer from degenerative diseases have very severe depression.  
       We use all natural products.  We use the Brain Power to treat most of our patients with severe depression because it can trigger the neurochemicals that reduce depression. Pregnenolone is a precursor to DHEA, which is Dehyroepiandrosterone.   DHEA and Pregnenolone work together.  I might say that we do gas chromatographic studies on every single entity–every substance. 

Difficult Challenges
       Every single ingredient in the sprays for Dr. Young goes through a gas chromatogram.  We analyze the material before it is mixed and after it is mixed because we are going to maintain the stability of it.  One of the things that Dr. Young insisted is..”I want an insoluble compound soluble and I want it to be stable..” The chemical problematic quandary that we are in trying to meet Dr. Young’s demand!  I really liked him because he challenged me.  But we did it!
       The other challenge was–have you ever tried to mix oil and water together?  That was a challenge also, but we did it.  How about this..”Mix an insoluble compound in a soluble form, mix oil and water (course, he didn’t ask me to walk on water!), and by the way, I want a special delivery system and I want a bio-assay of the entire product when you get through doing all this mixing because I don’t want the integrity of any of the product compromised by your extraction methods.”
       At any rate, we did it.  By the way, this is all proprietary–only available in Young Living Essential Oil Products and only available exclusively through Young Living Essential Oils and developed by Dr. Young and myself and about four or five other chemists.

Age-related Hormone
       Pregnenolone is age-related.  When we are young and just past puberty we produce tons of Pregnenolone because we need it to increase the fertility factor.  It reaches its peak about 17 or 18, then it falls between 37 and 38 years of age when we get a second wind.  (Maybe some of you have noticed this.)  About 47 to 48 years of age we develop a keen interest in things we hadn’t had interest in maybe since we were 38 and 39. There is a physiological reason for this occurring –primarily because the Pregnenolone peaks a little bit between 47 and 48.
       Pregnenolone is a supplement, and again we are trying to provide balance because we know that Pregnenolone works very much like a vitamin in that it is able to relieve depression.  It is able to establish balance to the different hormones (testosterone in men, progesterone and estrogen in women) and alleviate a lot of the problematic symptoms that occur with hormone imbalances, the symptom being PMS, which sometimes can be difficult. 
       Men have PMS also–it is true. There are rises and falls in Pregnenolone also in men, and men have variations of testosterone levels and diseases like lupus and certain specific types of arthritis, so Pregnenolone balances the production of natural steroids, not synthetically derived steroids.  The pure active oil, or the pure body-produced hormone is much better than synthetically produced hormones, like Progestin for instance.

Pregnenolone Responsible for Sex Drive
       Pregnenolone, of course, is responsible for both sex drive in women and men.  It is produced in women in the ovaries and in gonads in the men and the hypocampus in the brain are both females and males.
       Pregnenolone also is involved in the detoxifying process through an enzyme called psytochrome P-450, which is secreted by the liver.  Pregnenolone has a profound effect on cholesterol.  We have all been taught that cholesterol is the bad guy, but now there is certain scientific literature that indicates that it is not really cholesterol but it’s certain types of low density or very small fats that are capable of plugging the arteries.
       By the way, we don’t get enough of essential fatty acids E.F.A's (that are available in essential oils) to reduce these low, small sticky fats that stick in the arteries.  Pregnenolone is produced from cholesterol; if we didn’t have cholesterol we couldn’t produce all the hormones that produce all these body balancing and neutralization processes.

Pregnenolone and Memory Factors
       Interestingly enough, Pregnenolone also promotes long and short-term memory and our ability to learn.  It works with growth hormone, and we certainly know enough about growth hormone, growth hormone being responsible for increasing our ability to maintain lean body mass.  In other words, where we are developing low levels of antipos tissue (which is fat) and high levels of muscle tissues, we maintain more lean body mass.
       Lastly, Pregnenolone is the precursor to GABA (Gamma Aminobutyric Acid) which is involved in producing growth hormone.

Why Do We Want Sprays?
       Now..why sprays?  Dr. Young was looking for looking for a convenient, very antiseptic, low-level, natural delivery system, so we developed this delivery system by putting the vehicle (instead of a pill or a tablet where it has to transfer to the stomach and the gastro-intestinal tract where it is reacted on by the various enzymes to get into the bloodstream) in a spray form. Dr. Young wanted a convenient and very antiseptic way of delivering a small amount of nutrient in a very, very efficient method, and that is why he chose  sprays.  That is why I am saying we are probably about ten years ahead of the time.
       Thank you very much.  I appreciate being with you.

Dr. Gary Young

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