Addicted to The Gym

Is there such a thing as Healthy Addictions?

Well considering that the main  age bio-marker in humans is determined by muscle mass, which steadily declines with age (unless we are exercising regularly). As opposed to  unhealthy addictions i.e use of tobacco, alcohol, drugs, over eating etc, which drain you of energy and rob your health, and decrease your muscle mass...

Side effects of Gym Addiction: Muscle Mass, Lower Cholesterol, Cardio vascular health, more energy, sleep better, live longer, boost sports performance, increase creativity, lower risk of heart disease, look like Adonis or Venus, cant hurt the self esteem department;)

How does one become addicted to the Gym and push themselves beyond limitations, the pain barrier, and further than anyone ever thought? It's the feeling you get when you have that iron in your hands, the strength it gives back to you is undeniable, a feeling of accomplishment, a sense of purpose. Each day I look forward to lifting, I cant wait to hit the weights one more time, it's a rush, its an adrenalin kick, and way more exciting than anything on tv, Its motivating, makes me want to constantly improve...yes I am Addicted... Is it easy? No but nothing of worth is easy, however it is worth it.
Lifting weights is proven scientifically to release endorphins , testosterone, and growth hormone which are all antidepressants. If everyone who is suffering from depression picks up weight training we could put all of the pharmaceutical drug lords out of business forever. This is why your Dr will never tell you to lift weights, he or she typically does not engage in weight lifting nor claim to know anything about it, they dont teach weight lifting in medical school because they know it is bad for business.

 The medical profession is now spending Billions of $$$ every year to come up with a wonder drug that can do what comes natural to the human body after a session of weight training.... its called Preventative maintenance. So lets put the drug dealers out of business and tell the hospitals what they can do with all of their drugs, take up a new healthy habit and get addicted to the iron, you'll be glad you did...
Highly recommend the Body Beast program for anyone looking to gain muscle, burn fat, and increase strength in the shortest amount of time.

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