Body Image Controversy

Body Image Controversy

Looking at the Action figure GI Joe it is easy to notice that he has NO VISIBLE ABS!
How can this be you might ask with all the attention we have on getting that 6 pack definition nowadays!?!
Well it was the year 1964! No one had even heard of Arnold Schwarzenegger, or The incredible Hulk (Lou Ferrigno)
and fitness was definitely NOT in the mainstream.
    ok fast forward to today's GI Joe at least the Hollywood version conjures up the well known Dwayne Jouhnson "The Rock"
Huge Muscles everywhere, hes definitely got some abs! Now lets focus on the action figures of today,
as you you can see theres a huge difference between Batman 2015 and GI Joe 64! Almost as contrasting as David and Goliath.
   The controversy lies within the minds of our youth seeing these "Super-Heroes" and their body image displaying a Greek god like
appearance with aesthetically pleasing muscular physique in the form of an actin figure marketed to our youth.
   Is this an Unhealthy body image comparison?
Do our young men and women suffer from thinking that they are scrawny and cant compare to these Adonis body types,? Become
discouraged because their own bodies do not even look anywhere close to these muscular physiques? Suddenly develop
a case of "muscle dysmorphia" ? (a belief that no matter how fit someone is they always think of themselves as small and scrawny)

  I say "NAY"! Of course this is my opinion and yours may vary, however I can only respond to this from my own perspective and heres is Why.
 when I was a kid since Kindergarten I was into every sport. Wrestling, baseball, football, track, soccer, mma, etc. I was a small guy
and I remember seeing the bigger guys on my team sports who were more muscular, ripped, and all around better athletes than I was
and wanting to be like them! So much so that I watched them and tried to figure out what it was exactly that these guys were doing
that made them superior athletes.
    It always came down the the same factor "WEIGHT TRAINING". Everyone I ever came in contact with in sports who was at the top of their game
 was involved in some type of weight lifting so I soaked up all I could just from watching my peers workout.
    then as soon as "The Incredible Hulk" T.V series starring Lou Ferrigno came out it was all over!!! WOW what a physique!
my dad and I were literally blown away at his musculature! " Look at those arms!" my dad would say... as we watched the Hulk busting through his shirts
every week!! I knew right then and there thats how I wanted to look! I have been inspired to "Improve" my physique every time I saw
that show, every time I was working out with my wrestling buddies I would get them to show me how to lift. I was motivated to exceed
in my strength building efforts for better sports performance! Obviously I knew that I could not possibly look like that in my lifetime, however my inspiration was better to aim at the Sky and hit the Sun vs aiming for the moon and hitting a mountain...
    Then it was Arnold: Conan, Commando, Bruce Lee, Stallone: Rocky , Rambo, The Rock: Scorpion King, Hercules, Wrestling etc.
You may have noticed that most of my blog is dedicated to these guys! Thats because they are just soooo inspiring and motivating to me.

     So have these icons created a negative body image for young people to look at?
No way.... if anything they have provided a "Positive Role Model" for the human physique. The Human brain works from pictures,typically we
mimic our parents in learning how to walk, talk, run, develop habits, well these muscular physiques provide a perfect image of what we
may obtain. A picture of whats possible . A Goal to achieve. The proverbial carrot on the stick ...
    These and other physically enhanced action figures are providing inspiration to millions of kids nation wide who may one day
take up weight training for sports enhancement, fitness , cardio vascular health , and as a side effect of that a positive self image .

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