The Wolverine New Movie Trailer 2013

The New Wolverine Movie Trailer starring none other th.. Opens July-26-2013                

Wolverine Hi-Res Stills Have Blood Dripping From The Mutant's Claws  image
A summer blockbuster that’s based on a popular superhero franchise,  -- The Wolverine has kept its cards pretty close to its mutant vest. Fans haven’t seen a trailer for James Mangold’s upcoming sequel. Hugh Jackman has talked about the film, from the tone to the plot, but all we’ve had to get us psyched up for the thriller are a series of still photos shared over the past few weeks. No Super Bowl TV spot. No teaser trailers. Nothing. Yet.

A trailer finally will be attached to prints of G.I. Joe: Retaliation (in theaters on March 29), giving Wolverine fans their first idea of how the Knight & Day director is approaching one of the most important characters in the Marvel universe (who isn’t controlled by Marvel’s film arm). Will we like what we see? It’s possible, if the trailer makes good use of the imagery we’re getting from Total Film. These pics were scanned by ComingSoon. They continue to establish the Japanese setting of The Wolverine, and the hero’s berserker rage. Check out two more of them below, and click over for the full collection.

Keep in mind, photos from X-Men Origins: Wolverine probably looked pretty spectacular as fans geared up for the first standalone Wolverine movie that Jackman wanted to attempt. But in the context of a finished film, pre-release publicity shots don’t tell us much. Footage in a trailer will help prepare us for what’s in store, and yet, I’m of a conflicted mind. Part of me thinks Fox and Mangold have made it this far without fully showing what they have in The Wolverine, so why spill the beans now? Just save everything for when the movie opens in July. Marvel geeks have memorized the Frank Miller story on which Mangold and his team are basing this next adventure. And  Hugh Jackman can only tell us so many times that he’s finally going to get Wolverine right before fans just give up and stop supporting his noble efforts.

The Wolverine opens everywhere on July 26-2013.

Hugh Jackman delivers another Lean mean fighting machine: The Wolverine
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