New Superman Movie Trailer "Man Of Steel" #2

                                                  "Man Of Steel" Movie Trailer #2

          Star of "Immortals" Henry Cavill is the New Superman

                                        "Man Of Steel"  Opens June-14-2013

The truth is, it’s only been in recent times that the iconic character’s origins have been re-thought out in the comic book pages, much less on film. As such, there’s plenty of room for Zack Snyder’s reboot film, Man of Steel, to offer the world a modern and complex look at Superman like they’ve never seen before.

Judging from this Man of Steel trailer, what we’ll be getting is a mix of deep character exploration and the sort of big-budget blockbuster visuals you’d expect from a summer film crafted by Snyder (300Watchmen).
The story and script for the film come our way courtesy of  Dark Knight Trilogy creators Christopher Nolan and David S. Goyer, who are seemingly drawing from some recent Superman comic book story lines such as Mark Waid’s “Superman: Birthright” and Geoff Johns’ “Superman: Secret Origin” – both of which re-plotted the Man of Steel’s formative years – and decision to become a protector of the planet – within the context of the modern world.
Man of Steel will similarly delve into the period of time in which “Superman” wasn’t yet a persona adopted by Clark Kent/Kal-El (Henry Cavill), as the young man was still lost between his identity as a super-extraterrestrial and the all-too “human” son of Smallville, Kansas residents Ma and Pa Kent (Dian Lane and Kevin Costner). The arrival of Kryptonian General Zod (Michael Shannon), a militant figure from Superman’s home Krypton, presumably pushes Clark/Kal-El to a decision about which planet his loyalties (and considerable powers) are with.
After the disappointment  Superman Returns, a lot of moviegoers are still waiting on a film that can truly reconnect Superman with a wider cinematic audience; the question is: will Man of Steel be that movie?
What is seen here is certainly looks like it can be. Lets find out This June-14-2013
There are certainly going to be comparisons made between all of the actors who have portrayed the Character of Superman big screen movies. Christopher Reeves vs. Brandon Klouth vs. Henry Cavill. Who is your favorite?  Judging from the trailer the New Man of Steel looks fantastic. Although spanning over 3 decades hopefully Christopher Nolan can revive the comic book hero story line with today's cinematic prowess. Its great to finally see a formidable foe in The Man Of Steel , as in General Zod , at last a fellow Kryptonian with equal powers!!!  I believe the audiences have tired of the same old manipulating Lex Luthor who just so happens to get a hold of some Kryptonite!!
As we all know that the original Superman was a wonderful adventure the 2nd Superman was MUCH better! It looks like Chistopher Nolan has somehow woven those first 2 story lines as well as some new twists. I am sure the genius of Nolan and Snyder working together will put the New Superman up into the stratosphere box office wise.


'Man of Steel' Trailer Sparks New Questions
The New Superman "Man Of Steel" same Director as "300" and "The Watchmen"
and Produced by "The Dark Knight" Trilogy Christopher Nolan.

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