Top Growth Hormone Stimulating Substances Part 4

Foods for Super Fitness and Building Muscle.
 This is a formula that the sports fitness
guru, Bob Delmonteque, used.
Bob Delmontique at 79 years.
He is also a

naturopath and now is going on TV and radio to
promote your PowerMeal, Power Bar, and Ultra Young   

He is so turned on!
I have to tell you something that was kind of
amusing. When I was first introduced to him he
wanted the oils. I was going to send him the
Essential Seven and I thought, “No..that isn’t what
he’s doing. I’m going to send him the PowerMeal,
the Power Bar, and Ultra Young. When he received it in
the mail he got mad and he called up Kevin, the
gentleman who introduced him to me and said, “What
is going on? I get protein in the mail everyday. I am
so sick of this powdered protein never
works! Why did they send this to me!” So Kevin
called the next day and I said, “Kevin, tell Bob to try
it for just three days and if he doesn’t like it he can
throw it in the garbage and I will send him the
Essential Seven. But tell him to use it for at least
three days before I’ll send him the oils.”
Three-day Trial
In three days he called back and he said, “What
is this stuff! I’m addicted to it! I can’t believe what it
is doing to my body!”
In three weeks he was on the phone again and he
said, “Gary, I want to come to Utah and meet you.”
Last week he flew to Dallas to talk to our distributors
there. So not only is it a beautiful product, but it is
also a whole food.
I am going on to make some more things that are
going to be very exciting that you’ll see coming out
in December.

Have Allergies? Try PowerMeal
This is PowerMeal and we put a little rice
protein and amino acids with it. This formula here
gives you 18% protein per serving. It is absolutely
milk-free and soy-free. For those who enjoy soy and
milk products, you have the Body Balance and you
can use them back and forth, or you can mix them if
you desire.

Since so many people have soy allergies and
milk allergies, I wanted to make a complete vegetable
protein with nothing else..and now you have it. It is
really exciting! Steven Seagal endorsed this because
he motivated me to finish the project where he
wanted a total vegetarian protein.
Here’s your Sulfurzyme. And folks, again, if the
minerals are not balanced in your body, you are
going to have deficiencies in B vitamins and vitamin-
C. Sulfur also works together in helping metabolize
with your amino acids for protein for building the
muscle tissue and aids in the liver and bile secretion,
plays a part in metabolism, helps maintain pH
balance, and plays a role in insulin production,
promotes healthy hair and finger-nails. So you see
how all of this works together with the body and the
HGH in the body.
Cleansed Body, a Must!
You have to have complete balanced nutrition,
but you also have got to have a cleansed body. You
can’t build a house on a swamp, folks! That is why
the Cleansing Trio and JuvaTone are so essential to
your everyday well-being. You need to use those
products and go through at least 30 days three times a
year to keep the toxins down so your liver and all
your glands can function properly and you can have
the health and the youthfulness that you desire to
ComforTone for the colon, ICP for the small’s a multiple fiber blend, and everyone
of them contain the essential oils that now we know
are secretagogues precursors for our HGH. They are
very important, so utilize them.
Stay Young with UltraYoung
The formula that I want to share with you that is
Human Growth Hormone, Longevity, Foods for Fitness
available for order next week is called UltraYoung. It
is an oil infusion that you spray. What I did was I
took Wolfberry and extracted it into a concentrate.
Look at the absorption efficiencies (and this is the
reason that I changed the whole way I formulate)
because when you take a plant and dehydrate it (as we
do with herbs today in our modern processing), we
evaporate 98% of the oil out of the plant, and that is
the agent (the catalyst) that delivers the nutrients to
the cells.
That is the oxygen, and we take it out of the
plant. Then we put it in a pill and we get about 10%
absorption, at best. When I started with formulations
and I started putting essential oils back into the
formulas, then my absorption went up to 89%.
Where is Best Absorption?
According to the standard–if we look at it–a pill
is 10%, a gel cap 16%, transdermal patch 45%,
sublingual (meaning under the tongue) 50%,
intermuscular injection 80%, but an oral infusion
(spraying the buccal cavity in the mouth) is 90%! So
where is your best absorption? Right here! Right
inside the cheeks. Just open up your mouth big and
wide and spray it on the inside of the cheeks. That
will give you 90%+ absorption right there. Then take
a few deep breaths and hold..don’t swallow, because
that can give a little stimulus there to swallow. Give
it a few seconds to absorb and then go.
Because of this, I am looking at taking more oils
and going into the oral infusion sprays. We have
made three products now, UltraYoung with extract of
Wolf-berry concentration. With that I added more
arginine, more ornithine, more lysine, more
glutamine, more tryptophan, and thyrosine, more B-6, more zinc. Then I put in an oil that you have not
heard about yet.
New Hope for Hypopituitary Dwarfism
I am going to tell you about this oil: Eight years
ago I was in a little town called Teasdale,
Saskatchewan. Has anybody ever been there? I was
there eight years ago giving a little seminar and a
mother brought her son to see me. He was 12 years
old and he had hypo-pituitary dwarfism. He stopped
growing at the age of six.
She said, “Dr. Young, is there anything that can
be done?” I said “Other than the cadaver injections
(which they had at that time), no. And I really
wouldn’t recommend that. There have been a lot of
side effects even though there has been a lot of good
from it.”
At that time they were experimenting with the
new HGH injections made from DNA culture and
bacteria, etc. I said. “Let me see what I can do. I feel
there is an oil that has to help.” I was on my way to
Paris the next week to study. I met with a gentleman
there and learned about this oil. I brought it home. I
sent it to her and I said, “Give it to your son..three
drops twice a day under the tongue.”
Three months later he started to grow! He hasn’t
quite caught up to what should be his normal size–he
may never catch up totally because of the retardation
of the pituitary not working for a number of years–
but he is within a normal range.
I called up one of the doctors who conducted
research on this oil and I said, “Tell me what else you
know about this oil.” He said, “Gary, we did a
clinical study taking adolescents who had retarded
puberty (which is a human growth hormone factor.)
We administered this oil and everyone of them within
90 days were normal. Even where their organs
hadn’t grown, their organs grew to normal size!
Without question, we have documented effects
through the pituitary and human growth hormone
Conyza, New Oil on the Horizon
That oil is in the oral sprays and it is called
Conyza. It is in the UltraYoung. We also put Sandalwood
in the UltraYoung. Why? Because
Sandalwood is extremely high in sesquiterpenes. We
put Rosemary in there because it is an exciter of
limbic systems, and already we have had some fun
with this formula.
There are three gentlemen who own the
laboratory in San Diego who put it into the spray for
me. Of course, there was a lot of experimenting
going on for over three months while putting this
formula together and getting it to not only emulsify
without using synthetics to emulsify it, but also
getting it where it would hold and not separate. So
over the 3 months of working on it, they have
been spraying.

Exciting Weight Loss
The one gentleman, who is the president of the
company, flew to Dallas because he had been
spraying Ultra Young for 10 days. He is 70 years old and
he ran up the hall, onto the stage, excited to announce
that he had lost 7 pounds in the 10 days he had been
spraying it and never changed anything in his
lifestyle, exercise or diet.
I gave it to one of my good friends 2 days ago
and last night he drove to our house and he said,
“Gary, I can’t believe this. It is so incredible! Did
you know this is going to be for weight control!”
Human Growth Hormone, Longevity, Foods for Fitness.
I said, “That’s not what I made it for, Ron.” He
said, “It doesn’t matter. It works! I am not hungry. I
am usually ravished in the afternoon and I didn’t have
any appetite, no desire to eat. I just sprayed it inside
my mouth!”
Energy Up, Muscle Up, Fat Down!
Well, if you don’t are going to lose
weight, but it’s so exciting! Your energy will come will notice that right away. I am not going to
say it is going to work for everybody for fat loss, and building Muscle.
Not one thing works the same for everybody within in
nature, we know that. But I will tell you this: If you
do the things to clean your body and if you do the
things necessary to feed your body and balance your
endocrine system, you will gravitate to the perfect
point. That is a promise, particularly if you engage
some Muscle Building exercise with it!
A few weeks ago we were in San Diego. A little
gal came up and just grabbed me and hugged me with
tears running down here cheeks and she said, “Gary, I
have just got to tell you. I just can’t contain myself!”
She was crying and I could tell she was pretty
touched She said, “Look at me..” She was a large
lady (short, but large) and I said, “You look
wonderful!” And she said, “But look at me!” I
didn’t know what she was trying to say. She said, “I
have lost 84 pounds since January! I am a diabetic..I
was shooting 90 units of insulin a day and I am only
taking 30 today!”
I said, “Mary, what are you doing?” She said, “I
am doing PowerMeal, I am using BodyLite AM and
PM and I use the Wolfberry Bars for snacks instead of
candy. I walk for one hour in a wading pool three
times a week. That’s it!” It is so easy to do it..if you
just do it. The tools are there, folks!
Get a Diffuser!
Another thing. Please, if you don’t have a
diffuser in your home so you can improve the air
quality in your home, then do it tomorrow. Sell you
television, sell your VCR, sell your toaster, rent out
your husband! What-ever it takes, get a diffuser in
your home and start protecting your body and your
family and making your home a better environment to
live in.
Start Diffusing the Essential 7
There are a whole regime of oils that we have
and we don’t have the time to go through them
tonight, but start with the Essential Seven kit. The
beautiful blend of Joy..that’s a beautiful place to start
for breaking up the chemicals in your home. Essential
oils literally will digest chemicals.
Pure Water is Imperative
Make sure you have pure water to drink. If you
don’t have a water filter, then order a Young Living
water bottle that has the filter in the top. We carry
one with us wherever we go in the world. In the
hotel we filter our water to brush our teeth with, we
filter our water to take our supplements, we filter our
water to mix our PowerMeal. It goes with us

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