Get More Growth Hormone Part 3

How Tri-Athlete Heather Butcher uses Wolfberry products for better performance
HMB Makes Breakthrough
Now, let’s go on: “HMB (beta-hydroxy betamethylbutyrate)
makes a breakthrough on health
maintenance..” according to noted researcher,
Richard Passwater. HMB showed that it lowered
total and LDL cholesterol levels in the blood. (What
does HGH do to the cholesterol in the blood?
Lowers it! Alright!)
“It helps strengthen the immune system while
building muscles and burning body fat. This news is
certainly of interest to body builders and other
athletes, but it may also become of interest to cancer,
AIDS and muscular dystrophy patients.”
Human Clinical Studies Completed
To date, four human clinical studies have been
completed, including a double-blind university study
at the American College of Sports Medicine in
Minnesota. Test subjects who used only three grams
of HMB–now this is not talking about Wolfberry, this
is talking about leucine, alright?–gained up to 300%
more lean muscle mass and experienced 295% in
strength gains.” That is in your Wolfberry kit. Let’s
go to the next one:
Now I am going to show you the hard clinical
research on Wolfberry as well. Another study:
“Consumption of Wolfberry leads to a strengthening
of immunglobulin A levels (a part of our immunity).
Because the decline of immunglobulin A is one of
the signs of aging, an increase in these levels
suggests that the Wolfberry may enable older cells to
Let’s go on: “Powerful antioxidant. As we grow
older, the levels of lipid peroxide..“ (What is lipid
peroxide: It is free radicals, oxidization of the blood,
causing your blood to age from loss of oxygen.)
“Lipid peroxide in our blood increases (as we
Human Growth Hormone, Longevity, Foods for Fitness.

Wolfberry and Longevity

grow older it increases) while the levels of healthprotecting
anti-oxidants, like superoxide dismutase
(SOD) decrease. In a clinical study of people who
consumed Wolfberry, the SOD in the blood increased
48% while hemoglobin increase 12%. Even better,
lipid peroxide levels dropped 65%.”
Wolflberry and Tumor Growth
Look at this one: “Can Wolfberry inhibit tumor
growth? From July 1982 to January 1984,
registration number 870303.”
I got so excited in my discoveries with
Wolfberry I sent Sue home in March while I was in
Turkey. I said, “Sue, go get us some information..”
and she brought this information back.
Gary Young Founder Young Living Essential Oils, picking Wolfberries.

number 870303.” The Ningxia Institute of Drug
Inspection conducted a clinical experiment using
multi-index screening. Their conclusion was..”that
fruits and pedicels of Wolfberry were effective in
increasing white blood cells, protecting the liver, and
relieving hypertension. The extract of Wolfberry
fruits inhibited tumor growth in mice by 58%, and the
protein of Wolfberry displayed an insulin-like action
(it’s called an insulinoid compound) that was
effective in promoting fat decomposition and
reducing blood sugar.”
Can Wolfberry reverse the aging? (Are you
ready?) “A clinical experiment by the Ningxia
Institute (Registration number 870306, from October
1982 to May 1985. Professor Chao was responsible
for this)..
”studied the effects of Wolfberry on the blood of aged
volunteers. The results were published by the State
Scientific and Technological Commission of China,
and the authors concluded that the Wolfberry caused
the blood of older people to noticeably revert to a
younger state.” That’s in your PowerMeal, Ningxa Red , Ningxa-Nitro, Ultra-Young folks.
That’s in your Sulfurzyme. That’s in your Children’s
Chewables, in your Goji Berry Tea. That’s in your
Power Bar, that’s in your Cardiacare formula. 
Dried Wolfberries.

Dramatic Effects with Wolfberry Products
We will show you what happened to a young
man who took PowerMeal, Be-Fit and Wolfberry
Bars for three weeks. In that period of time he gained
1½" on his chest and an inch on each arm. This man
Bob Delmontique is 79 years old ! This picture is before he went on
PowerMeal. This next picture was three weeks after
the PowerMeal. Look at the muscle just
three weeks!
He was the co-director for the movie
program called "Bay Watch".
This girl right here is drinking PowerMeal. She
is 42 years old and the mother of three. Bob has got
the entire Hollywood set turned on to PowerMeal and Wolfberry Bars.

You Have all the Tools..Aging is an Option
The reason I share this with you is not only what
it did for a man 79 years of age, but to show you that
aging is an option, not a requirement. “Young Living
has found the secrets of youthfulness.” And you
have all the tools in your hands to have life, good
health and longevity for as long as you desire to have
it. And when you take the products and you use the
oils and you diffuse them in your home, you keep
those receptor sites clean of toxins. You keep them
oxygenated so they can secrete the secretogogues for
the anterior pituitary, and the receptor sites can be
awakened to take it into the body, and you use
Juvatone to keep your liver clean. The PowerMeal is
going to help that liver to balance the pancreas, and
the only other one you have to worry about is your
thyroid gland, and Thyromin is the product that feeds
your thyroid and protects your immune system as
Oils for the kidneys are Juniper, Rosemary,
Gera-nium, Lemongrass. And there is a formula
called K&B, it is an herbal tincture with the oils in it
for the thymus and for the kidneys.
CardiaCare for Cardiac Problems
Here is the Cardiacare formula right here. We
put Rhododendron Caucasicum in here with the
Why? Because the people of the Republic of Georgia
eat Rhododendron everyday and they do not have
incidence of cardiac problems. Rhododendron has
been found to reverse cardiac disease and
deficiencies. Of course, you know about Hawthorne
Berry and what it will do and how it has been used
traditionally for many, many years. CoQ-10 is there
for strengthening the individual cells in the heart
tissue and Chinese Wolfberry for the protein, the
amino acids and the cardiovascular support. Also
included is Magnesium, vitamin-E, and the essential
oils of Helichrysum, Lemon, Ylang Ylang (which has
been used a lot for cardiac problems, such as
tachycardia, arrhythmia, palpitations. It is a
regulator.) Marjoram helps to regenerate smooth
muscle tissue in the heart, Lemon dissolves
cholesterol and fats. Helichrysum, because it is a
natural hemostat and blood regulator, and it also
promotes the building of platelets and hemoglobin. It
is very powerful.
Children’s Chewables with Wolfberry
Human Growth Hormone, Longevity, Foods for Fitness.
There is the Children’s Chewables (or Master
Children’s), the only vitamin in the world right now
today with Wolfberry in it. Can adults eat it?
Absolutely! Wolfberry is such a profound product
and I am so grateful that Professor Chao shared that
little piece of information with me five years ago. It
has been a five-year project in now only getting to
know the people in Inner Mongolia who were related
to Professor Chao and his daughter, Sue. They have
given us an exclusivity on the Wolfberry crops and
production and to be able to bring it here to the
United States and to be able to formulate it and learn
how to utilize it.
I have just developed a brand new product that
will be available for order tomorrow.
Here is the Goji Berry Tea with the Wolflberry,
Cat’s Claw, Nopal, Ginseng and the essential oils of
Lemon, Peppermint, Spearmint, all sesquiterpene activators.
There’s the Power Bar with Wolfberry,
amaranth, and almonds. We have an almond bar that
will be available by the first of November, an almond
Wolfberry Bar, as well as the peanut Wolfberry Bar
that is available now.

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 The information provided here is for educational purposes only
 and is not intended as diagnosis, treatment, or prescription for
 any disease. The decision to use, or not to use, any of this
 information is the sole responsibility of the reader.


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