Stimulating Growth Hormone part 2

Obesity Indicates HGH Deficiency
Now, let’s look at a few more things I haven’t
brought up yet..this may interest you also. One of the
biggest deficiencies that we can recognize early in life
with human growth hormone is obesity..abdominal
and visceral fat. When there is adequate human
growth hormone, it facilitates the body in
decomposing and melting fat. Isn’t that interesting! How many
of you have worked and worked and worked trying to
get rid of fat and just can’t succeed?

You see, after my accident I had a little bit of an
excuse because I had my skull split open in three
places and scar tissue on the brain and the pituitary
and the whole limbic system damaged from the
concussion that left me in a coma for three weeks. So
when people say to my wife, “Why does your
husband act that way?” She says, “You’ll have to
forgive him. He’s been hit in the head!” So I have an
excuse for my behavior!

What I want to share with you is that when I was
in the hospital I ballooned up to 198 pounds. When
you spend almost a year on your back staring at the
ceiling, it doesn’t do a whole lot for your physical
fitness and well-being. And when you spend another
year in a wheelchair–and basically off and on for
three years–and for 13 years having very little activity
because you are not physically able to, it is very
difficult to lose weight because it takes activity; it
takes exercise, it takes momentum for the body to
burn fat.

But when you have an imbalanced chemistry, it
is impossible, folks. That is why you can go on all
these fad diets and fasts and starvation programs or
whatever and you will lose 10 or 15 pounds or 20
pounds on a crash program and it will come back the
next morning! And you finally get to the point where
you say, “It just isn’t worth it anymore!”
Does anyone ever feel that way? Me too. And
after 25 years of having an inner tube right here–I
didn’t even have to put on a life tube to go on the
ocean–I got out there and I looked like a buoy. I just
floated from the waist up! I couldn’t get rid of it. I
could fast, I could jog, I could work out in the gym
and I would lose weight in my legs. I would lose
weight in my upper body. Through my accident I lost
5" off my chest, I lost 2" off my arms. I had total
body wasting..and it never came back except right
It Finally Happened for Me!
But folks, I have lost 5" off my waist since
December! I have gained 4" back on my chest since
January, I have gained an inch back on my arms since
January. I’ll tell you how..and it’s dealing with
human growth hormones being back in operation. I
am going to show you that in a moment, but I want to

take you through a few more reels first.
Lemon and Sesquiterpenes
Let’s go to Lemon oil. Look at
it..sesquiterpenes! Anti-infectious. Let’s jump up
here to what the doctor is prescribing it for:
respiratory infections, insomnia, insufficiency in the
veins, phlebitis, thrombosis..there we go again!
Cardiovascular system.
It gives tremendous support to the immune
system. Why? It is because it increases the vitamin-
B-like action for microcirculation and it also helps
promote lymphocytes. But look at this right here:
Anti-diabetic..kind of interesting. That is Lemon oil.
You can take a lemon and peel it and squeeze the
juice out of the rind and get your lemon oil. How
many of you have taken a pair of pliers and squeezed
the rind and popped those oil sacks? That’s where
the oil comes from.
Peppermint and Sesquiterpenes
Peppermint..look at what is here.
Sesquiterpenes! And we come down here, and there
are coumarins again. We look at what the doctor
prescribes it for..liver and pancreas insufficiencies.
What happens if you have a human growth hormone
deficiency? What two organs have to be in play?
Liver and pancreas!
Human Growth Hormone, Longevity, Foods for Fitness.

Look at this: Peppermint for insufficiencies in
liver and pancreas. Isn’t that exciting! It is real
science, folks. We are not talking about folklore
medicine here..we are talking about real science and
that is what gets exciting..seeing what really has been
Eradicating the ‘Itis’ Brothers..
Then there are some other things that may be
important to you: the stomach, intestinal, gastrointestinal,
dyspepsia , vomiting..all kinds of things.
There is colitis, hepatitis, cystitis, rhinitis, sinusitis,
laryngitis. Peppermint absolutely gets rid of all the
‘itis’ brothers! They are like the Dalton gang, and
Peppermint just takes them out! Why? Because it is
building your immune system. It is possibly
promoting your HGH to go through the conversion
processes that support your entire body and do what it
is supposed to do naturally. It also improves visual
acuity, sciatic problems, viruses of the nerves.

Peppermint is really great for stimulating the
nerves..just simple Peppermint oil
Three Basic Oils - Don’t be Without Them!
There three oils I have just shared with you:
Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint are in your
Essential 7 kit. Do you understand why I call it
the ‘Essential 7 ?’ Yes! You cannot be without
them. You have Lavender in one pocket and
Peppermint in the other pocket..and you have Lemon
in your purse or your wallet. And don’t go anywhere
without it!
Diffuse it in your home. Now, we can’t go out
and change the air pollution in our world today–we
know that–but what we can do is change the type of
air that we are breathing in our homes and in our
offices and work places, can we not? Absolutely!
You put that diffuser in your home; you put it in your
work place, and you diffuse oils every day because
you don’t to be breathing those compounds of the
toxic environment that are blocking your receptor
People have said to me, “Gary, how is it that you
never get sick?” (I think it’s because disease can’t
find us!) But why am I alive? Why am I going?
How do I have the energy to do what I do? My wife
and I, in the last 48 hours, have had 2½ hours
sleep..and that’s almost normal!
Are You Sleeping Too Much?
I think that people sleep too much. When I had
my clinical practice and was into all the studies and
statistics and all that jazz, I read an article that said
the average teenager in America sleeps 52%!
The average adult sleeps 48% of their life.
Think about it, if that’s true, you have to be 65 before
you have been awake for 30 years! Talk about
missing out on life! The statistics are in the United
States that 82% of the people die in bed.
That’s why I
don’t spend very much time there! It’s hazardous to
your health!
Rejuvenate during 4th Phase of Sleep
If you are doing the things that are right–and I
will share something else with you, and you all know
this–there are 4 stages of sleep, and in the fourth
stage of sleep your body will totally regenerate in two
hours. You can absolutely, totally rejuvenate in two
hours! But there are very, very many humans on the
planet who never get past the second stage of sleep or
even get to the second stage of sleep. Some of the
Tibetan Lamas and the Monks who live in the high
country, they practice. They’ll snooze for 20 minutes
and they are good for another 15 hours! These are
some things to think about.
How About Living for 120 Years?
Now, let’s go look at something else that is very
exciting. I want to share with you the greatest
breakthrough in nutritional history. How many of
you believe that you are designed to live 120 years
and beyond? I have had people say to me, “Well, I
don’t want to live that long! I have suffered enough
in my life.”

Well, it’s time to quit suffering and get on with
life. Here is the thing that is important to us: Nobody
wants to live a life of suffering, but just think, if you
could have maximum health, optimal health,
wouldn’t you love to live another 200 years? That’s
my belief.
I have had people say, “Well, Gary..what’s
going to happen to Young Living if something
happens to you?” And I have said, “Don’t worry
about it!” Everyone of us when we were put on this
earth, were given a certain amount of things to do and
I am so far behind, it will take another 100 years to
catch up! So it’s job security. And here is what is
exciting..when we look throughout the world, there
are people who do live well beyond 100 years.
Four Groups with Great Longivity
Let’s look at four different groups of people I
have studied: The Tarahumari Indians in Durango,
Mexico have a life expectancy of 105 years, and
many live to be 120-140, but average is 105.
The Georganian people in the former Republic
Human Growth Hormone, Longevity, Foods for Fitness.

of Soviet Georgia..their average life is 120. Many
live to 160, but the average is 120.
How about the Hunzacutt people? They have an
average life expectancy of 130 years, but many have
been recorded to be 170.
How about the Inner Mongolian people on the
West Elbow Plateau in China who have a life
expectancy of 120 years with many of them living to
140 or 150. So you see, really does happen
How many of you have read about Dr. Lei in
China who passed away not too many years ago. He
lived to be 253 or 256 years old! He was an herbalist
and one of the first ones to use essential oils. This
doctor also was documented to have grown three sets
of teeth during that time! He also had 24 wives! If he
had one wife..he would still be alive!
Ingredients for Producing HGH
Folks, remember what I said earlier. There are
certain ingredients that are required nutritionally for
the body to produce HGH. Number one is oxygen to
the limbic system, the endocrine system, and the
brain; number two arginine, L-glutamine, ornithine,
tryptophan, lysine, B-6, zinc, potassium,

Some Secrets of Chinese Wolfberry
Well here is Chinese what in
the world is Chinese Wolfberry for? Let’s look at it
for a second. This comes from the National Science
Institute: ”The people discovered a region on the
West Elbow Plateau of the Yellow River in Inner
Mongolia where people lived to be 120 years old, 20
to 40 years longer than the average person in the same
region. It happens where there are walking specimens
of health with little incidence of cancer, arthritis,
AIDS, or lupus.”
At this point they said, ‘little incidence,’ but the
truth of the fact is they never found someone with a
history of ever being sick, but science won’t accept they say, ‘little incidence.’ What is the little
incident? The quote continues: “These villagers share
one common trait that distinguishes them from all
others. They consume Wolfberries daily and are
predominantly vegetarians. For years, the native
Chinese have traditionally attributed many benefits to
Wolfberry, claiming it protects liver function...”
(What organ is effective for growth hormone.?
The Liver!) “It replenishes vital essences, improves
visual acuity, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol..”
(and what happens when there is a deficiency of
human growth hormone, HGH? Elevated cholesterol
and high blood pressure.)

More Attributes of Wolfberry
Quoting again: “The Wolfberry was also said to
strengthen muscles and bones, stimulate the heart,
and work as an aid to treat diabetes..” (Now another
thing I didn’t mention with HGH deficiency is
muscle wasting and bone density decrease.
Osteoporosis.) “The big question was, ‘Could these
attributes be substantiated in controlled studies?’”
(Are you ready..) “According to a report by the
State Scientific and Technological Commission of
China, the Wolfberry contains compounds known as
lysium polysacharrides.”
(Now let me share something else that might
excite you a little bit..) “The number one compound
found to be the dominant secretagogues from the
hypothalamus to anterior pituitary is polysacharrides
which have been researched for their effects on
immune function.”
More Than a Complete Food
“In one study involving a group of cancer
patients, the Wolfberry triggered an increase in both
lymphocytes, transformation rate, and white blood
cell count, measures of immune function. In another
study of a group of 50 people with low white blood
cell counts the Wolfberry increased phytocytosis,
another index of immune function. Chinese
Wolfberry, known as Lycium barbarum, by botanists,
and as the Goji Berry by the native Chinese, is more
than just a complete food.”
(Look at this, folks..) ”It is a vitamin and
mineral- filled antioxidant that contains over 13%
protein by weight. According to the Natural Science
Institute in Beijing, the Wolfberry has more beta
carotene than carrots and nearly as much protein as
bee pollen and as much vitamin C as oranges. It also
contains 21 trace minerals, vitamin-B1, vitamin-
B2..”(and what was the vitamin I said was necessary
for HGH?) “..B-6. In the mineral profile is zinc,
potassium, magnesium, and vitamin-E. The
Wolfberry also has a high concentration of the
branched-chain amino acids..”
PowerMeal, Power-packed with Wolfberry
Now I haven’t told you about this one yet, have
I? Folks, this is what started me studying in March.
Remember, I said I lost the 5" and gained inches
here. Well, at the end of January when the holidays
were over, I said to my sweetheart..”I am going to
start doing the PowerMeal and see if I notice
My body is fairly sensitive and if something is
Human Growth Hormone, Longevity, Foods for Fitness.

going to go on, I will notice it. So I started drinking
the PowerMeal morning and night. Not every night..I
would miss sometimes, but two to three nights a week
I would do it twice a day. I took it every morning
religiously. When I went to the university to go to
school in Turkey in March I drank it three times a day
because I was cramming. I logged 121 study hours
at the university in 2½ weeks.
Changes Occurred with Wolfberry Diet
I didn’t have time to eat, so I drank the Power-
Meal everyday, ate the Wolfberry Bars, and drank my
Goji Berry Tea. I had some fruit and some vegetables
I would get at the market, and that’s how I lived
while I was there. That is when I started to notice the
weight changes and the structural changes in my
body. In the second week I got up one morning and
put a shirt on that I hadn’t worn for a few months..and
I couldn’t button it! I had to change the shirt. I
thought, “Golly, I wore this shirt a few months ago
and it wasn’t tight.” Then I put my britches on and I
pulled my belt up a few notches. I thought, “Wow,
this is interesting!”
I called my sweetheart because I knew this: I
knew that there is an amino acid called leucine, and
leucine converts to beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate,
and those compounds burn fat and build lean muscle.
So I called my sweetheart and said, “Honey, could
you get hold of Sue..”
(For those who don’t know Sue, I will tell you
quickly how this all came about:) Sue taught at the
University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah where the
first heart transplant took place in 1962. It is a
fabulous university. She was teaching Biochemistry
there. Her father, Professor Chao, was the man who
originated the research on Wolfberry at the Natural
Science Institute in Beijing, China. He was there on a
special teaching assignment five years, heard about
the work I was doing on essential oils, and came out
to visit me. After we talked, he said, “Gary, you need
to know about Wolfberry. You need to incorporate it.
It is a fabulous food.”
Quest for Wolfberry..
I started my quest then working on Wolfberry.
But China put a ban on all research on Wolfberry
leaving there, so we didn’t know a whole lot about it.
We couldn’t get a whole lot of information, but I
knew my amino acids, so I called and said, “Get Sue
because Gary wants to know about leucine in
Wolfberry. Is there very much of it in there?”
I called back the next day and was told there are
530 milligrams of leucine in Wolfberry per serving!
The other amino acids that were similar in quantity
are arginine, L-glutamine, and guess what was the
third one..ornithine. Isn’t that exciting!
More Weight Loss and Muscle Gain
Do you know what else? Not only did I lose
some inches here–and I am still losing–I am gaining
inches back. I am gaining muscle mass back that I
have not had for 25 years, That’s the best part! I have also lost 22 pounds.
That is kind of fun!.
My wife said "It is fun because
when you get a little more streamlined, you are

5 Scientific Breakthroughs Discovered for Building Muscle and Torching Fat


Human Growth Hormone, Longevity, Foods for Fitness.
Word or Phrase Page Number
Absorption, maximum for supplements 9
American College of Sports Medicine 7
Tests done on HMB 7
Amino acids necessary 3,7
Arginine 3,6,7,10
Glutamine 3,6,7,10
Leucine 7
Lysine 6,10
Ornithine 3,6,7,10
Thyrosine 10
Tryptophane 6,10
Arteriosclerosis, #1 killer in America 1,3
Beta-hydroxy Beta-methylbutyrate (HMB) 7
Attributes of 7
Bob Delmonteque, sports fitness guru 9
Three-day trial on Wolfberry products 9
Cadaver injections for HGH 10
Cancer, help for 1
Chinese Wolfberry, attributes of 6,7,8,10
Complete food 6
Contains polysacharrides 6
Dramatic effects with use 8
First plants in Utah 12
Co-Q-10 in CardiaCare 8
Coumadin, prescription drug 3
Coumarins in Lavender 3,4
Dental care 11
Depression, help for 1
Dietary considerations 3
Majority are hypoglycemic 3
Sugar eaters 3
Diabetic experience with UltraYoung 11
Diffusing oils 5,11
Eliminate toxic environment 5,8
Dr. Gary Young 1-12
Body changes with Wolfberry products 7
Experience after accident 4
Job security 5
Energy increase with UltraYoung 10
Endocrine system, if it worked right 2,10
Be like Noah 2
Essential oils, real science 4
Digest chemicals 11
Don’t be without them 5
Start with Essential Seven 11
Used by Dr. Lei 6
Exercise needed 10
Glands, anterior pituitary 8,10
Thyroid 8
Heart disease, #1 killer 3
Word or Phrase Page Number
Human Growth Hormone (HGH) 1,2,3,9
Amazing medically proven plan 2
Book, Growing Young with HGH 2
How it functions in the body 2
Ingredients for producing 6
Master hormone in human body 2
Nutritional aspects of 3
Prevents cancer 2
Prevents diabetes 2
Promoted by Peppermint 5
Regulates blood sugar 2
Sustains immune function 2
What do you know about it? 1
Human Growth Hormone deficiency 2,3,4
Body wasting 4
Cause of arteriosclerosis 2
Cause of heart disease 2
Compromised immune system 2
Depression 2,3
Decreased HDL cholesterol 2
Elevated LDL cholesterol 2
Imbalanced chemistry 4
Obesity, osteoporosis 4,6
Plaque and catarrh in body 2
Recognize the symptoms 2
Hypopituitary dwarfism 2,10
Hypothalamus gland, functions of 2,3
Oxygen deficiency causes compromise 3
Immune system/function 1,3,5,6,8
Insulin-like growth factor (IGF) 3
‘Itis’ brothers, arthritis, hepatitis, etc. 5
Longevity, why ancients had it 3,5,6,8
Dr. Lei in China 6
Hunzacutt people, Inner Mongolia 5,6
Tarahumari Indians, Georganians 5,8
Vegetarian lifestyle 6
Mastectomy, too many 1
National Geographic reports 1
National Science Institute, research center 6
Wolfberry research 7
Nerves, stimulation of 5
Ningxia Institute of Drug Inspection 8
Clinical experiments on Wolfberry 8
Nutrient factors 3
Fad diets 4
B-6 3,6,10
Breakthrough in 5
Magnesium 3,6
Potassium 3,6
Zinc 3,6
Word or Phrase Page Number
Old is an option 4,10
Oxygen, necessary for producing HGH 6,9
To limbic, endocrine, brain 6
pH Balance, maintained by Sulfurzyme 9
Human Growth Hormone, Longevity, Foods for Fitness.
Importance in soil 11
Pineal gland 3
Pituitary gland (anterior) secretes HGH 1,3
Pollution, industrial, blocks receptors 3
Professor Chao, father of Sue 7,8
Originated Wolfberry research 7,8
Prozac, #1 prescription drug 1,3
Receptors, functions of 3
Blocked by pollution 3,5
Unblocked by diffusing oils 8
Reverse aging process 8
Rhododendron cacucasicum (Wolfberry) 8
Richard Passwater, Researcher on HMB 7
Secretagogues 2,8,9
Sesquiterpenes increase oxygen 3,4,10
In Lemon oil 4
In Peppermint oil 4
Word or Phrase Page Number
Sleep, are you getting too much? 5
4th stage practiced by Lamas/Monks 5
4 stages of sleep 5
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, toxic chemical 11
Results of use 11
In all personal products 11
State Scientific & Tech. Comm. of China 6,8
Steven Segal, endorsed PowerMeal 9
Sue Chao, YL Scientist 7,8,12
Superoxide dismutase (SOD) 7
Thyroid gland, must function properly 3
Tumors, help for 1
Visual acuity, improved by Peppermint 5
Water, must be pure 11
Aging is dehydration 11
Weight loss, muscle gain 7,10,11
Young Living Essential Oils 8
Farm in Utah 11,12
Essential Oils and Products Page Number
BeFit 8,9
Sports fitness 9
BodyBalance 9
CardiaCare, for cardiac problems 8
Ingredients in 8
Children’s Chewables 8
Cleansing Trio 9
Comfortone for the colon 9
Coniza, new oil discovery 10
Dentarome and Dentarome Plus 11
Benefits of 11
Essential Seven Kit 5,9
Frankincense 1
Anti-catarrhal 1
Anti-depressant 1
Anti-tumoral 1
Chemical constituents in 1
Cicatrson, prevents scar tissue 1
Contains sesquiterpenes 3
Cures ills from gout to broken head 1
Expectorant 1
Holy anointing oil 1
Essential Oils and Products Page Number
Immuno-stimulant 1
Medical textbook information on 1
Mentioned in Bible 1
Recognized by Catholics/Moslems 1
Fresh Essence Mouth Wash 11
Attributes of 11
Geranium for kidneys 8
Goji Berry Tea 7,8,9
Ingredients in 9
Helichrysum for cardiac problems 8
ICP, fiber food 9
Joy for diffusing 11
Juniper for kidneys 8
Juvatone, to keep liver clean 8,9
K&B formula for kidneys 8
Lavender 3
Anti-coagulant 3
Cardiatonic 3
Essential Seven Kit 5
Lemon and sesquiterpenes 4,9
Anti-diabetic 4
Anti-infectious 4
Cardiac problems 8
Essential Oils and Products Page Number
Essential Seven Kit 5
Promotes lymphocytes 4
Supports cardiovascular system 4
Supports immune system 4
Lemongrass for kidneys 8
Marjoram for smooth muscle tissue 8
Peppermint and sesquiterpenes 4,9
Builds immune system 5
Essential Seven Kit 5
Improves visual acuity 5
Promotes HGH 5
Rids ‘Itis’ Brothers 5
Human Growth Hormone, Longevity, Foods for Fitness.
Stimulates nerves 5
Supports liver and pancreas 4
PowerMeal, Total Food 6,7,8,9
Complete vegetable protein 9
Power of 9
Rosemary for kidneys 8
Exciter of limbic system 10
Sandalwood in UltraYoung 10
Spearmint in Goji Berry Tea 9
Sulfurzyme 8,9
Maintains pH balance 9
Thyromin for thyroid gland 8
UltraYoung, oil infusion spray 9
Wolfberry Bar 7,8,9
Ylang Ylang as heart regulator 8
Young Living Water Bottle 11

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