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What is the Genus Species? Origanum majorana
Where is the name derived from? Origanum comes from a Greek words "oros" and "ganos" meaning "joy of the mountains".
Why is this information so important? Its not, it's just a fun fact!
What Part of the Plant is Used? Leaves
What is the ORAC Value:? 130,900 ┬ÁTE/100g
Why know about this number? ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. It tells you the antioxidant capacity of a food item. Antioxidants have shown to reduce the risk of age related conditions and cancer! This was developed by the USDA researchers. For instance: Spinach = 1,400; Clove = 1,078,700. Wow! The number for clove is NOT a typo!

Why is this information important? It is always important to know the genus species of a plant when using and purchasing essential oils.
There are over 30 different species of Marjoram including pot marjoram and wild marjoram. Origanum majorana is sometimes referred to as "Sweet Marjoram".
Remember, even though species may share some similar properties they are not at all the same, and may not even have medicinal usage. Therefore, just knowing the common name of a plant is usually not enough information.
It has also been reported that Thymus mastichina is often sold under the name marjoram or wild marjoram. So again, do not be confused or mislead by these companies.

Most Interesting Historical Reference?
Did you know that the Romans called marjoram the "herb of happiness"?
What are the Plant Properties? Antispasmodic, antibacterial, anti-infectious, anti-fungal, antiseptic, diuretic, digestive stimulant, arterial vasodilator, diuretic, expectorant, mucolytic, sedative, tonic, promotes peristalsis.
What are the Documented Benefits of Marjoram and Uses? Arthritis, asthma, blood pressure (regulates), bronchitis, circulatory disorders, colic, cramps, constipation, insomnia, migraines, menopausal problems, rheumatism, reduce water retention, whooping cough, muscular cramps and spasms, aches and pains, sprains.
Kurt Schnaubert, PhD, noted that marjoram essential oil could replace tea tree essential oil if one needed a change from the strong scent of tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia essential oil).
What is the Aromatic Affect on the Mind? It is mentally strengthening and relaxing. Calms the nerves. Spicy scent and woody.
What is the Spiritual Influence? It is interesting that the Greeks and the Romans associated marjoram with not only love and happiness, but also with transition through physical death.
Death is also a metaphor for transformation which is the key here. Therefore, those who are experiencing the opposite feelings such as disconnected, insecure, unsupported can transform those feelings with the assistance of marjoram oil.
As we release negative feelings and we become more balanced, we are able to accept and love ourselves more fully and restore our power to ourselves.
What Chakra is Affected? The heart and solar plexus chakras.
What is the corresponding Chakra Color? Green.
How to use it? can be used straight or diluted with Olive oil.
  • Apply several drops (2-4) on location
  • Apply to chakras/vitaflex points, (ears or feet)
  • Directly inhale,
  • Diffuse, or
  • May be used as a dietary supplement, by placing a drop in an empty capsule,take with a meal if you dont like the after taste, or on the insides of the cheeks if you do, for maximum absorption.
  • Massage into sore muscles, take hot shower or bath.
What are the Safety Precautions? First, only use therapeutic grade essential oils! Marjoram essential oil has no known contraindications. It is Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS). It is approved by the FDA for use as a Food Additive (FA).
Pregnant women should use this oil with caution.
Found In: M-Grain, R.C.
Companion Products For Hemodilation: Lavender, Lemongrass, Idaho Balsam Fir, Ultra Young or Endogize, (because of Marjoram and Lavender's sedative properties use for Post-Workout.)

Want to Purchase Therapeutic Marjoram Essential Oil?
Tips and Testimonials from an Essential Oil User
Massage a drop or two into tense muscles After your workout or to relieve a tension headache.

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