Kai Greene vs, Phil Heath Mr. Olympia 2012

                              Current Mr. Olympia Phil Heath vs. 2nd place Kai Greene 2012
Although this is technically the same pose (Most Muscular) Phill Heath brings his arms out forward whereas Kai keeps his hands on his hips making his chest and arms look smaller. Phil has some huge traps and this pose highlights them, as Kai has been marked down for having smaller traps.

Here Phil clearly has bigger arms, thicker Pecs, and bigger legs, overall more defined as well.
                         This is so close. Phil Heath has slightly bigger arms but Kai's back is wider.

Kai Greene has  superior back double biceps. Kai's detailed back is astonishing,super wide and the Biceps are Mountain Peaked!! The only thing Phil  has here is larger traps and smaller waist...Their legs are very similar, but I give Kai the upper hand on this pose. Mr Olympia 2012.

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