Kai Greene 299 lbs Of Muscle Intensity

                         Kai Greene Bodybuilding Intensity Determination and Drive to win.

Kai Greene Biceps
                         Kai Greene 4 weeks out,weight 299 lbs and Chisled for the 2013 Mr.O          

                          Kai Greene Pumps up the Pecs with Cable crossovers and Tha 500 lb Bench!!
                                 How Does Kai Greene Get That Back!?!? Deadlifts of course...
                          Basic Bodybuilding Movements+Blood Sweat and Tears=Major Muscle
           How Kai Greene gets those Pecs....Dips....Dips And More Dips ...then Weighted Dips...

                                 Kai Gets it done in The Powerhouse Gym Back and Biceps.
Fierce-Intensity-Determination-Never-Give-Up-Balls-2-The-Wall-Heavy-Metal-Iron-Pumping-                                                                              Muscle

                               Kai Greene Bodybuilding Documentary "Overkill part 6"
     Kai Greene How To Build A Barn Door Back....Lots of Pull-ups
                                                            Kai Greene in "Generation Iron"

            Kai Greene 10 weeks out from 2013 Mr.Olympia , Intensity-Motivation-Dedication

                                                       Kai Greene + MuscleMeds = Muscle Mass

                                                Kai Greene definitely Not Average!

                                                                 Kai is on Fire!
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Kai Greene Workout Video Getting ready for the 2013 Mr.Olympia. Commentary by Kai describes his Bodybuilding Mind-set. Back Training and posing routine

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