Workout Warm Up

 Why Should I Warm Up?

Here's some solid fitness/relationship advice...

"Your body is a machine full of bio-mechanical power...

..but it's also like a good woman. Treat her well, be sensitive to how she's feeling and you'll reap all the rewards...ignore her and you'll be miserable!"

Being sensitive to your body's needs is the mark of a true bodybuilder. And warming up is a great example of taking care of it.

Get lazy with warm-ups and you'll likely be in for some pain...

Unfortunately, you may not realize it until your workout is over!

Remember it's called a "warm-up" for a reason. You prepare your muscles by WARMING THEM.

And no, stretching doesn't raise the temperature of your muscles.

In fact, stretches can REDUCE your potential lifting power.


Here's what I suggest:

Take a 2-minute jog on the treadmill to get your blood pumping and joints moving. Nothing crazy - just a 6 or a 7 for 2 minutes.
Then hop down, and do 15-20 pushups followed by 15-20 body-squats followed by 5-10 pullups.

Is your muscle temperature up now? Heart rate? 
Blood flowing? 


But it's still not enough.

Next you'll need to DIRECTLY warm up the muscle you're about to exhaust.

And here's where it gets a bit tricky...

You see, before you push any serious iron you need to push some less-serious iron first.

About half the original weight for half the reps is a good guideline to follow.

This gets those muscles and joints ready for the big lifts about to come.

If you're getting into extremely heavy weight though, it's a different story.

Say you're about to dead-lift 500 pounds.

You'll need to ramp yourself into it, for example lifting:

- 145lbs x5 
- 245lbs x4 
- 300lbs x2 
- 400lbs x1

...before the big 500.

Seem like a whole lot of nothing?

Well this prepares your muscles so as not to SHOCK them and cause injury.

Does that sounds like a lot of prep, and maybe you can just 'tough it out'?

Hang on cowboy, doing this will allow you to lift up to 25% MORE than if you hadn't warmed up!

25% MORE WEIGHT with a warm up!?

Considering it takes only a few extra minutes it's not a bad return on investment.

And you'll be rewarded with other benefits too...

Studies show warm muscles are more explosive, have enhanced coordination, increased oxygen flow, better metabolic activity, more flexible range of movement...

But most importantly, they're less likely to tear!

Use proper warm-ups to reach your body's full potential.

Train Insane or Remain the Same;)

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