101 Bodybuilding Tips from The Golden Era

Bodybuilding just ain't what it used to be.
It seems to have lost a ton of popularity over the past decade and frankly
I can see why.  Many strength competitors and athletes in general and 
even the functional fitness crowd cringe at the word "bodybuilding".

Although it's not true for all and it's a big stereotype you'll see a lot of
guys that only train "bodybuilding style" have big puffy muscles that look
great, but they can't do anything.
Hypertrophy and bodybuilding training has it's place, but if that's all you
do there can be some pitfalls.
When it's time to perform, the muscles lack any real world strength. They
look strong but they're not.  They can't move much weight in the gym and
if they are asked to do anything athletic they'll probably get hurt or have
no coordination.

This comes from isolating muscle groups in a limited range of motion.  
Once a typical bodybuilder is asked to use his body as a unit and step out
of the limited range of motion they've been working with for so long it's not
a pretty site.
Heck ya they look good.  But if you go back a few decades to the 50s, 60s,
70s and some of the 80s these "old school bodybuilders" were a different

This is why I love old school bodybuilding.  They used more of a powerbuilding
approach.  They would lift heavy with full body compound movements and
supplement their training with isolation and muscle pumping exercises.  It
gave them the best of both worlds.  
These guys were Power-Builders.  They were strong and they looked good.
Guys like Frank Zane, Charles Glass, Don Howorth, Chuck Sipes, Grionda,
Dave Draper, Larry Scott and even Arnold.

They could step on stage in a pair of posing trunks and still look manly because
when they went back to the gym they were benching over 500 lbs while squatting
and deadlifting in the 600s.
Many of these pros of the Golden Era or prime time of bodybuilding had their
own go to secret exercises and techniques.  You just don't see people of today
using these exercises anymore.  But if you look at the pics above, you have to
wonder why not?
You have to admit the physiques above look a lot better than some of the pros
of today.  Plus as we discussed these dudes were Actually Strong too!

This week I've been blogging out sample exercises from our new book,
101 Pro Bodybuilding Tips.  One of the first people I ever met online was a 
bodybuilding historian by the name of Dennis Weis who is the author of this new
release.  He lives in a remote area of Alaska and has been interviewing bodybuilding
legends, buying every book in existence and writing for the muscle mags almost his
entire life.
We are offering a sweet deal on the new book to the first 1000 customers. So far
758 copies have been sold.  If you've one of the first 1K to grab a copy you can
have it for less than $10.  
101-bodybuilding-tips  <----- Less Than $10 
Here's a small sample of what's revealed:
-The #1 squatting problem 99.9% of bodybuilders make and how if executed
properly, can INSTANTLY double your lower body gains.

-Why adding this "so-called" sissy exercise to your workout routine can
FORCE your body into an anabolic, muscle building FRENZY...page 22.

-The Inner-Outer Method to developing a rock hard body that demands
respect on page 28.

-The Gironda Style Cable Cross Over that gives you those peaking biceps
that make your peers think you had surgery to place baseballs in your arms.

-Get "Larry Scott's 2 Little Known Tricks for Better Calves" and get 9
different calf exercise variations that will make you look like an absolute
FREAK...page 55.

-Why The "Calf Symmetry 8-Point Plan is the key ingredient to well defined

-7 "Out of The Box" Trap exercises that will have all of your friends wondering
where your neck went...pages 57-60.

-The #1 Back Exercise needed to build wide lats to give you the hour
glass shape.

-How to get the "Christmas Tree" lower back for a more defined and ripped
body...pages 74-76.

-Have you ever tried a "superman dumbbell partial front raise"
to bring out the striations in your chest?  Now you can!

-14 "weird and explosive" Chest exercises that can add inches to your
chest in just a few months.

-4 "strange" shoulder exercises that are GUARANTEED to help you build
CANNON BALL DELTS...pages 105-114.

-The Charles Glass shoulder exercise that packs on slabs on rock solid
muscle to your shoulders in no time.

-Develop "HORSE SHOE" triceps with the 3-Way Atomic E-Z Bar Lying
French Press...page 138.

-Learn the 5 "odd" Triceps movements that will give you SLEEVE RIPPING
ARMS in under 8 weeks.

-Why This "ONE" old school muscle building biceps exercise will give you
the peak every time you flex.

-The Frank Menser recommended exercise for BULGING biceps...page 171.

-How to do 3 "crazy" forearm exercises for a more complete physique
and stronger grip strength.

-The rectangle fix for stronger forearms and biceps...page 182.

-The Joe Meeko abs exercise for a ripped mid section...194.

-How to do the "ab assault workout" to develop a stronger core almost

-One INSANE" abs exercise to perform with a BROOM that will get
YOU 6 Pack Abs in no time...page 195.

-The "EXACT" bodybuilding meal plan needed to get ripped and shredded
in literally just 8 weeks whether you weight over or under 200 lbs.

101 Pro Bodybuilding Tips consists of an almost endless quick-check-list
collection of the shortest, Most Explosively Powerful Exercise Tips &
commentary Ever Published. We like to call them CHERRY BOMBS
because of their EXPLOSIVE impact on muscle mass gains.

All of the following "how-to" Pro Bodybuilding exercise tips can be read
and understood in 3-5 minutes or less, many in 60 seconds.
Thanks for reading my blog rant today.  Enjoy the new release!! The publishers have been
working hard on this for months and they're proud to be able to offer it at such
a discounted initial release price.
Train Insane or Remain The Same


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