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Sylvester Stallone as Rocky has a Muscular Body sculpted into slabs of muscle and extremely low body fat, the best shape he was ever in during the entire movie franchise history.Here Sly portraits the American hero boxing champion in the famous scene from the end of Rocky-4.

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                             Sylvester Stallone muscles and rock body makes for a successful career including 6 total Rocky's, 4 Rambo films, Cliff Hanger, Demolition Man, The Expendables, Cobra, Tango & Cash, The Specialist, Judge Dredd, Copland,Get Carter, and many more.His physical body has progressively grown more impressive with each movie roll and now into his mid 60's Stallone is still in fantastic shape and continues to push himself to the very limits of human potential.
                                  Rocky 4 vs Ivan Drago, training and end of fight video.

The muscles of Dolph Lundgren "Ivan Drago" the Russian Body of Muscular development, Sylvester Stallone's workout partner for Rocky 4 has some excellent chest development for punching power!

Sylvester Stallone wanting to give the audience as real as a fight as he can deliver Stallone  has proven he can take a punch over and over, resulting in several cracked ribs, multiple contusions during the filming of Rocky 4

You know a punch is real when the sweat is flying off of the opponents face! As seen here as Sylvester Stallone delivers the final blow to enemy fighter Ivan Drago played by martial arts champion Dolph Lundgren

here Dolph Lundgren's muscled up body dwarfs Sylvester Stallone in sheer size, body weight, height, and muscular development, clearly some heavy hitting Hollywood muscle.
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     Ivan Drago is freakin huge. Probably the most developed Chest in Hollywood at the time, 2nd only to Arnold "Conan" of course. This Chest workout program included : flat, incline, decline bench press, dumbell flyes, dips, cable crossovers. 

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                       Rocky using a primitive form of the Military press for overall shoulder development. Training old school style in a Russian barn during the winter. Chopping wood , running in deep snow, and using makeshift weight resistance devices Rocky gets into the shape of his life pushing his body to the limit.

                                            Autographed Sylvester Stallone poster of Rocky 3
Clearly Sylvester Stallone's body shows good use of strict form barbell curls, Incline dumbell curls, for biceps, Pushdowns for triceps, Pull ups, chin ups, seated lat rows, pull downs for superior back and intercostal development. Not to mention a strict clean high protein diet nutrition plan.

Considerable attention to detail was obviously taken by Sylvester Stallone in getting into this incredible muscular condition for his all time best shape during Rocky 4.
Sylvester Stallone and Mr T square off as Rocky 3 is just getting warmed up. May we all have comebacks in life just like Sylvester as Rocky.

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