Tyrell Owens, Muscular Body for Athletic performance

Tyrell Owens Workout right here , He gets it done with regular ole elastic bands made by Bodylastics. Plenty of resistance here! You can get up to 254 lbs resistance to workout from any door. A fantastic way to get in shape at home , on the go, at a hotel while traveling, fits in a small gym bag. Hit all major muscle groups, progressive resistance keeps challenging you.

                   Seen here Tyrell Owens working Out with Bodylastics plenty of resistance up to 388 lbs total

                                     Rashad Evans UFC champ here demonstrating some MMA

                 T.O. makes great use of steady workout routine, clean diet, to build his muscular body
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      Terrell Owens' Fitness workout Program and Diet plan

If you follow football at all then you've definitely heard of and seen Terrell Owens at some point. Most people might assume, after seeing his muscular body, that he's into pumping iron in the gym like most guys but you might be surprised to find out why he's called "The Rubber Band Man". Yes, TO likes to workout using resistance bands! He uses them so much that he came out with his own workout routine to go with the Bodylastics line of products. He set up his program so that people could achieve fast muscle gains in the safest way possible. So what exactly does a Terrell Owens workout look like?
Terrell workouts about 5 days a week in the off season and likes to warm up on his stationary bike for about 7 minutes before breaking out the resistance bands. He uses resistance bands because they do very little damage to your muscles and joints and are great for home workouts. He used them during rehab after an injury and has been hooked ever since. His workouts consist of a variety of different exercises structured through supersets, drop sets and pyramids and he jumps rope for 30 seconds between each set. Instead of resting between sets he chooses to amp up his metabolism by utilizing an active "rest".
But you should never assume at any point that people achieve bodies like this just through a good workout plan. Terrell eats a very clean diet in order to maintain such a muscular and well-defined physique. A typical breakfast for TO is a bowl of oatmeal and 10 egg whites. Sure, that doesn't sound like it's packed full of flavor but when you want a muscle body like that you make a few sacrifices. And it's not like you can't sprinkle in your favorite seasoning! ;) So there you have it; the basics of what it takes to build a ripped body like some of the fittest celebrities.Use this info for motivation and get a body with strong muscles like Tyrell Owens .

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         Football star Muscle Body, love him or hate him this guy has got the ability to put on some muscle none other than the man Tyrell Owens T.O.


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