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A Note From Our Executive Director | Jennifer Huggins

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I am commonly asked why I choose to “fight” cancer. The truth is, there are so many causes out there that need to be supported and one day I hope to fight for all of them. However, it is cancer that continues to attack those who mean the world to me – my community.
The Fight To End Cancer started as an outlet through which I could bring together all of my passions: my business Kingsway Boxing, my corporate network and my entertainment life with Richard Forget. Developing this unique fundraising event allowed me the ability to try to fulfill my dream of building a stronger, healthier community.
I believe that fighting is in our DNA. It’s a skill we develop when dealing with adverse situations. Sometimes, we choose to fight and other times we are forced to.
The battle, which one faces with cancer, is much like a boxing match; only the decision to step into the ring was made for them along with their opponent. The team that stands behind a boxer can make, or break their fight. It is no different for someone who is faced with the reality of having to fight cancer.
Cancer does not discriminate. We have all watched, painfully, as it attacks friends and family, both young and old. It tests the limits of, not only the victim, but also of their loved ones. Maintaining the physical strength it takes to go to battle with cancer is something that can take virtually everything out of an individual. However, the burning flame to fight and to win must never be extinguished. Those who can fight – must.
You are not in this alone! This is how the fight team and committee for Fight To End Cancer feel about the battle against cancer. Fight To End Cancer will prove to those who are fighting, have fought, or have been in some way affected by cancer that we are fighting with them!
We look forward to your much appreciated support.
Jennifer Huggins
Founder, Executive Director Fight To End Cancer
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