Free Range Fertilized Farm Eggs Kansas City Missouri

Where To Get The Best Free Range Fertilized Farm Eggs.
Rocky Creek Valley Farm Rayville Missouri
From your local Free Range Egg farmer of course!!
Local farmers are the best source to get your Free Range Farm eggs. Check them out by asking them about how they raise their chickens.
   Top questions to ask a farmer about his/her eggs.
Q: Are the chickens ever in cages?

   A: Free Range/Cage Free can have some broad meanings, so its important to find out exactly what does the local farmer mean by Free Range, for example some farmers consider chickens raised in portable cages that get moved around the pasture as free range, still others claim that if the chickens are raised in cages on a farm or in a barn as free range.
This is "Tilly" she's trying to get a jump start ahead of the other chickens for a batch of herbs (Comfrey)

Q: Do the chickens get to run around in the yard?

 A:Fact is that the more the chickens are Outside, running around "Free" in the pasture, or grass, getting exercise, and sunshine  they have access to bugs, worms, weeds and all sorts of healthy foods for them to produce the healthiest and best tasting eggs.

    Our hens here at live outside on the edge of the woods and have access to all the grass and bugs they can eat, plus we feed them all of our food scraps from the table. They are only kept in the chicken coop at night to protect them from hungry foxes, Coyotes and other predators;)
Fertilized Farm Eggs by Rocky Rooster.

     The proof is in the pudding! Our eggs are the Best we have ever tasted!!! Rich, thick, and a darker shade of golden yellow are sure fire ways to tell how healthy and better tasting a farm egg really is. Not to mention the high quality nutritional value of our free range farm eggs! Eggs contain 13 of the essential Vitamins , and Minerals, (except Vitamin C) and one of the few foods that contain 4 to 6 times more Vitamin D than grocery store eggs. It is also a complete Protein containing all of the essential Amino Acids.
For example in a study done by "Mother Earth News"
 "confined raised chickens" vs. "Free range" measurement per egg averages.
Vitamin E  .97 mgs                     3.73  mgs
Vitamin A  487 iu's                    792 iu's
Beta Carotene 10 mcg;s             79 mcg's
Omega 3's      .22 g                    .66 g
Cholesterol    423 mg's               277 mgs
Saturated Fat  3.1  g's                   2.4 g's

See and taste the difference. Free range egg on the left.
Poor quality conditions produce poor quality eggs. 
Q:What do you feed the chickens?

A: Most of a chickens diet should come from its natural environment. If the Chickens are outside all day
they will be getting most of what they need, and may still require a little "all natural feed" in the evenings. They LOVE herbs i.e Nettles, Comfrey, Dandelions, Plantain, crushed egg shells (extra Calcium) and other herbs that give the eggs a nutritional boost plus keeping them healthier, thus producing a better tasting egg.

Q: Are the chickens given any drugs i.e Antibiotics, synthetic growth hormone,
 A: When Chickens are raised in a clean open air healthy environment they are not subject to the respiratory disease that runs rampant in over crowded, cooped up , mass produced corporate facilities. No they do not receive any drugs, hormones, antibiotics or anything synthetic.

Q: What is a "fertilized egg" ?  and what benefits do they have?

A: Is there a Rooster in the House? If so you will most likely have fertilized eggs!
Rocky Creek Valley farm eggs happily fertilized by "Rocky the Rooster" :)
According to "Vince Gironda" Fitness Trainer to the Hollywood Stars of the &60's , 70'sand 80's (Clint Eastwood, Cher, Eric Estrada)  and famous Bodybuilders including Arnold, Lou Incredible Hulk Ferrigno.

A fierce advocate of all natural bodybuilding, Vince Gironda "The Iron Guru" believed that bodybuilders should eat up to 36 raw, fertilized eggs every day. He said that "The effects of eating fertilized eggs were equivalent to taking the anabolic steroids."                     

Eggs have cholesterol which is a pre-curser (raw material) for the body to produce its own hormones (natural steroids) . The "Sterol" is where we get the word "Steroids" i.e Natural testosterone is made using actual cholesterol from eggs.  

Q: Where can I get some of these High Quality, Great Tasting Free Range, Fertilized Eggs?

A: Rocky Creek Valley Farm Local pick up: Rayville, Missouri, servicing the surrounding areas of Richmond, Lawson, Excelsior Springs, Liberty, and everybody in between.
We make deliveries to Liberty, Missouri every Friday, Call for details.
No out of state shipping. or shipping outside of these boundaries.
We also have fresh Raw Goats Milk! 
Call 816-853-0440 or email
for directions or any questions, please leave a detailed message if we dont answer, because we are outside farming most all day, and may have our hands full at the the moment, we will get back to you asap;)


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