Top 5 ways to Stimulate Growth Hormone Part 1

Dr. Gary Young 

Part 1
 The following lecture was give by Dr. Gary Young in Newark, New Jersey in October of 1998. Dr. Young 
So now let’s join Dr. Young in this exciting lecture on Human Growth Hormone
 Weight Training #1 Stimulator of HGH.
Dr. D. Gary Young - Oils Used Anciently 
 National Geographic tells us that during the time 
of Christ more than 3,000 tons of oil were being 
distilled and used throughout the country, and they 
used it (exported annually) to consecrate temples, 
prepare cremations, make cosmetics, and (this is the 
one I really like) to treat every conceivable ill from 
gout to a broken head. Can you tell me a more serious 
condition than a broken head! I have had a broken 
head, so I can relate to that..I know what that is all 
 That is very exciting, but we have to ask 
ourselves: First, “Why did they bring Frankincense to 
the Christ Child?” and second, “Why is Frankincense 
recognized as the holy anointing oil by the Roman 
Catholic Church as well as mentioned in the Bible 
and other religious beliefs, such as the Moslem 
people?” They all believe Frankincense is the holy 
anointing oil. 
More HGH increases Testosterone.

Properties of Frankincense 
 Why is it referred to as treating every 
conceivable ill from gout to a broken head? Is it 
possible that maybe it is because it does something 
for the immune system? Let’s look at the 
Medical Text Book and see what that tells us: Here 
we see Frankincense and up here on the top are the 
active chemical constituents or chemical compounds 
that science believes are responsible for the action in 
the physical body. Down here where it says 
‘Properties,’ these are things they have identified that 
Frankincense absolutely (without question) has an 
effect on the human body. 
 It is anti-catarrhal. What is anti-catarrhal? 
Arteriosclerosis..hardening of the arteries. What is 
the number one killer in America today? 820,000 
people in 1997 died with heart disease you know what that means? 
Spew it out of the body. What is the point of 
breaking it up and then leaving it in the body! We 
don’t want that, do we? prevent scar 
tissue. Isn’t that interesting? Anti-tumoral. Is there 
anyone in this room who has never heard of a tumor? 
How many women in the United States in 1997 had a 
mastectomy? Too many! 

 I will tell you what happened in the state of 
California in about 86,000 in one year in 
the state of California alone! That is pretty scary, 
isn’t it?                                        

 Immuno-stimulant..does that mean anything to 
anybody? When we flew in here this afternoon and I 
looked out the window and saw the color of your 
sky! You folks need all the immune stimulant you 
can get! That is kind of exciting, is it not? 
 Anti-depressant..look at this: What is the 
number one prescription drug sold today in the 
United States? Prozac! Has anyone in here ever 
experienced depression? This is exciting to me. I 
know what it’s like to be depressed. This is where 
the doctors get involved. They prescribe it for 
treating bronchitis and catarrh, for asthma, ulcers, 
cancer, immune deficiency, nervous depression. Does 
that help us understand perhaps why Frankincense 
was so valuable? You are getting rid of depression

Frankincense tree. The resin or sap is harvested by cutting the tree and collecting the resin.

You are getting rid of tumors. You are getting rid of 
cancer, and you build the immune system. What else 
is there? That is kind of exciting, isn’t it? 
Frankincense oozing from a tree is then scrapped off, dried and purified through distillation,with low temperature to create therapeutic grade essential oil.
Concerned about Health? 
 Tonight I see a lot of folks here who might be 
close to my age. We have a few who are younger 
than that who may be thriving on French fries and 
Pepsi and hot dogs. Now how many of you folks are 
really concerned about your health? You all 
 How many of you, truly..if you could turn the 
clock back ten years, would want to do it? How 
many would do it? We all would! If I tell you 
something tonight that absolutely can teach you how 
to do that, would you be interested? Would it be 
worth your coming here? Okay..I am going to tell 
you something I think you might find a little bit 
Highest quality,therapeutic grade Frankincense, distilled and purified for the absolute best oil available

What do you Know about HGH
 How many of you have ever heard of human 
growth hormones (HGH)? Has anyone here been 
doing any reading about it? Is there something there 
that excites you? This I am going to share with you 
because, folks, you are a just don’t know.  
Now I am going to tell you why. 

 There are several very popular books. It is called Growing 
Young With Human Growth Hormone. Has anyone 
ordered it through Young Living? 
 Human growth hormone..the amazing medically 
proven plan to lose fat, build muscle,recover quicker from exercise,increase muscle strength and mass, Increase Testosterone, sleep better, reverse the 
effects of aging, strengthen the immune system, 
improve sexual performance, lower blood pressure 
and cholesterol. Folks, this is incidental to what it 
really does. That is just part of it. 

The Amazing Human Growth Hormone 
 Let me tell you a little bit about human growth 
hormone so maybe it will help you to understand 
where I am going and want to share with you. The 
human growth hormone is responsible for sustaining 
immune function. Human growth hormone is 
responsible for hair growth, nails, skin, collagen, 
heart function, liver function, kidney function, lung 
function, pancreas function..basically all functions. It 
is the master hormone in the human body. We secrete 
it when we are born until we reach a certain point of 
growth, and then we are told that our pituitary starts 
to shut down the production of human growth this true? That is right..that is what we 
have been told. 
 Human growth hormone is also very important 
in helping to regulate blood sugar, so we can say that 
it can prevent diabetes. Human growth hormone is 
responsible for the anti-tumoral activity in the human 
body, so we can say that it can prevents cancer, Increases Muscle Mass, prevents Muscle wasting, accelerates Protein Synthesis

If We Don’t Have HGH.. 
 Human growth hormone deficiency is now being 
recognized as perhaps the number one leading cause 
of arteriosclerosis and heart disease. Why would that 
be the case if when we reach the age of 19 or 20 we 
stop producing it anyway? If that is true, then we are 
all doomed..right? That is NOT true. You produce 
all the human growth hormone that the human body 
needs from now until you die..unless you have an 
injury that does damage to the pituitary, or if you 
have surgery, or if you have been born with 
hypopituitary dwarfism. If you were, you would know 
it, because you would not have grown past the age of 
six or thereabouts. 
 So, if we know the facts and we understand the 
science a little bit, then we start saying, “Well, what 
really is the truth here? Why is it that I did reach full 
growth..or some of us like me may think, “Well, I 
was stunted..I should have been 6'6"!” The bottom 
line is, how many of you wind up with premature 
wrinkles, falling of the hair, greying of the hair, 
sickness, disease? Recognize the Symptoms of HGH deficiency.
 All of these things are absolutely related now to 
human growth hormone deficiency. Elevated LDL 
cholesterol, decreased HDL cholesterol (which is 
your good cholesterol). This often contributes to 
arterio-sclerosis and build-up of plaque and catarrh 
throughout the body. Lowered sex drive, libido, 
impotence..all of that is associated with it. Lowered many of you have a decrease of energy?                        
Deep Sleep produces more Growth Hormone (HGH)

How many of you know that your immune system is 
compromised? How many of you recognize that 
your hair and nails are not growing quite as well as 
they should? How many of you have gray hair that 
you don’t want to have, and premature aging? 
 There are multiple things. How many of you 
have noticed that your skin is getting thinner? When 
it starts to wrinkle, it gets thinner. Aging is thinning 
of the skin, and folks, let me tell you 
something..aging is not a requirement. We are 
programmed to believe that we have to get old and 
shrivel up like a prune and die! We can’t even do 
that gracefully..we have to put a disease in with 
it..isn’t that true? 

You could be Like Noah! 
 If the endocrine system in the human body were 
to work the way it is supposed to, you would live to 
be like Noah..out paddling your boat at 400 years of 
age..or 600, or 700 or 800! Or maybe you would be 
like Moses and decide to be a Scoutmaster and take 
three million happy campers for a hike across the 
desert! I invite any-one of you (no matter what age 
you are) who would be interested in taking 100 happy 
campers out in the desert. You talk about having an 
emotional stability! Do you know what is one of the 
biggest symptoms of growth hormone deficiency
Depression. How many have heard that one before. 
Yes..depression and mood swings

How HGH Functions in the Body 
 Now that we know what the deficiencies are, 
let’s look at how this function works in the human 
body. I want you to understand this..I want you to be 
able to go home and tell your children. The anterior 
pituitary secrets human growth hormones; the 
hypothalamus is responsible for the secretagogues
 Now what is a secretagogue? Let’s make it 
really simple: The hypothalamus is responsible for 
stimulating the anterior pituitary to secrete human 
growth hormones. That is a secretagogue. 
Pure Frankincense oil has been shown to dissolve man made chemicals which plug up the receptor sites of the Pituitary gland allowing it to secrete more Growth Hormone.

Role of Receptors
Now, on the anterior pituitary (around the
outside) there are what you would refer to as
receptors. The receptors are responsible for picking
up the human growth hormone and taking it to the
liver. In the liver, the human growth hormone is
converted to IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factors). The
insulin-like growth factors then go from the liver to
the pancreas, and the pancreas (along with other
enzymes) put it into the blood to go into the cell, so it
goes through that whole process.

Nutritional Aspects
Let’s look at the nutritional aspects of how this
happens: The hypothalamus (the big endocrine gland
underneath the cerebrum) sends the secretagogue
through the anterior pituitary to secrete human growth
hormones. For the hypothalamus to work, it has to
have oxygen. When there is an oxygen deficiency the
hypothalamus will compromise in its function. How
much it will compromise has not been totally
identified yet that I know of, but let’s say it is
compromised 20 percent. With oxygen deficiency it
doesn’t secrete the secretagogues adequately to
stimulate the anterior pituitary.
After the anterior pituitary is stimulated and the
human growth hormone is secreted, the receptor sites
have to pick it up. If the receptor sites do not pick it
up, it’s a lost cause. (This is what maybe causes you
to go home and call a real estate agent tomorrow and
list your home for sale..and look at moving to the
Utah desert!) Industrial pollution and toxins block
the receptor sites from picking up the human growth
hormone..and we wonder why diseases are increasing
at the same rate as the pollution. Interesting, isn’t it?
Amino Acids in the Brain are Necessary
Here is the other thing that happens: In order for
there to be proper receptivity: There has to be
nutrition there. We have to have amino acids in the
brain..(1) L-arginine, (2) L-glutamine, (3) L-ornithine.
Those are the three primary, but there are
others. They all have to be there, but the three majors
are arginine, ornithine, and glutamine. Some other
nutrient factors have to be present here: B-6, zinc,
potassium, magnesium. Let’s say we have all those
nutrients present, but when it goes to the liver (if you
have a toxic liver) it will not convert to IGF. If you
have a blood-sugar imbalance in the pancreas (if your
insulin is too high and your glucose is too low) it will
not convert it in the pancreas. It will not take it into
the blood, into the cells to do its job. So, do you see
some of the things we are dealing with?
When we have people eating sugar, drinking
pop, eating pretzels, candies, sucking on lollipops,
chewing gum..whatever, there is so much sugar in
our diet that the majority of the people are
One other thing that has to be in place is the
thyroid. If the thyroid isn’t functioning properly,
then the hypothalamus, pineal, pituitary are all ‘out to
lunch.’ Now we start to see why we have problems,
why we have a lack of energy, why we have diseases,
why we age prematurely.
Sesquiterpenes in Frankincense Increase Oxygen
Who can answer this question: What was the
number one thing that stimulated hypothalamus?
Oxygen! Let’s go back to Frankincense. I am going
to show you something that might just excite you..if
this excites you, you have my permission to yell and
scream. Do you see this agent, Sesquiterpenes? This
agent (this chemical compound, sesquiterpenes) is
responsible for increasing the oxygen in your limbic
system (the hypo-thalamus) 28 percent!
What did I say about tumor growth when you
have a human growth hormone deficiency? It causes
the immune to compromise. Frankincense is an  Immune stimulant..anyone getting the picture! Anyone excited! What did I say was the number one
symptom of human growth hormone deficiency?

Anti-depressant! Are we real excited yet? What are
you going to do about this? You are going to use a
bottle a day! So those of you who are on Prozac,
tomorrow you could start weaning off of it slowly and you snort
Frankincense! There it is!
Multi-faceted Lavender
Now let’s go to Lavender and let me show you
something else, and just maybe we are going to start
to understand why our ancient people had longevity.
Look at what is in Lavender. Sesquiterpenes! What
do sesquiterpenes do? What is the number one killer
in America? Heart disease. Look at is a
cardiatonic. What does that mean? It means to tone
the heart. Anti-coagulant, but they use it to treat
tachy-cardia, phlebitis, paraphlebitis. What happens
when there is a human growth hormone deficiency?
Arteriosclerosis! Anyone getting the picture?
When immune systems are comprised, do we
have infections? Absolutely! Inflammation?
Absolutely! So there is Lavender, just very simple.
There is one other thing that is very interesting here
with Lavender. It has

Coumadin–we know what that is for–it’s

for thinning the blood.

Coumarins are made from coumadins.
Coumadin is the pharmaceutical compound that they
duplicated from coumarins.
How many of you have smelled fresh-cut clover
hay? Fresh-mown lawn? And you lay in your bed at
night and open your window and just inhale! That
fragrance comes from coumarins. So there it is. Has
our Father in heaven not given us the tools? I think
Old is an Option..

Do you know what I see? I see people who, until
they are motivated, don’t do it. They don’t commit;
they don’t discipline themselves to do it. Is that not
true? What I want to do tonight more than anything
else is just motivate you to realize that you can have
life, and you don’t have to compromise your life
because of a disease. You don’t have to compromise
doing things in your life because you are getting old.
Old is an option..not a requirement.

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