Bodybuilding Motivation with Kai Greene

Kai Greene Workout. Kai Greene 2nd place Mr. Olympia 2012

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I Am Powerful, I am Strong, I am stronger everyday, I have the Power, I am Driven To Workout, I make Time To Workout, I eat Clean Foods Daily I crave Healthy Foods To Feed  Muscles. My Body Is  a Temple And Only The Best Building Materials shall Enter. I Think STRONG All Day Long. Where the Mind Goes The Body Will Follow.I Love To Lift Weights, The Feeling I get Is Pure Energy.
I am Strong , I recover Quickly, I gain Muscle EZ, I am  An EZ Gainer, Every Action I take either Contributes to My Muscle Gain Or takes away from it. Everything I eat either Takes me closer to my goals Or Further Away.. If I am Down I will repeat these Power Word Phrases Over and Over and picture them on a widescreen TV, then Growing to a massive Movie Screen, I can hear these Power Words and phrases from the speakers, I can see them Growing as Big As A Building, I am a BodyBuilder,I am A Power Lifter, I can now see these Power Words and Phrases on the side of a Giant Mountain. I can see My Biceps as Mountain Peaks,
I can See My Chest Muscles Expanding to Fill the Room, then the City, Then The State, My Chest has Splitting Muscle Fibers, Hypertrophy and Hyperplasia is setting In, I am Driven To Train, I Hunger and Thirst For Knowledge On How To Get Bigger, Stronger, Faster.

I accept No Excuses. I Make no Excuses, I will do It Now! I will Follow My Passions In Life, I will pursue My Dreams...

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