Mad Scientist Muscle Workout Program 2

You've gotta check out this training style...
You've NEVER seen supersets done like this
An INSANE style of superset training
A KILLER superset technique for you to try
What the heck is In-Set Supersetting?
Build muscle with this crazy superset technique

Dear Fitness Enthusiast;

I've got something VERY cool to share with you today...this is a great superset technique by the "mad scientist" himself Nick Nilsson (author of Mad Scientist Muscle). I tried it with a couple of body parts the other day and WOW, does it work.

Basically, you're going to take two exercises that work a single body part and combine them into ONE set, alternating reps of each. It hits your muscles from two different angles during the same set, kicking off an emergency reaction in your muscles.

Finish a set of these and the muscles you worked will swell up like balloons.

This link below will take you to a page that gives you full details on it so you can exactly what I'm talking about. It's very cool stuff.

Nick has also posted VIDEOS of this technique for every body part and a sample workout that you can take to the gym with you to try this technique out.

==> (click here to see the demonstration) 

I have to say, if you've not worked with some Nick's unique weight training techniques and exercises before, you're going to be in for a huge SHOCK. This training may look different than what you're used to but it's INCREDIBLY effective.

Nick is all about developing new exercises, techniques and programs not just for the sake of being different but because it just works BETTER.

The "Mad Scientist Muscle" book follows this concept to a "T." The weight lifting program is based on good, scientific training principles sprinkled with BIG doses of unique (and yes, sometimes insane!) training concepts. Definitely worth picking up.

                      ==>  Check it out here

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