How To Ace The Army Physical Fitness Test

How To Get a Higher PT Score For The Army Physical Fitness Test APFT.
Even Max out the Army Fitness Test  and get 300 points.
Are You tired of getting a low scores on your PT test?  Are You barely passing, or just not quite able to reach your PT test score goals?
    Dont let a poor PT score keep you from graduating Basic Training, AIT, Ranger School,Airborne School or any other military training.
   Dont miss out on that promotion because of a low PT test score!
Whether you have just enlisted, between Basic Training and AIT, attending any Military training , or are a seasoned Veteran who may be deployed and are looking for the Maximum Strength Training to get or keep you Combat Ready, this blog post is for you!
    in this section you will discover How to get Maximum
  • Push ups
  • Sit Ups
  • Pull Ups (Ranger School, Marine Corps)
  • Faster 2 Mile, 3 Mile (Marine Corps) Run.
  • Stronger Than You Have Ever Been in Your Life.
What this program is NOT:
  • Just doing MORE Push Ups, Pull Ups, Sit Ups!
  • The same old Calisthenics Workouts currently taught in all branches of the Military!
  Physical Fitness is of utmost importance because being Fit to Fight can mean the difference between life or Death. Basic Training Boot camps, i.e Fort Benning Georgia where I attended, are designed to graduate a large number of trainee's within a 10-12 week period.

     Tactical fitness—where the mainstream goes wrong
Most physical training (PT) programs don’t meet the needs of tactical responders because they were
designed from a sportive or general fitness perspective.
Conventional PT programs involve mono or bi-planar action on individual joints, with long durations of
single exercises. Most PT programs also tend to overemphasize aerobic energy through long, slow
duration training—think “jogging”—while others overemphasize size and limit strength.

You’ll learn the truth of this in every sinew and muscle as you go on to complete your first
 Strength Test.

   Here are a few of the biggest weakness's of Army Basic Training Boot Camp Fitness: and this goes for all branches of the Military.
  • Zero strength training equipment. Although we had pull up and dip bars, my Drill Sargent only made us use them a total of "One Time".Kudos to the Marine Corps for utilizing pull up bars plus requiring pull ups for their P.T. test. 
  • Zero Knowledge on How to Maximize Body Weight Training.
  • Over Training, Injury Inducing, muscle wasting cardio (endless running)
  • Antiquated techniques.
  • No progressive resistance training, ie the same body weight is used for all of the P.T. exercises, there is no extra resistance applied to gaining strength. 
  • An Over-emphasis on "Discipline" rather than Efficient and Effective Strength Training.
  • Quoting my Drill Sarg "We are doing it this way Private because its the way its been done for the last 50 years!"
For example during my Basic training at Ft. Benning , I was sent to the Medical staff for severe knee pain about 6 weeks into the Boot Camp. The diagnosis was "Repetitive Strain Injury" go here for more info Due to in the Dr's words "They make you run way too much and I see this kind of injury every day".
      Dont expect the Army to change anytime soon. Best thing you can do is educate yourself and learn more about Strength Training with weights, Progressive Overload Techniques, Dynamic set Training, Nutrient Partitioning, Supplementation, heres how I got a 297 on my P.T. test. not quite Ace but close;)
Being the fitness game for decades here are the results I achieved and How I did it.
My Strength Training Program

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Monique said...

I'm not an army aspirant, but I would like to commend your blog for generously sharing your ideas in helping those who want to pass the test.

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