What is The Emotion Code

The Emotion Code book was written in 2007 by Dr Bradley Nelson, a holistic Chiropractor working out of St. George Utah.
   He discovered that when working with 1000's of patients over 20 years that they all seemed to have one major problem in common, which was trapped emotions caused from emotional trauma during some point in their lives. These trapped emotions cause emotional/physical pain, disease, sickness, etc. They can easily be released using a magnet and certain acupuncture meridians. Once released the pain or symptoms begin to go away....
You can use The Emotion Code to
  • Restore Health
  • Avoid serious illness
  • Reduce or eliminate pain
  • Bring contentment and happiness to your heart
  • Help you to create more success and abundance
  • Help you to find a deeper sense of purpose
  • Build healthier relationships
  • De-stress your life

   For example I have used it to reduce  PTSD Symptoms, eliminate back pain, sleep better , more energy, improved digestion, mental concentration, faster recover from workouts with way less muscle soreness to mention a few. When those symptoms disappear I am much stronger with more endurance for my workouts. You will be too...
   This procedure can be done remotely from anywhere in the world, through a txt conversation or emails, or a skype conversation.
   The ebook and audio mp3 version of The Emotion Code is free. Send me an email (metacortex88@gmail.com) with the words
"Free Emotion Code Ebook" in the subject heading and I will send you the free copy.
   I will be posting more articles on this in the near future. The 2nd great discovery made by Dr Bradley Nelson is called
"The Body Code"
  This system goes into balancing the entire body. A simple test is used to determine which organs, glands, structural system, nerves, Acupuncture Meridians etc. that may be out of balance, then a simple procedure using a magnet corrects the imbalance. I have experienced some incredible breakthroughs using this method!!

    Your first Motivational Coaching Session with me is complimentary, yes a free 45 minute session, just send an email to the above address with the words "Free Session" and we can schedule one for you! 

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