MIND OVER MUSCLE:How to Get Instantly Stronger

Mind Over Muscle: How to Multiply Your Brain Power For Maximum Strength, Set new PR's, Excel in all Sports.

How to Train Your Brain to Increase Strength?

How do you Psych yourself out to set a new PR?
What is your Mental Pre-Workout Routine?
What if I told you its entirely possible to increase your strength INSTANTLY before each lift?
Most athletes claim that their success is 90% Mental, Then why dont they tell you how to train your brain for instant strength?
Hello there my fellow fitness friends,
Maximus here to share with you the most amazing and highly under-rated Mental Training Tactics that I recently used to set a new PR in the dead lift, It was on a Nautilus Dead Lift leverage machine
with the handles at your sides, sort of like a trap bar. My previous max on this lift was 450 for 2 reps, after applying a very simple visualization exercise I was able to lift 650 for 2 reps!I have also been able to increase my workout reps, weights and sets by about 20%. This is better than anything I have ever used in the past 30 years!
1st thing get a Free Coaching session to learn the 1 WEIRD mental trick to instantly gain Strength" explains how to 

  • Create Instant Strength
  • Increase Reps, Weights, Sets, hit new PR's!
  • Get the Mental Edge over your competition

This short Mental Training session opens the gates to Filling your Strength Potential, however it is just the tip of the iceberg.

Yes Hypnosis/Visualization works. Its been utilized by the medical community for decades to help millions of people. Now its being applied to Strength Training, Endurance, and Bodybuilding.Where the Mind Goes The Body Will Follow...

This is THE fastest way to set and achieve new records for Bench press, Dead Lift, Squat, or any other lift.
   Just as a piece of Iron is not magnetized until all the electrons are aligned and then the Force of Attraction begins. So is the Brain , it can be focused and aligned like the force of electricity, or the suns rays concentrated through a magnifying glass, so powerful then it can cut through a steel plate.

Create a strong inner mind for more muscle growth and power.

Athletes know that competing and winning is more about the mindset and the belief and power created from a great inner game.

As you perform this Visualization Session you will discover something very fascinating. You may first notice the change in the amount of weight you lift, or it may be your endurance. In about one to three weeks you will notice a significant increase in the size of the muscle. You will actually be able to see the difference.
Research Proves the Mind Body Muscle/Strength Increase! Studies at Manchester University in England showed dramatic results in just one week with participants doing only HYPNOTIC/VISUALIZATION exercises. The group that did the real exercise (for the same amount of time as the hypnosis group), increased the size and strength of the targeted muscle 30%.
The group who did ONLY the hypnosis/Viz exercise increased the size and strength 16%!!

This is important. Here's why. The research proves that more than 50% of the muscle strength increase is obtained from the mental state alone. Hypnosis and/or visualization, done properly, can cause muscle strength even without working the muscle. The messages from the subconscious mind are powerful enough to command the muscles to grow by feeding the cells the information they need. And this is without moving a muscle.
Cellular Memory (you have heard Depak Chopra talk about how important this is and how easily it is manipulated) is handed down from dying cells to newly forming cells. If nothing changes, the dying cell gives the new cell the same memory. The new cell is formed in the same way as the old one.

This is WHY hypnosis/Visualization works. It targets the transfer of information as the new cell is forming, creating a new cellular memory. Without the hypnosis/Viz boost, as you workout, the cellular memory will change and you will grow- over time. When you use hypnosis/Viz you accelerate the cellular memory change. The cells are programmed to increase size and strength immediately, instead of waiting months for each cellular exchange to gradually change the muscles.
You have probably heard of athletes using hypnosis. Many professional Bodybuilders know that their imagery and mental techniques account for a big part of their success. They know they could not have the impressive gains and the rapid results they have without their subconscious secrets of building body mass.
Get in on the secret. You don't have to read a lot of books or attend a seminar or learn the mental mastery techniques... you just have to use this 1 visualization technique as you fall asleep at night, or upon awakening in the morning or just before a set. Only 20 minutes a day, and you will discover how the successful bodybuilders make such impressive gains in such a short time.
Your strength is determined largely by the mental conditions, beliefs, and convictions that support the muscles.
Muscle growth is greatly enhanced by the mental processes available to you in Hypnosis and NLP and other subconscious mind training.

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