How to Use Brain Power to Get Stronger

            "How to Use  Brain Power to Get Stronger

   I have been a student of Sports Psychology, Mind Science, Hypnosis, Visualization, NLP, Acupuncture, Auto-Suggestion
Self Hypnosis, Progressive Relaxation, Brain Wave Entrainment, Metaphysics, Visualization,
Goal Setting, Mind Programming Techniques, Chi-Gong, Meditation...and the like for many decades.
     After reading literally hundreds of books, listening to many hours CD recordings on the subject, watching DVD courses, attending countless seminars,
it just plain gets me fired upPsyched for a workout, Fully Energized for the day, and helps release
tons of stress at the end of the day, unload all of the anxiety and get that deep ,Growth Hormone Producing, rejuvenating sleep that we all so richly need to recover from a Hard and Heavy day of doing Squats, Leg Press,Dead  lifts, Bench Presses, Circuit Training, 2 a days, you know the drill!

Here is an example of how our thoughts (Mind) directly affects our Body (Muscles) .Known in the Bodybuilding world as 'The Mind to Muscle Link"

First of all The Mind is connected Physiologically to the Muscles via the Brain and Nervous System.
So an intricate system of nerves, like wires are already connected to each muscle fiber. Ok?

Well out thoughts act as either Rocket Fuel to Fire up our Muscles, or by the same mechanism can

literally turn us into depressed weaklings.
During a Mind Power Seminar (given by one of my biggest Mind expert Mentors in this field for over 50 years. Mr. Burt Goldman.)
"POWER WORDS: you are what you think.
Take for example the "Power" concentrate on this word for 30 seconds, repeat the word every 2 or 3 seconds. Begin with a diminished image in a small white frame and from there enhance the image by enlarging the frame. Enlarge the word so that you can see it in HUGE letters on the side of a giant Mountain. At the same time, hear the word spoken, becoming louder and louder. Mentally shout the word POWER! Feeling yourself become more powerful as you do. Take a few steps as you do this and you will notice that you are walking taller, straighter, and with more confidence. You may be able to FEEL a new Strength surging through your body.

We were able to demonstrate the action of the power word. Each person in the seminar sitting in the front row is given a word to repeat silently as in the example above. The Instructor whispers to half of them to think STRONG; The other half WEAK. All are told to hold their right arms straight out and away from their bodies. The Instructor then strolls by and attempts to pull down each persons arm.

  What follows is a gasp of astonishment and amusement from the students in the seminar as they realize that something unusual has taken place. Half of the front row occupants end up with an arm down , while the rest stand with arms still straight out and rigid!. All those who were told to repeat th power word STRONG have their arms extended; the instructor could not pull them down. The rest stand looking somewhat sheepish, with their arms loosely dangling at their sides. The power words have weakened those who thought WEAK, and Strengthened those who thought STRONG!!

A strong, healthy bull of a man, believing that for some reason he is weak  because of some imagined problem, or that someone else is stronger than he, will in fact be weakened...

This has been proven many times in the professional sports arena, MMA Fighters and Boxers for example attempt to "Psych-out" or weaken their opponent with words of power and strength for themselves and weakness towards their opponent. Muhammed Ali is a perfect example of this in action during his famous "Float like a butterfly, Sting like a Bee" fight speeches.

 It has been well documented over the years in every high school, college,and professional stadium in the world. When you get thousands of people together thinking of their favorite player, or their team Winning, those thoughts generate a feeling of Power in the team members. The Home Team Advantage is enhanced even more when all the spectators use the same Word, as is usually displayed on the Jumbo-Tron, Big screen, or chanted by the cheer leading team."

This process is greatly enhanced by the mind when all the neurons are aligned and synchronized.

We all have 2 brain hemispheres, the Right Brain and the Left Brain. They both vibrate at different frequencies at different times of the day. For example Right now the dominant brain wave frequency you are emitting, since you are awake, alert and reading.... is probably somewhere in whats called the "beta wave" frequency. If you were hooked up to an E.E.G machine , which measures brain wave activity it would show that your brain is vibrating at about 14-21+ cycles or (Beats) per second.
   When you are slightly relaxed nearing nap time, our brains slow down to a more concentrated and more creative "Alpha wave" which measures in at 7-14 beats per second.
   As we drift into even more relaxed and almost asleep mode, our brains slow down to the "Theta" range which is 4-7 BPS. This is also known as deep meditation mode , an extremely relaxed and dreamy state of mind which creativity is greatly enhanced. Finally we have "Delta" Deep Sleep or 1-4 bps.

Now the most productive, Most Creative, Effective, and powerful brain wave frequency is the Alpha and Theta state of mind.  Children while still babies only produce  very slow Alpha/Theta brain waves, up to about the age of 5-7 yrs old. This is when the human brain learns a language or 2, along with most everything it needs for the rest of their lives. Well science has shown that these lower brain wave frequencies of  Alpha have the most amplitude and power for learning, and puts the mind in a very receptive mode. Receptive to this exercise of "Power Words" .

 Power Word Exercise for 3-5 minutes

you can use words like "I am Strong, Increase Strength, Build Muscle,Powerful,Invincible, Energize, Power-Up, Health, Beautiful, Gorgeous , Charisma, Courageous , Fearless, Attract, Success, Wealth, Confidence, Creative, I Am Superman, I Am Ironman, I Am (fill in the blank)
etc. or use any word that has personal meaning to you.
Thanks for listening and looking forward to hearing how you like the soundtrack;) This is the tip of the iceberg....
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I have been using Hypnosis tracks for many decades. I use them almost daily and attest to their validity and effectiveness. Once you harness the power of the mind you will wonder how in the world you got this far in life without it. My favorite track right now is one for Sleep. 
    As a military veteran with ptsd, I have had a very hard time getting and staying asleep for the past 15 years. We all know how important a good nights sleep is, right? Well let me tell you that when I use the Sleep track mp3 on repeat playing on my phone it gets me into Deep Sleep Fast! I have found that wearing earbuds works better , because I can use 1 at a time if sleeping on my side or both if I sleep on my back. Once in a while if I wake up in the middle of the night I just plug in my ear bud and fall asleep within minutes. This track helps immensely with recovery from a workout the day before because once asleep your brain drops down into the Delta brainwave rhythm which is when it secretes Human Growth Hormone. Which means repair and rebuild the whole body! 
Get Stronger Faster!

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