What can Hercules Preworkout Formula with Tonic Herbs do for me?

        Get the Power of Hercules Pre-workout Formula

Do you have enough Energy to workout?

Have you recovered sufficiently from your previous workout?

How motivated are you for your next workout ?

How Strong were you on your last workout?

Was your Endurance + Stamina short and weak?

  These are all questions we as  Athletes, Soldiers, and Fitness enthusiasts need to ask ourselves everyday of our lives, because our success depends completely on a foundation of Energy, Strength , Power and Endurance.

  Vince Lombardi the famous football coach once said " Fatigue makes cowards of us all"
We have all been there right? We train hard, lift heavy, spring fast to condition our muscles and lungs for victory.

  The phrase " I'm tired " often tops the list of excuses used to either stop training or procrastinate training. Question is why are we so tired all the time??

Lets look at the physiological and psychological factors that determine our energy level on any given day.

  1. Lack of Sleep from the prior night.
  2. Stress from the previous day.
  3. Lack of Nutrition from the previous week, month or years.
  4. Lack of Carbs, or fats.
  5. Lack of recovery from prior workouts.
  6. Low Testosterone levels.
  7. Low Growth Hormone levels.
  8. Cortisol levels too high.
  9. Adrenal exhaustion.
  10. Blood sugar imbalance.
  11. Long term Prescription drug use. ( kills off friendly bacteria and causes fatigue)
  12. Dehydration.
  13. Bad Bacteria balance
  14. A viral infection.
  15. Too much protein
  16. An over taxed and toxic Liver
  17. Brain Fog
  18. Negative thinking, complaining, poor pessimistic attitude.
  19. Caffeine overload, Nervous System exhaustion.
  20. Neurotransmitter depletion
  21. Mineral depletion, ie electrolytes
  22. Chronic Fatigue.
  23. Low oxygen utilization.
  24. Pain and Inflammation of the nerves, joints and muscles.
Considering that all of your Macronutrients ie Protein, Carbs, Fats, and Proper Hydration are on point, what if I told you that Tonic Herbal formulas are available that solve all of the above problems?
   Billions of Chinese have been practicing this form of medicine for over 5000 years. The system has been tried, true, and battle tested.

The American Medical Community Does Not have any answers for athletic enhacement other than synthetic testosterone injections, synthetic HGH, blood doping, just to name a few. Prescription Drugs have a myriad of potentially fatal side effects, Iatragenic deaths or rather those caused by Dr's error are a staggering 251,454 PER YEAR. The 3rd LARGEST number of the leading causes of death in the US. The Washington Post
 In contrast the total number of US Military deaths in the entire Viet Nam War were 58,209 from 1961 until 1975.  Wikipedia

Isn't about time we started looking at other forms of  Natural medicine and truly do no harm?
Enter Tonic Herbalism. For an in depth article see this page on my blog. Tonic Herbs are in a class all by themselves. The tonics are extremely safe and effective because they can be taken on a regular basis. They are NOT medicinal. For example if we have a headache we reach for the closest NSAID pain reliever, which cause 15,000 deaths annually  we are addressing the symptom ONLY and NOT the actual cause ...many headaches are caused by simple dehydration. Drinking sufficient  water can dramatically reduce headaches, and maybe even save your life...Thus water is treating the CAUSE of the headache. 
   Tonic Herbs do just that. These powerhouses of vitamin/mineral dense, amino acid packed, plant sterol loaded, with Adaptagenic properties, Endocrine balancing effects, Neuro-chemical nourishing, Brain Boosting Energizers , Strength enhancing, Stamina producing, Immune cell supercharging abilities get the job done the Natural way.
   An Adaptogenic means it helps the human organism adapt to the Stress placed upon it. Adaptogenic qualities are in some cases Double Directional, for example if your blood sugar is too high the adaptagenic herb is taken it will assist in balancing the pancreas which would then lower blood sugar. If your blood sugar is too low, the same herb can be used to regulate the amount of insulin secreted by the pancreas and raise it to a balanced level. The same goes for all body systems. Namely the Endocrine system imbalances in the body are great cause for LOW ENERGY, Slow recovery, Nerve exhaustion etc, ie Low Testosterone, Low HGH, Adrenal Exhaustion...and a myriad of other energy zappers...

    The Solution to all of the above listed problems associated with Energy, Strength, Power, Endurance is contained in just a few Tonic Herbal Workout Formula's 

  Lets look at the Hercules Pre-workout Formula first. Made from 6 Tonic Herbs taken 15 minutes before a workout , blows the doors off of every major pre workout currently on the market. For more info hit the link above and the sooner you get started on this the sooner you will be breaking personal strength records, jumping higher, running further, lifting more, sleeping better, getting Laser Guided Mental Focus, connecting more of the mind to each muscle cell.

    The philosophy behind Tonic Herbs is a term  "Like Helps Like". Which refers to the shape or likeness of each plant in comparison to the human body. For example Ants are even stronger than we have imagined  Maybe because they are loaded with zinc and actual ATP.  Walnuts look  like our brains, certain herbal roots look like the Nervous and Circulatory systems, other leaves of plants resemble body parts...Muscle is made of protein and protein intake helps build muscle...Hormones and Neurotransmitters have complicated bio chemical makeup and so do tonic herbs...

  Ant is just one of 6 Tonic Herbs in Hercules Pre-workout Formula. I can personally testify to the effectiveness of this formula. I get more reps with more weight for a longer time in any given workout. I sleep better , recover faster, and I am even more motivated for my next workout with regular use. There is somewhat of an accumulated benefit. Over a period of 2 to 3 weeks is a steady growth of Energy and Strength. Results may vary. I am extremely sensitive to any kind of food or herb and I can literally feel an energy increase the first day, and super sleep that night... with a gradual increase in these areas after a few weeks. Dosage and How you take the Hercules Pre-workout Formula can determine it effectiveness. Make sure and download the Free ebook with each order that explains how to best take these Formulas. For me I use the bulk powder mixed with some yerba mate (2 or 3 tablespoons full) some home grown local honey ( 1 or so tablespoons) a squirt of lemon juice, and some course ground pepper (increases assimilation). The mixture then gets some hot water from my water dispenser and sipped throughout the day from a bombilla, or metal filter straw. Sometimes I use bulk peppermint leaves from the local health food store mixed in for flavor. 
A few different styles of Bombilla's

The benefits of taking bulk herbs in powder form vs. capsules or tablets.
Hercules Pre-workout Formula taken orally has a chance to mix with your saliva, penetrate the buccal cavity or sublingual membrane in the lining of the mouth , thus signaling the brain as to what is being ingested. Once the brain knows whats in the mouth it produces the necessary digestive fluid for proper digestion and assimilation of the  ingredient. Also the liquid form of the herb can directly enter the bloodstream through the tiny membranes of the mouth, resulting in a very quick delivery system. For Example chewing tobacco gets into the system really fast as compared to swallowing it in a capsule. 

  The downside of taking the herbs this way is the taste. Tonic herbs generally do not taste very well. Although some herbs taken together can cancel out each others bitterness, actually the more bitter, the better an herb is! Ha ok thats why I take mine in a tea form with hot water and honey, the heat acts as an extraction process. The longer an herbal concoction sits the more nutrients are extracted out it for an even more potent dosage. So man up and take it like a man! This aint no candy shop with Neon colored food dyes, artificial sweetners, flavors and various other harmful chemicals! 

Another benefit is the actual Hercules Formula itself. By design these herbs when mixed together create a synergistic effect greater that taking the herbs individually. 

  Taking herbs in a capsule take longer to digest, aren't quite as potent, as they skip the saliva test , and sublingual process of liquefied tea concoctions. Sometimes I feel like an alchemist mixing ancient wisdom every morning ... 

 If you absolutely Can Not take the taste , and really need the benefits of the the Hercules Preworkout Formula then there is another option. Get a small encapsulater from your local health food store . 

  Along with a bag of empty capsules. Make sure you get the right size so they fit your capsule maker. They come in large "O" , medium "OO" or  small "OOO" Place each opened capsule in the lower half of the white tray, fill them up with your bulk herbs with a spoonful at a time. It takes some practice and patients, but its really easy and worth it to make your own. Then place the caps or tops of the capsule and put the whole bunch in a zip lock bag and store in a dark cabinet away from light and sunlight . Make sure to take note of how many capsules can be filled up with 1 teaspoon or 1 tablespoon , ie if the dose is 1 teaspoon and that amount of raw herb fills 12 capsules then thats your dose.

               Unleash the Power of
          Hercules Pre-workout Formula Get some today, your workouts will never be the same!

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