Fitness Saves Wounded Warrior

Fitness saves Wounded Warrior 

 A cancer Survivors ROCKY style comeback Transformation.
After losing my 9 year old son to brain cancer (does not deserve a capitol c), 6 months later OCT-31-02 I was diagnosed with grade 3 cancer of the large intestine (transverse colon) see pic, an apple sized tumor was initially detected. An herbal tonic was taken daily for 2 weeks and then a strawberry sized tumor was surgically removed. I was  medically discharged from the Army. Day of Surgery, wasted down to 124 lbs.

 I lost my son, my career , my health, all in 6 months.

    This is very personal for me writing down the details of my hopes that it may serve to lesson another person suffering by giving him or her hope, encouragement, and how they may better arm themselves with tools that can put a dent in some of the symptoms they may have..

  With mind and body utterly devastated I was totally discouraged, and hit rock bottom.
Next was 6 nasty months of CHEMO, unbelievable nausea, body wasting, weakness, body weight  down to 124. finished CHEMO on JULY-15-03
Chronic Fatigue,depression, PTSD, Fybromyagia set in . Everything smelled terrible, couldn't hardly eat. The sensitivity
of my hearing and sense of smell shot through the roof over the next few years, along with bouts of extreme nervous fatigue.

     I stay indoors most of the time because of the cold sensitivity,( I can take all kinds of heat though and LOVE the SUN...) or rather away from crowds and noise. I live in a sound proofed room with my weights and my music. Family interaction is difficult but well worth spending time with my wife and 3 boys. I rarely go out in public because of the noise , chemical smells ie perfume, cologne, hair spray, fabric softener, hand sanitizer, windex cleaner, etc, etc. Hospital smells are the absolute worst.  I use ballistic ear plugs in my ears to block out most of the noise, sometimes headphones over the top of them.

    Another sensitivity I have is with dirt, dust, filth and germs... hate them...cant stand to be around them or touch anything thats been in public...for example the other day I had to with my wife to Sams Club and help her get some bulk items and I could not stand to touch the hand rail of the shopping cart! Disgusting! I had to pull my hoodie sleeves down over the grip to avoid touching it...

  I use all natural essential oils to disinfect everything , Lemon , Peppermint or Lavender in a small spray bottle does the trick...also very uplifting to the mind.

 The ways I drastically reduced the symptoms of  PTSD, FYBROMYAGLGIA, LOWER BACK PAIN,   that I had are The Emotion Code, NLP, HYPNOSIS, Weight Training , MMA workouts, punching bag, I love to lift weights! Some artwork,  gardening....  and of course writing on this blog to share my experience with others so that I may be able to reach out and connect with other Veterans and give them hope...

I knew that I could  not let this get the best of me, How was I going to get my body back in shape? How could I get Stronger, Faster ? How can I eliminate Emotional pain? How can I overcome the debilitating symptoms of PTSD, DEPRESSION, Negative Thinking?

  My background in fitness started with Wrestling (2nd grade), Baseball, Football, Track, Soccer, Basketball, Tae Kwon Do, BJJ (Brazilian Jui Jitsu). U.S Army bootcamp Ft. Benning , AIT training Ft. Bragg.

    A few months prior to getting Cancer I received a fitness certification.  I discovered that the training methods of Mixed Martial Artists and Boxers yielded the quickest results in strength, gaining muscle for power, and stripping body fat quickly.
   In 2014 I discovered a fantastic program called The Emotion Code which taught me how to eliminate Emotional blocks that were holding me back, how to locate and erase emotional and physical pain using Applied Kinesiology and magnets. I have recently became a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner.
   After all looking at every type of athlete's physiques and considering the many different types of  physical demands placed on each athlete.
  • Football 
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Hockey
  • Soccer
  • Boxing
  • MMA
I asked myself
Who has the most impressive, most powerful and strongest  physiques?
Boxers and Mixed Martial Artist's (MMA) !!

 I got immensely motivated, focused and took massive action.
Honestly if it had not been for my faith in God and relating to Job of the Old Testament who endured many afflictions and having the perspective of the after life knowing I will see my son again on the other side,  I seriously would have lost the will to live by now...

AUG-31-03 started my
Mental Training+ Strength Training  +  MMA 
  • workout routine, 
  • strict diet
  • Chinese Superior Herbal Tonic program.
  • MMA Circuit Training
  • Subconscious reprogramming 
  • Visualization techniques: Instant Strength Enhancers
  • NLP, Self Hypnosis for Intense Motivation
  • Released Emotional Blocks preventing my success in fitness
  • Overcame Limiting Belief systems, Install new ones
  • Created a Vision for Fitness

There are so many differing views and opinions on the net today it boggles the mind.
Which one is the best?
What works and what doesn't ?
Who can I trust? Lots of false , misleading and inaccurate information.
Can I fit a workout into my busy schedule and still get into the best shape ?
Do I have to read a 100's of fitness manuals?
Search 1000's of websites?
What motivates me?

Well let me tell you I have taken all the guesswork and research out of the equation for you!
Why not save a massive amount of time, and money and follow in the footsteps of someone who has already achieved the results you desire???

I have over 40 years of experience in the Fitness game:

  1. Certified Fitness Trainer. 2 certifications.
  2. US Army Basic Training Completion.
  3. Physical Training score (PT test) of 297 out of 300
  4. Silva Mind Method Certification
  5. Emotion Code Certification Course Completion
  6. Marshall Silver Hypnosis Training Course Completion
  7. Completed 3 total 12 week Transformation Contests.
  8. Overcame the side effects of Cancer/Chemo
  9. Dramatically reduced the symptoms of PTSD, FIBROMYALGIA, BACK PAIN
  10. Gold Medal in my First Jiu Jitsu Tournement at age 49
  11. IMAGINE what I can do for you....

Get a Free Motivational Coaching Session from me learn how to

  • Erase emotional blocks preventing your success.
  • Eliminate Addictions to sugar, starchy carbs, 
  • Erase physical and Emotional Pain
  • Balance your Endocrine system for Maximum HGH + Testosterone production (Males)
  • Female monthly hormone balance
  • Create Massive Mental and Physical Energy
  • How to use Mental Training for Mega Motivation
  • Epic Endurance
  • Develop Superhuman Strength
  • How to Erase Negative thinking and self sabotage.
  • Get a Custom designed Mental + Physical workout program just for you, everybody is different
  • A Personalized Nutrient Deficiency Test: Find out exactly what you need.
  • Personalized Supplement program find out which herbs, vitamins, types of proteins, which brand of product is BEST for you, what is the proper dosage of each of these for you.
  • Which products, foods, supplements to AVOID 
  • How to find out if you have Heavy Metal or Toxin poisoning + The Perfect Detox program
  • Balance all 12 + The extraordinary 8 Acupuncture Meridians
  • Find out if you have Low Blood Volume. How to enhance blood volume naturally, more blood = more nutrients getting to the muscle cells, stronger muscles, quicker recovery.
  • Free Report on The Human Energy System: How to Get and Stay Grounded (45 min lecture)
  • Free Access to my Subliminal Fitness videos with Octa-Programming
  • Free access to future Mental Training video lectures in the making
  • Note it would take a recommended 10 pak of training sessions to get all of this downloaded into your brain, however the initial Free session can only cover so much 

Here is what I achieved using  Mental Training + MMA Strength + Conditioning Program.

BEFORE my Transformation
body weight 124
bench press 1 rep max 95 lbs

                                                                                                      7 months of training >>>>>>>>>>>>

+155 lbs added to my bench press.
         1 rep max was now at 250;)
+260 lbs added to max Leg Press full rep.
+14 lbs of Lean Muscle Mass
+16 total workouts, 1 workout every 13 days,
 1 hour each.
-7 lbs decreased body fat
131 total body weight
4.8 % body fat. (approx)
age 36

Whether you are planning on becoming a seasoned Wounded Warrior, Military Veteran, MMA Fighter ,  a stay at home Mom, Working hard to bring home the bacon , Single Parent , Over 40 Dad, Teen Athlete or anyone looking to get that shape you have always wanted ..... your search is over....The sooner you get started with a custom designed Mental + Physical Training program the sooner you can achieve your fitness goals!

Get your Free Motivation Coaching Training Session here.

GOT my Body BACK !! MAR-16-04

I have been in the fitness industry for over 40 years, I walk the walk. Please refer to my photos, take a LOOK for yourself see the difference this Muscle + Strength Building Program can make.

                                                                     Jan-2011 @ age 43

   Over 40 Fitness! Still adding Muscle @ 43 yrs of age

                                                Summer 2013 10 yrs out cancer free

(Age-47) Summer 2015

      My total transformation is ongoing, I am always studying, reading and learning all I can to improve myself  and this is why I started this blog to give you the absolute BEST information on training methods and supplementation programs.

Get your Free Online Fitness Motivation Training Session here.

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MAXIMUS AURELIUS FITNESS STRENGTH CREED:I Am Powerful, I am Strong, I am stronger everyday, I have the Power, I am Driven To Workout, I make Time To Workout, I eat Clean Foods Daily, I crave Healthy Foods To Feed  Muscles. My Body Is  a Temple And Only The Best Building Materials shall Enter.
 I Think STRONG All Day Long. Where the Mind Goes The Body Will Follow.I Love To Lift Weights, The Feeling I get Is Pure Energy. I am Strong , I recover Quickly, I gain Muscle EZ, I am  An EZ Gainer, Every Action I take either Contributes to My Muscle and Strength Gains Or takes away from them. Everything I eat either Takes me closer to my goals Or Further Away....I Can Focus All Of My Mental Energy On Achieving My Goals, If I am Down I will repeat these Power Word Phrases Over and Over and Visualize them on a widescreen TV, then Growing to a massive Movie Screen, I can hear these Power Words and phrases from the speakers, I can see them Growing as Big As A Building,I can Feel The Power and Strength Growing Inside me Like a Volcanic Eruption, an Atomic Explosion: Big Bang Boom! I am a  Strength Gainer growing Stronger Everyday  and Bodybuilder,Sculpting my Muscles to their Maximum Potential , I get Healthier everyday, I can now see these Power Words and Phrases on the side of a Giant Mountain. I can see My Biceps as Mountain Peaks, I can See My Chest Muscles Expanding to Fill the Room, then the City, Then The State, My Chest has Splitting Muscle FibersHypertrophy and Hyperplasia is setting In,I can feel my Back Getting Wider, and Thicker, I can Imagine my Lats As Wide and Powerful as An F-16 Fighter Jet, a Stealth B2 Bomber. My Legs are like the Power of a Freight Train, I am  A Warrior of Iron, The Iron is always there, it never leaves, its the Power of the Gym, The Iron Weights, The Heavy Metal Barbells, its the Power of the Metal, Its calling me, It will Transform me,   I am Driven To Train, I Hunger and Thirst For Knowledge On How To Get Bigger, Stronger, Faster.I accept No Excuses. I Make no Excuses, I will do It Now!


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