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Find Out How Flavia's Curvalicious workouts produce such dramatic and effective Fast Fat Loss?

I found this great article by Fitness Professional Flavia Del Monte.

I know you will gain a lot from it , this is excellent information

that I enjoy passing on to my fitness friends....

I'll let Flavia explain for us....

In a few words: increased metabolism for fat burning.

Let's get your metabolism fired up two ways.

The first way to fire up your metabolism is to increase
muscle tone.

How does more muscle increase your metabolism
Muscle is metabolically active and requires more
calories to function, even at rest. Add muscle to your
frame and you automatically increase your caloric needs.
The person with more muscle will burn more
calories at rest than their counterpart who has less muscle.

One study found that muscle contributes approximately
22% of their test subjects resting energy expenditure,
while fat only contributed 4%.

1. Gallagher D, et al, American Journal of Physiology.
August 1998;275(2 Pt 1):E249-58.

To tie in the above, any activity that takes place
in the human body requires the use of energy, which
causes calories to be burned. With that being stated, let's
connect some dots here showing that muscle is more active
than fat requiring the use of more energy.

Developing muscle (known as hypertrophy) and maintaining
muscle requires a very large amount of energy related to
the process of building the muscle initially and repairing/
developing the muscle as resistance training is added.

As you add resistance training and develop muscle, protein
synthesis (the process that helps muscles repair and grow in
size) must occur after your workout/at rest.

Flavia's Curvalicious Workout utilizes resistance

training, which continuously causes your muscles to breakdown,
repair, and grow on a day-to-day basis.  This utilizes energy/
calories to allow your body to burn more calories even at rest.

Think of it this way, skeletal muscle makes up around 40%
of the body on an average person, as you add total body
resistance training,you are developing the size and lean
mass of all of that muscle on a consistent basis requiring
continued energy use to repair and rebuild this muscle.

This causes your muscles (the more muscle you have the
better obviously) to burn calories for you all day every day.

As you follow a Flavia's Fat Loss Program, your body is
getting rid of unwanted fat by converting/condensing that tissue
to lean muscle, which burns calories and fat both during and after
your workout ALL the time.

You want muscle, not just for muscle sake, that is for it's sexy 

good looks & performance. You want muscle to help get and keep
you lean and healthy.

You will gain muscle and get stronger with these Fat Loss Workouts.

Increased strength initially comes from nervous system innervation
of your muscles (that is, your body 'learning' new movement patterns).

Of course you will gain tone and strength from challenging your muscles

so that they will need to grow to meet the challenges you place
on them. This is one of the reasons every workout is different. Your
goal is to constantly confuse your body so it never quite 'adapts' to
the challenges you give it. Once your body adapts, your progress stops
and you do nothing more than maintain. Maintenance isn't a bad thing
if you feel you've 'arrived' at your fitness and fat loss goal.

But no one has really 'arrived' have they? Like any thing, you're either
growing or dying
, it's hard to stay put in one place and it's a slippery

slope to fitness decline if you plan on 'maintaining' your fitness level.

A second way to fire up your metabolism is by something called

'afterburn' or EPOC (post exercise oxygen consumption). Studies
prove that with high intensity workouts, your body will continue to
burn more calories even when you stop exercising.

In fact, EPOC was measurable 38 hours after completing exercise.

Schuenke MD, Mikat RP, McBride JM (March 2002).
"Effect of an acute period of resistance exercise on excess post-
exercise oxygen consumption: implications for body mass management".
European Journal of Applied Physiology 86 (5): 411-7

This only occurs with intense training and will not happen when your

plodding along on a boring cardio machine for hours. A good sign that you're setting
yourself up for EPOC is you're feeling hot and sweaty during your workout.

Feeling energized and alert after you train is also a benefit and can be

attributed to increased metabolism.
Here's an example of one of Flavia's Challenge Workouts:
Week 1 Workout #2 - What Can You Do With A Bench?
Equipment: Bench

Warm up

Set your timer for 20 seconds of work with a 10 second transition.
Repeat this entire set six times.

Bench Step
Bulgarian Split Squat (weak)
Bench Step
Bulgarian Split Squat (strong)
Tricep Extension On Bench

Cool down

Cool beans Flavia, thanks!  This is fitness 101 but it's still
something I get asked on a daily basis.  Appreciate you taking
The time to walk us through it.
For more Extreme Workouts That Can Be Done In Less
Than 20-Minutes Visit the url Below:
Flavia Del Monte tha proof is in the pics!
Only the highest of quality exercise programs are written about or reviewed
on this blog.
We hope you enjoyed today's rich fitness information to get ready for Summer.
Keep training hard,
Rock Body Fitness

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