All Creatine Is Not Created Equal

Why You Should Be Taking Creatine.

The case against  Old School Creatine Monohydrate from the 90's

Over 20 years of Science, Research and Development, A more effective form
has been discovered....

If you've been around the iron game for more than

a few years, you've heard about creatine probably
more times than you can recall.

The problem with that is that so much exposure
tends to create a "blindness" to the actual,real,
researched benefits of creatine, especially when
there are so many "new shiny" products coming
out all the time.

So here's a quick list you need to be aware of
and why you should be taking creatine daily - it just
makes sense when you get ALL these benefits that
are backed by EXTENSIVE research:

1. Enhances Ability for High Intensity Work

Creatine enhances the body's capacity to perform
high intensity work by supplying type 1b muscle fibers
(fast-twitch - the ones that get largest in size) with
immediate energy, ensuring these muscles do not
prematurely fatigue.

This strengthens muscular contraction of these fibers,
and helps you pump out more reps, sprint at a faster
rate, or engage more forcefully in whatever sport or
type of exercise you take part in.

2. Enhances Recovery

In recent years creatine has been studied for its post-
exercise muscle regeneration properties. Findings
have been very promising, showing that continual
creatine supplementation reduces the markers of cell
damage following intense exercise.

3. Improves Anaerobic Capacity

In an impressive study, researchers demonstrated that
creatine loading over just three days significantly improved
muscle volume and cycle sprint performance in elite power

Results showed that over the three-day period, creatine
subjects experienced increased total body mass of, on
average, 0.9 kilograms, a 6.6% increase in thigh volume
and increases in performance in all six sprints. Their
anaerobic capacity clearly improved with the addition of
creatine, compared to the control subjects who took in
only maltodextrin.

4. Enhances Muscle Volumization

Creatine has a property that causes muscle cells to inflate,
which produces a more heavily muscular appearance, and,
more importantly, serves as a stimulus for protein synthesis.

Up to six pounds of added bodyweight in the first few weeks
is commonly reported in those who begin creatine
supplementation (a process primarily accounted for by
water moving rapidly from the bloodstream to the muscle).

5. May Reduce Age Related Muscle Loss

As we get older, our muscles begin to atrophy as our
systems produce less and less of the hormones required
to maintain muscle mass and tone.  Supplementing with
creatine has been shown to slow the age-related decline
in muscle mass through enhancing fast-twitch muscle fiber
integrity and possibly switching on a gene responsible for
IGF-1 (insulin like growth factor) production.

As you can see, creatine is something you should be
supplementing with daily, just like you do with multivitamins,
protein, and water
But not all creatines are created equal, and there's only
one that I recommend that has been shown to be MUCH
more effective at MUCH lower dosages than regular creatine,
and without any of the uncomfortable side effects.

6. Creatine Absorption

Your Body Chemistry is a key factor in determining how much creatine you can absorb.

Specifically the stomach.
As soon as you eat or drink some kind of food or liquid, the saliva is the first thing your nutrients 
come in contact with, The liquid reacts to your saliva, makes contact with the inner cheek known
as the buccal cavity. This sends a signal to the brain to determine what kind of message to send to the stomach in order for the material in your mouth to be fully digested and assimilated.

The Standard American Diet (S.A.D) is not a balanced one. Depending on how you eat, how much stress you

are under, your daily activities, all can determine the stomach's ability to absorb nutrients, hence some individuals get a huge response from the supplementation of creatine and some do not. Its all a matter of body chemistry.

The guessing game has been taken out of the equation as to which creatine supplement is the best, most effective, strength enhancing and muscle building compound available, click here to find out more.

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