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100 Professional Bodybuilding Secrets From the Greatest Bodybuilders of all time

Subject: Try this Chest FinisherAt the end of your next chest/bench workout give this
finisher a try.  It's called...

The 10 Second Timed Flat Dumbbell Bench Press 

Take a pair of dumbbells that are 50% of a poundage you normally
do for 10 full exercise range of motion reps. For example if you use
100 pound dumbbells for 10 reps on the flat bench, use only 50-

Perform only one set at the end of a chest workout...begin by pressing
the dumbbells to arms length lockout above the chest and do a static
hold for 10 seconds, then lower the bells to the chest and hold them
for a 10 second static stretch.

Now immediately press the dumbbells to arms length and repeat
the described cycle for a total of 2-4 minutes. There is no rest between
the timed 10 second cycles and the time it takes to lower and raise the
dumbbells does not count as part of the 2-4 minute timing.

At the conclusion of a second chest workout use 60% of the poundage
used in the first workout (30 lbs.) and increase the time to 3-5 minutes.

And finally to finish off a third chest training session use a poundage
which will allow for the successful completion of an increased time of
5 to 8 minutes.
This has been a presentation of a new book out now.
These Bodybuilding techniques are taken from the greats: Arnold, Zane, Lee Haney, Larry Scott
Dave Draper, Vince Gironda etc.

The 10 Second Timed Flat Dumbbell Bench Press is a tremendous 
finisher exercise for the chest.

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