NFL Bench Press Your BodyWeight Test

Learn The NFL BodyWeight Bench Test Secrets. Get Ready For Football Season!

Increase Your Bench Press Rep Strength
Who Else Wants to Set a New Personal Record by Bench Pressing Their
Bodyweight For As Many As 5 to 15 Even 30-Reps In Just 8-Short Weeks?

The NFL Combine Uses The "225 LB -Rep Test" To Determine The Strength
Endurance of Their Players. Now It's Your Turn To Push Like a Pro & See
How You Stack Up With the Bench for Reps Challenge.

Author Bio / Pictures: Bench for Reps

Meet the Coaches

Chandler Marchman, CSCS
A former Pre-Med student studying Exercise Physiology and Nutritional Sciences at the University of Florida, an amateur Powerlifter and Strongman, and a former Strength & Conditioning coach at the Division 1 level have been what has provided the foundation for Chandler Marchman’s ultimate message.
That is to help lead those that are inspired and dedicated to build strength in body, mind and character while helping them to achieve the true GREATNESS that they have within them. 

Mike Westerdal, HCT
Mike Westerdal is a certified personal trainer and amatuer powerlifter residing in sunny Clearwater, Florida. He enjoys being a contributing writer for Iron Man, REPS! Magazine, Powerlifting USA and Powerhouse International to name a few.
Westerdal is the founder of a fitness publishing company that boasts being one of the Internet’s first strength training and muscle building Web sites online.

MAXIMUS AURELIUS STRENGTH CREED:I Am Powerful, I am Strong, I am stronger everyday, I have the Power, I am Driven To Workout, I make Time To Workout, I eat Clean Foods Daily I crave Healthy Foods To Feed  Muscles. My Body Is  a Temple And Only The Best Building Materials shall Enter. I Think STRONG All Day Long. Where the Mind Goes The Body Will Follow.I Love To Lift Weights, The Feeling I get Is Pure Energy. I am Strong , I recover Quickly, I gain Muscle EZ, I am  An EZ Gainer, Every Action I take either Contributes to My Muscle Gain Or takes away from it. Everything I eat either Takes me closer to my goals Or Further Away.. If I am Down I will repeat these Power Word Phrases Over and Over and picture them on a widescreen TV, then Growing to a massive Movie Screen, I can hear these Power Words and phrases from the speakers, I can see them Growing as Big As A Building, I am a BodyBuilder, I can now see these Power Words and Phrases on the side of a Giant Mountain. I can see My Biceps as Mountain Peaks, I can See My Chest Muscles Expanding to Fill the Room, then the City, Then The State, My Chest has Splitting Muscle Fibers, Hypertrophy and Hyperplasia is setting In, I am Driven To Train, I Hunger and Thirst For Knowledge On How To Get Bigger, Stronger, Faster.I accept No Excuses. I Make no Excuses, I will do It Now! 

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