How To Get "Ripped" New Program

Critical Ripped

It hasn't been for sale in a few years, but when it was most
people that bought the Critical Bench Program would pick
up a copy of this as well.
It's actually our 2nd best selling program since 2002.
There's really no magical secret about it.  It simply utilizes
what's called, "The Fat Loss Triangle" which consists of
Diet, Training and Cardio.
The goal is to help you burn fat while maintaining hard earned
muscle mass. 
There are 99-pages and here's what's included in the
Table of Contents.
I. Introduction
A. About the Authors
B. The Triangle
C. Fat Burning Tips
II. Weight Training 
A. The Split
B. Duration
C. Reps & Sets
D. Exercises
E. Guidelines
F. Workout Tips
III. Cardio 
A. Guidelines
B. Making Cardio Fun
C. Session Duration
D. Session Intensity
E. Equipment Review
IV. Abdominal Training
A. Abdominal Training Tips
B. Exercises
C. Reps & Sets
D. Killer Ab Workout
V. Nutrition 
A. Carbohydrates
B. Protein
C. Fat
D. Nutrition Tips
E. Caloric Intake
F. Food Tips
G. Fast Food Restaurants
H. Water
I. Sample Diet
VI. Supplements
A. Top Brands
B. Recommendations
C. When To Take What & Why
D. Sample Schedule & Fat Burning Stack
E. Tips
VII. Drugs
VIII. Putting It All Together
Measurements & Pictures
Training Logs
 if you want to add this to your
collection, now's a great time.
Here's your link to the sale price:

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