The top 10 Problems with GYMS.

  1. Cost. Fee$. Renewal$. Late Fee$. Cancellation Fee$. 
  2. Commute to and from costs you TIME and MONEY.
  3. Inconvenience: What if you want to workout at 3:AM is the gym open?
  4. Over Crowded.
  5. Daycare for your kids?
  6. Waiting for equipment!
  7. Blaring the wrong kind of music.
  8. Do you like people watching you, judging you?
  9. Smelly, Sweaty equipment?
  10. Pushy Salespeople on commission trying to up sell you on training.
  11. People constantly interrupting your workout asking "Are you done yet?" or "How many sets you got left?" or "Can I work in with you?" 
  12. De-Motivation, Its hard to get yourself to the GYM, how often will you actually use the membership after a few months?

    Did you know that the gym owners HOPE that you will NEVER come back to their gym!?!?!
This is because they already have your money coming in and they would rather you not come in at all so they can make room for others!!
Those ppl who are always taking selfies! So annoying!

Think you need a commercial gym to get Quality Gym Workout? Think again...

SAY NO to 

  • Monthly gym membership, renewal, cancellation, upgrade fees!
  • Expensive ineffective personal trainers !
  • Wasting time and money commuting!
  • Snobby, pushy gym staff who think they know it all.
  • Crowded workout space!
  • Stop traveling to and from the gym, wasting time and gas!
  • Stop waiting in line to use that piece of Gym equipment

  1. Your new home gym is open 24/7
  2. Save tons of CA$H! Invest it in home gym equipment.
  3. Save TIME and GAS no travel! (more time to workout)
  4. 10 seconds and you are there!
  5. Play your own music as loud as you want!
  6. Equipment is ALWAYS available and clean!
  7. Keep an eye on your kids while you workout!
  8. Wear what you want!
  9. No idiot sweating on your gear! 
  10. Get a Better Workout!

Can you get a Strong Healthy physique with some basic equipment?

Yes fact is commercial gyms make you think that you need all of their expensive gear to workout, for your sport, when in reality all you really need is your body weight plus a few pieces of resistance gear to accomplish super strength, bigger muscles, trimmer waist.
   Take all the money you would spend on a gym memberships, gas for traveling to and from, reliable daycare, etc over a period of 10 years... because you are dedicated right? This could be $1000's !

   Invest that same money is some home gym equipment and it stays there
   Your New Home Gym is super convenient, affordable and easily accessible.
    Check out some of the best, affordable equipment that I have used over the years with great success.
      1. Pull up bar for getting that wide back and "V" shape to your body. Develop massive upper body strength with pull ups and chin ups. My pull up bar is the one on the left from "Rogue" its as solid as they come, attaches to studs and wont go anywhere. If you are beginning pull ups can be hard. Start with a flexed arm hang for as long as possible, gradually lower yourself to do 1/4 rep  pull ups. Then after doing those your strength will build , soon try going down to do 1/2 reps for several sets. Finally it may take a few weeks but progress is steady soon you will be able to lower yourself all the way down from the bar for a dead hang full rep, repeat as many as you can. Incorporate 1/4 and 1/2 reps for variety in the future. 
The Bread and Butter of my home gym is a solid pull up bar
for back, biceps, rear delts, forearms. 

2. Resistance Bands come in many varieties and strengths. Here is a link to a review I did for Stroops Son of the Beast , top quality product that has lasted me for over 5 years, has up to 300 lbs of resistance, extreme versatility and portability to workout anywhere. I highly recommend the Stroops line of Slastix resistance bands they are the best on the market. Makes an excellent addition to any home gym set up. Made in the USA, high quality, Great for developing explosive strength and speed. Awesome for core strength in the battle rope mode which engages all 3 planes of movement.  Not to mention training with the Stroops Son of the Beast battle resistance bands is incredibly FUN!! Take them to a park or any outdoor area with a solid object (tree, park bench etc) and you are good to go.

3. Dip bar. Gotta have one of these for chest and tri's. I have used one of those fold up walkers for dips and they work just fine. I got mine for $10 at a second hand store. Still use it regularly. Low tech but does the job. If you cant do full rep dips start out with short 1/4 reps at a high volume. Gradually lower yourself and explode upwards fast. every couple of days try going a little lower with a 1/2 rep, go to failure, do as many sets as you can. Stay at this rep range for a week or so ... soon you will be able to go all the way down for a full rep sets. 


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