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   Fitness Motivation , Its what we are!
Having spent the better part of life in sports: State Wrestling Tournaments, Football, Baseball Championships, State Soccer Championships, Soccer National competitor, Cross Country (3 mile) run, Track and Field (Pole Vault, 800 meters), Basketball, MMA, Tae Kwon Do + Brazilian Jui Jitsu , U.S. Army Soldier , Fort Benning Georgia, Ft. Bragg N.Carolina, Fort Ord Monterey California, just to name a few!

This guy has been through the entire gamut of fitness training, ranging from Body weight exercises , Intensive U.S Army Boot camp Instruction, to Weight Training, Bodybuilding, 2 Fitness Trainer Certifications, and Advanced Strength Training Programs, not to mention the extensive library of literally 100's of Fitness books, seminars, cd programs on Health, Nutrition, Chinese Herbs and Essential Oils For Bodybuilding That You Never Heard Of, Acupuncture, Sports Psychology, NLP, Hypnotism, Bodybuilding/Fitness which have served as the core of his knowledge base in order to get the advantage of Speed, Agility, Strength, and the Mental Edge, for the many years of competitive sports, Martial Arts and Military Training.
Where the Mind goes the Body will follow! Hence the existence of this website. With Motivation in mind, a collection of vivid, intense and action packed photo's , Inspirational stories ,video clips, Fitness-Bodybuilding-Strength-Training Articles, to serve as Mind Fuel  to help you create that inner drive to win over the competition and make you want to hit the weights!

With an ultimate Victory over cancer and chemo therapy Max attributes his recovery to faith in God, a Positive Mind-set and Fitness Lifestyle.
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Here at Rock Body Fitness We offer the Best of the Best!
Every Bodybuilding, Strength TrainingTestosterone BoostingSelf Improvement e-book, Supplement, Nutrition + Diet program has been chosen specifically by Max in order to provide you the Fitness enthusiast the very best, most effective, most efficient  products on the Planet!
A word from the Author....
Motivation....that thing that drives us, that thing deep down inside of our brains that makes us who and what we are. The power lies within. we Alone have the ability to light our own fires, to ignite our own passions, gives us the will and the determination to succeed. But what is it really?
A topic upon which I am also passionate about and the reason I started this blog to tell my story and to give hope to others who may have similar aspirations and desires to improve upon themselves, to not be satisfied with being normal, or average, those who want to achieve greatness or better themselves at any sport, it is my hope to give them another reason to believe that it can be done. 
Motivation is created in our minds. It comes from the very thoughts we think, the pictures we display, in still form or movie-like, from the soundtracks we play in our minds , the things we tell ourselves, the things we imagine hearing from others of authority i.e. a coach, a mentor or a parent. We can Make or Break ourselves, it all boils down to what we create in our minds
    Like a recipe for baking a cake , it needs all the right ingredients in all the right amounts, baked at precisely the correct temperature for the precise amount of time to produce a quality product. So it is with our Fitness Motivation, we all have a certain key ingredients ie, pictures, sounds and feelings that we can generate to get us to do a certain thing. Whether its to be the best parent and advise a child through a tough time, or to make that big business deal, make that major real estate sale, or to get yourself into that gym and dedicate your lifestyle to improving on a consistent basis. Create Health or illness....
This blog exists to Motivate you with Information, Inspiration, Mentors who have been there and done that, who have already made their mark in the fitness world. 
  For me my Mentor was/is Sylvester Stallone, and his characters Rocky and Rambo . 2 guys who overcame great odds to achieve victory! Ha I know I am really dating myself but hey  Stallone, Bruce Lee, and Arnold are my heroes, they give me the Inspiration and the fire in my belly that never burns out. I will be talking more about how anyone can find their own formula to turning on their Fitness Motivation at will..... 
  Its always a challenge but Motivation and taking massive action is the key to getting yourself up and at'em, into the Gym. Take on an attitude of Constant And Never Ending Improvement, Learn, Learn ,Learn.  It can be done. Get hold of that Iron! Its waiting for you to pick it up.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments
Lift with Passion, Maximus
The Fitness Motivator.

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