Nootropics Smart Pills for Athletic Enhancement: Bacopa

Nootropics Smart Pills for Athletes: Bacopa

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Ever since I first tried this herb, I fell in love with it.

(Yes, loving certain herbs is definitely something that herbalists do.)

I’m talking about Bacopa monnieri, also known as Brahmi. 

I was attending a workshop and it was right after lunch.

You know how after a big meal, especially on a warm day, you sometimes feel a bit sleepy? Perhaps you don’t need a nap, but you’re less than optimal for paying attention.

Someone handed me a tincture of bacopa and I put a dropperful in my mouth. I had heard of this Ayurvedic herb before, but this was my first time trying it.

Immediately, I could feel my brain “switch on” and my focus and alertness increased.

I love it when you feel herbs immediately like that.

And it wasn’t just a first time thing for me.

Since that time we’ve located a high quality, organic bacopa extract in powder form.

As typical, the taste isn’t good, but it’s not horrible either. Definitely a saltiness to it.

With this powder I notice the same benefits. And the good news is that the real benefits seem to be even better over time!

Check out the full details and the science behind how it works here.

Logan Christopher and the Lost Empire Herbs Team

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