Increase Your Bench Press Now

Sohow much can you bench? 

If you've been serious about your gym work for a while now, you must be sick of hearing this! 

Perhaps no other strength number is more coveted by men :) 

While I don't advocate lifting heavy weights with bad form just to feed the ego, the bench press is the BENCHmark (pun intended!) for your upper body strength increase

Putting all the ego stuff aside, the bench press is one of the most important upper body exercises you can do. 

The thing to remember when trying to increase your bench press is to think holistically about your muscles. 

You see, it's not just one particular muscle that's involved in a bench press. You've got to get the most out of all the SUPPORTING muscles as well. 

If you struggle at the bottom of your lift, then you need to strengthen your shoulders. 

Struggling in the middle of the press means you need to strengthen your triceps. 

You can do this by incorporating more: 
- shoulder presses 
- dips 
- skull-crushers 
- close grip benches 
- push-ups 

...into your workout. 

Your max bench weight will steadily increase as your shoulders and triceps become the pillars of power they were meant to be. 

Here's one more supporting muscle you may not have thought of: 

Your biceps! 

But aren't the biceps for pulling? 

Mainly yes, but if they aren't strong enough to stop the arms from locking out, your central nervous system will shut off power to your triceps! 

Soon enough you're going to reach your Benching max.
Train Insane or Remain the same
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