Bad News For Eggs

BAD NEWS About Free-Range Eggs.....

Claims on egg cartons can be VERY misleading.

Free-range... pastured... organic... added lutein... added omega-3... 

So which ones are the best?

The simple answer is: you want the eggs than come from the healthiest 
hens possible.

In other words, hens need to have access to sunshine and be able to 
eat the omnivorous diet they're supposed to. Yes, hens are in fact 
omnivores (mostly insectivores), and do not usually eat the grains 
most farmers feed them with nowadays.

Eggs raised this way ("pastured eggs") pack a ton more nutrition 
than regular factory eggs.

  •     66% more vitamin A
  •     200% more omega-3
  •     300% more vitamin E

    Very much like beef, eggs' claims are mostly not regulated.

    For example, a farmer could say that its hens are "cage-free" but, in
    fact, they could still be packed into an overcrowded barn in the dark -
    leading to very poor life conditions for them and ultimately eggs that
    contain way less nutrients in your shopping cart.

    Also, another misleading claim (that just isn't worth the extra money
    you pay) is "Added Omega-3".

    It's true that using flax as part of poultry ration can increase the ALA
    omega-3 content of egg yolk fat.

    BUT --- there's a caveat: this type of omega-3 is 8 to 33 times less
    absorb-able than the animal-based omega-3 (EPA and DHA) naturally
    contained in eggs.

    To make it even worse, the Center for Science in the Public Interest's
    independent lab tests revealed that certain enriched eggs contain less
    than half of the omega-3 claimed on the packaging.

    The bottom line: just like buying grass-fed beef, knowing your egg
    farmer personally remains the best way to make sure you're getting
    the nutrition you're paying a premium for.

    "Pastured" and "organic" are probably the two labels that I would
    trust the most, but if you're still in doubt, make sure to verify the color
    of the yolk.


    If the yolk is a pale yellow, chances are that these eggs aren't really
    pastured. But if it's bright orange, you've got a keeper.

    Important reminder: Of course, if you can only get regular factory eggs,
    remember that they're still MUCH better than any granola bar as a filling
    snack, or as any pastry or cereals for breakfast.

    Now in case you didn't already know, this type of stuff is going on
    EVERYWHERE inside your local grocery stores and restaurants.

    Look... we all know that nutrient-dense foods improve our health and
    ultimately our results, right?

    Might as well know you're investing your hard-earned money to get the
    real deal, and get deceived by these food marketers.

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